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 Jirachi Wish Maker
Jirachi Wish Maker
(some sort of wind sound)
(music starts)

When daytime turns to night
When the moon shines bright

When you're tucked in tight
When everything's all right

Slip softly to that place
Where secret thoughts run free

There come face to face
With who bạn want to be, so...

Swim across the ocean blue
Fly a rocket to the moon

You can change your life
Or bạn can change the world

Take a chance, don't be afraid
Life is yours to live!

Take the chance and then the best has yet to come!

Make a wish!
It's up to you!

Find the strength inside
And watch your dreams come true!

You don't need a shooting star
The magic's right there in...
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Ash was excited to finally have fun after a long and serious week of training. He went walked to the bờ biển, bãi biển with Cilan, Iris, and his beloved Pokémon, pikachu. On the way there, he ran into Misty the pokemon trainer. She asked him if she could walk with him. Of course he đã đưa ý kiến yes. He was excited to see Misty in a bathing suit- not because he was perverted hoặc anything, but because he wanted to see what she'd say. After all, Misty is always judging other people, he wondered if she'd judge herself. The way there was very awkward for Ash. Misty kept bringing up all the good times. Ash wondered...
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