Pokémon Pokemon: Ferrum Quest Begin

RedeyeSableye posted on Mar 28, 2016 at 04:56PM
Well, if you guys love battling, tournaments, and just plain catching them all then this roleplay is for you!

This is based off the Ferrum Region of Pokken Tournament game. In the roleplay, there will be competitive tournaments and Pokemon contest for males and females.
Here are some rules:

- You can have any generation starter in your team as your partner*
- A team of 6 is the max yet you can go through your PC and switch out.
- Gym leaders do exist yet, you must reach each requirements for their gym.
- Sexual content allow yet you must keep it on the low because this is Pokemon xP
- Characters can form groups if they wish
- You can in fact can have a legendary as a friend yet you can ONLY have one (Ex. You can have a Lugia yet you can not have a Shaymin)
- Have fun

Character Format:

Gym Leaders:

Gym Leader Clint: Tsunami Badge (Pokemon must be 16 and below)
Gym Leader Flint: Dig Badge (Pokemon must be 27 and below)
Gym Leader Kent: Erupt Badge (Pokemon must be 35 and below)
Gym Leader Bianca: Shock Badge (Pokemon must be 41 and below)
Gym Leader Vonn: Toxic Badge (Pokemon must be 46 and below)
Gym Leader Siani: Psych Badge (Pokemon must be 50 and below)
Gym Leader Zuri: Growth Badge (Pokemon must be 55 and below)
Gym Leader Sandra: Aerial Badge (Pokemon must be 64 and below)


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