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Still living in a motel, Emily is taken aback when Mrs. DiLaurentis offers to let her di chuyển into Ali's old room and is even thêm distraught when the other Liars insist she takes Mrs. D up on her offer. Hanna explodes when it appears her mother's gần đây good fortune has taken a turn for the worse. And Ezra continues to reel from Maggie's big news when he's dealt and even thêm crushing blow regarding his son.
Meanwhile, Aria makes an effort to get involved in Jake's interests and finds herself with an opportunity to follow up on a lead. And "A" continues to toy with Toby's emotions regarding his mother's death, and Spencer is along for the ride.
posted by jeweleryfan11
Ali is still alive. And she probably is A. First,just look at the text! “I’m still here, ******* And I know everything. – A”. Ali knows all of there secrets and all of them think she is dead. Also another text:“Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do. Just ask your dad." Ali and Aria saw them kissing right? See what I mean?! If bạn look at the A spoiler it says Ali wrote in her diary all of her secrets. Here is the text: Courtney read Alison's diary containing all the girls secrets.Then, when bạn get to season 4, bạn see Ali saves Emily (or Spencer)...
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Zack, Ella's boyfriend, will be returning.

Mrs. DiLaurentis will be returning to Rosewood and living in the old DiLaurentis house. She is coming back with a agenda, which may seem dark.

Jason, Cece, Lucas, and Wren are ALL RETURNING this season.

Paige will be verry important in the first four episodes.

We will get some insight to who was buried hoặc not buried the night Alison went missing. The flashback of the hand coming out of the ground with another pulling it out will be explained a but, according to Oliver Goldstick.

In 4x03 "Cat's Cradle," there will be a Paily scene involving a pool.
There will be a new character named Hector Lime, who makes masks.

In 4x04, "Face Time," there will be a new character named Linda Tanner, who is a cop.

*Face Time...maybe mugshot? Considering the new cop?

In 4x05, "Omega Sigma Die," Mike is đã đưa ý kiến to return!
posted by Sadrudatboy8
 what the hell ?
what the hell ?
The New "A" IS AN ANONYMOUS CHARACTER THAT SENDS THREATS To Aria , Emily , Hanna And Spencer. and tricked Emily into going to Alison's grave to make it look like Emily dug up her grave which Emily doesn't remember doing. i think the new a killed Maya because she find something that belonged to Alison that connected to her killer.The New A is thêm dangerous than Mona this is proven when "A" sends Emily a chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm with human teeth. and when "A" unzipped a body bag that she's been hidden in a Nữ hoàng băng giá that belongs to Ali. I believe the new a to be Jenna because she wears red ... so does the new...
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1.“Time To Be Your 21” bởi Alexz Johnson: Plays when Hanna and Emily talk about Em’s di chuyển to Texas.
2.“Hiding My Heart” bởi Brandi Carlile: Plays when Aria informs Ezra that, up until now, he was the only guy who had never lied to her.
3.“Far Far” bởi Yael Naim: Plays when Toby tells Spencer he’ll be there for her no matter what.
4.“Coming To” bởi Apex Manor: Plays when Aria các câu trả lời her door and finds Ezra’s ex, Jackie, standing there.
5.“I’m Not Calling bạn A Liar” bởi Florence and the Machine: Plays when the girls receive a text from A at the end of the finale.
I tình yêu Aria and Ezra together! They are such a wonderful couple. I was crying last week when Hanna almost turned them in! I was so shocked, that's not like Hanna at all! If Aria was my bff, I woulden't turn her in for anything.

Anyways, a lot of people say teachers and students shoulden't have relationships. They say it's wrong and strange and discusting. Well sometimes I agree. Like if the teacher is a 55 năm old and the girl is like 16, well yeah that's wrong. But honestly, Ezra isn't that much older than Aria. I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, they are my yêu thích couple.

I tình yêu how they tình yêu eachother so much, they are willing to take risks. Ezra could get caught and arrested in any time. Aria could also get caught and probably expelled. Yet it dosen't matter to them.

Honestly, I wish I had an older boyfrind. Like, one that's in his 20s. He could protect me and guide me on my way. And I would give him everything.
It is written and directed bởi Joseph D.
It will be a black and white episode with color sequences (think Wizard of Oz, reversed) and đã đưa ý kiến bởi Oz I just meant the episode starts and ends in color but everything else is black and white.
All four liars in this episode
Mona is in this episode.
Ezra is in this episode.
Toby is in this episode
The fashion will be remarkable
Troian (Spencer) left people breathless after one of her scenes
Clue "Do bạn ever wonder what's under the rug?" #PLL #undertherug
Spoby scenes in this episode
Paily scenes in this epiosde
Fred tweeted Joseph good luck with 419, "Awesome news!...
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“Now bạn know that part of the reason why Ezra kept bạn away from her is because he didn’t want history to repeat itself in regards to your relationship. Our children deserve the chance to meet and the three of us need to be on the same page. bạn and I need to be on the same page as well in regards to our children but we also need to be on the same page with Ezra as well.”
    “I know. I should let bạn know that our children know about Malcolm because Ezra and I told them after he got the results of the DNA test to xác nhận that he was the father of Malcolm. I don’t...
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Spencer had no idea that she was about to find some shocking news about her family in addition to them finding out the reasons why Alison had faked her death for twelve years. They were all under the impression that Jenna had murdered Alison because that was what she told them. She had left Rosewood because Melissa and her parents had never supported her relationship with Wren because of the fact that they had been involved in an affair during his engagement to Melissa which ended after A told her. Aria was still dealing with her own life and the revelation that her husband had another child...
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“Mom?” Ezra asked.
    “Yes. Who are you?” Ezra’s mother asked Aria.
    “I’m Aria, Ezra’s wife and the mother of his children. I’m sorry that we haven’t met before, Mrs. Fitz.” Aria told her mother-in-law.
    “It’s Fitzgerald. Dianne Fitzgerald.” Dianne told her.
    “Are bạn telling me that our children’s last names and mine aren’t Fitz like bạn led me to believe, Ezra?” Aria asked.
    “Look, I’m sorry. Everything in my past was before I met bạn and we had...
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Ezra realized that he needed to make sure that their children were okay with the fact that they were meeting their mother’s side of the family for the first time. Wren realized that he needed to make sure that their children were okay with the fact that they were meeting their mother’s side of the family for the first time. Lucas realized that he needed to make sure that their children were okay with the fact that they were meeting their mother’s side of the family for the first time. Samara realized that she needed to make sure that their children were okay with the fact that they were...
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“Alison told me that she was going to give them up for adoption because she didn’t know what Ian would do if he found out she wasn’t aborting them.” Aria explained.
    The girls realized their old guy Những người bạn wanted to meet up for drinks and they knew they needed to tell their partners. “I have to tell Ezra who Andrew and the others are.” Aria said.
    “I have to tell Wren who Stephen and the others are.” Spencer said.
    “I have to tell Lucas who Fredrick and the others are.” Hanna said.
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“I’m never going to leave my husband and children for you. bạn meant nothing to me because I had no feelings for you. I was and will always be in tình yêu with Wren.” Spencer told Toby.
    Feeling rejected the first time around, they had no idea that they were going to get help from the mysterious A who wanted the girls to pay and lose everything including their families. What Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer didn’t know was that A had snapped pictures of them with their exs and sent the pictures to their spouses saying that they were plotting to have an affair with them...
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