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I know what a pidgey sounds like, but idk how to write it, so im just gonna write *chirping*

Trixie: *walking to Viridian City* Look, a Pidgey!

Pokedex: A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings and ground level to kick up blinding sand.

Trixie: Um, ok, good to know.

Freddie: Charmander Char! (Lets Battle!)

Trixie: Use scratch!

Pidgey: *uses tackle*

Trixie: Scratch attack again!

Freddie: *scratches*

Trixie: Now, GO POKEBALL!

PIdgey: *Captured*

Trixie and Freddie: *high 5*

Trixie: C'mon out, Ace!

Ace: *chirping* (Why, hello miss its very nice to meet you!) *lands on Trixie's shoulder* *chirps*...
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