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Jeff Dunham - Spark of insanity Jeff Dunham i Achmed - Martwy Terrorysta
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Early Daily hiển thị intro with anchor Craig Kilborn, the team (3 people), the van, the chopper, and the TDS 8400 laser copier.
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I tình yêu learning about pop culture. It is so interesting. Especially pop culture from other countries as well as America. Pop culture is every thing from sách to TV to the Internet to toys.
How ever, I don't agree with the pop culture today. Every thing has to be either action, A stupid reality hiển thị hoặc just plain discriminating.
Don't get me wrong, some are good, but others are horrible. TV stations like Cartoon Network, Nick have some of the world's stupidest show. And if bạn agree with me send them letters begging and demanding them to change the shows.

P. S. If bạn need there addresses
I will post another one with them on there người hâm mộ sites.
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Stories About Andy Kaufman & Orson Welles bởi Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis of the book hiển thị ME THE FUNNY via link thêm video interviews at link
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This recut of the Disney classic 'Mary Poppins'... (more) Added: October 08, 2006 This recut of the Disney classic 'Mary Poppins' was made bởi Chris Rule, with assistance bởi Nick Eckert.
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This is a televison commercial for the Mad Magazine Board Game, released in 1979. I actually remember playing this one as a kid (born in 1977).
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