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ItzCharlotte posted on Aug 11, 2015 at 11:14PM
So this a pokemon role play :)

no ignoring
never to late to join
no deaths ( come on its pokemon )
violence allowed ( in pokemon battles
Romance allowed ( but don't go to far ... like kissing is the limit )
5 characters max.

( My characters )

Name: Misaki
Age: 11
gender: Female
Appearence: long black hair, piggy tails, golden eyes.
Outfit: School uniform - manga style - long dark brown boots and a dark red bow in her hair.
Her region: Jotho

Name: Crystal
Age: 11
gender: female
Appereance: * go look ( Pokemon adventures crystal ) *
Outfit: ( same with appereance
Her region: Jotho

Name: Gold
Age: 11
gender: male
Appereance: ( look up Pokemon trainer gold )
Outfit: ( look up Pokemon trainer gold )
His region: Jotho


- IT'S SHOW TIME! *0* -

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hơn một năm qua ItzCharlotte said…
Misaki: * sleeping *
Misaki's mother: Misaki... prof. elm wants to see you!