Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Not much" Yellow replies.
Dawn slowly lets go of Jace and stops kissing him.

Claire gets frights and jumps "How did....."
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"And we all know what's coming"Yugi said
Jace doesn't let go and holds her tightly

"Magic"Nuzi said
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Why'd you do that?" Yellow asks desparately.
Dawn smiles and holds Jace again.

"Oh okay" Claire says and starts walking away fast.
"What's with her?" Danae asks watching her.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"It wasn't me, Jace has got a mind of his own"Yugi said

"She's trying to avoid a conversation about a guy she likes"Nuzi replied
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Hmmmmmhum" Yellow says.

"Leo?" Danae asks "I thought she had gotten over him"
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Fine, but only because you're bored"Yugi said
Jace kissed Dawn's cheek and finally let go

"Who's Leo ?"Nuzi asked
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
Dawn smiles and gets up "So, are we ready yet?"
"You have no idea" Yellow says getting up "By the way, look at what I drew just now" and takes out her block.

"Some guy from Johto, but I don't know the whole story" Danae replies "Claire refuses to speak about it"
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Cover your eyes Jace"Yugi said and for some reason Jace did so

"I knew she liked someone, she thought she could hide it from me"Nuzi said (I think it's about time she gets a crush >X3)
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Look" Yellow says showing Dawn and for some reason she makes a fangirl scream "Jace, you should take a look as well" Yellow says and shows Jace in his mind.

"You were forcing her to tell you?" Danae asks (Who? XP)
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Blocked"Yugi said
"Oh Ratchet you're so funny"Jace said laughing to himself

"Not really I just wanted her to admit"Nuzi said and an Emolga flew in and landed on her head (Who else ? XP)
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Worthed a shot" Yellow says.

"An Emolga?" Danae asks looking at the Emolga (Nuzi! >:D)
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Now lets get going shall we ?"Yugi asked

"Is this Candy ?"Nuzi asked and Ellie shocked her and Danae
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"We shall, come on lovebirds" Yellow says and starts walking.

Danae screams as she gets shocked "Okay, what was that for?!"
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Cheeky much?"Jace asked walking behind them

"For lulz"Ellie replied and Nuzi's hair poofed up
"Ellie ?"Randy came into the center "There you are!"and ran over to the girls
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
Yellow replies with :P

"Is that your Pokemon?" Danae asks with an annoyed tone.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Love that response"Yugi said "So what shop does my buddy want to hit up first ?"

"Yes, and I'm really sorry for what she did"Randy said taking Ellie in his arms "Are you two okay ?"
Nuzi all of a sudden was just standing there just staring at him
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Well I'm hungry so let's go eat something" Yellow says.
"Didn't you drink a milkshake a few minutes ago?" Dawn asks.
"Your point is?"

"Yeah we're fine" Danae says and looks at Nuzi "Or maybe not"
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Milkshake is a drink Dawn"Yugi said
"He's right"Jace said

Randy looked over to Nuzi "Are you okay ?"
Nuzi snapped out of her love trance, started blushing a bit and shook it off "Yes I'm fine"
"That's good to hear"
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Okay okay okay" Dawn says blushing a bit out of embarrassment.

Danae looks at Nuzi with a huge fangirl smile
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"It's okay Dawn"Yugi said "So what you craving for ?"he asked Yellow

"Well I have some friends to find, I think I'll come back and we can meet formally"Randy said "I'm Randy by the way"
"I'm N..Nuzlin, but you can call Nuzu I mean Nuzi"Nuzi nervously said
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
Yellow smiles widely "Spagetti!" she exclaims with stars in her eyes.

"And I'm Danae" Danae says with a wave, trying not to giggle at Nuzi's acting.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Lets see, I think I saw an Italian restaurant over there somewhere"Yugi said

"Well it's great to meet your both"Randy said with smile and Nuzi started sweating a bit "Gotta rev!"and Randy ran out
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Then let's go" Yellow says and starts walking to that direction.

Danae turns to Nuzi with a fangirl smile "Want me to say it?"
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Come on guys"Yugi said
"We're behind you"Jace said

"Say what ?"Nuzi asked wiping her sweat and shaking her blush
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"We can go there the fast way too" Yellow says.

"Are you going to admit it or do you want me to say it?" Danae asks with her fangirl smile growing.
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"What's the fast way ?"Yugi asked

"Admit what ?"Nuzi asked
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"So you wanna go the fast way?" Yellow asks.

"Oh y'know..." Danae says "That you like Randy" she says a bit loudly.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Yeah I do"Yugi said

"What ?! I do not!"Nuzi exclaimed
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Okay then" Yellow claps her hands and they appear in the restaurant.
"Eh?" Dawn asks looking around.

"Yeah you do!" Danae exclaims "You love Randy, admit it!"
Nojida commented…
g2g hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Oh that's it"Yugi said
"Well that happened"Jace said

"I'm Nuzlin Hitachi, I don't love anyone!"Nuzi exclaimed
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
(I'm back XP)
"Well let's eat!" Yellow says taking a seat.

"Yeah you do!" Danae exclaims.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Sure"Yugi said taking a seat next to her with Jace taking a seat across from them

"No I don't!"Nuzi exclaimed
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
Dawn takes a seat next to Jace as Yellow grabs the menu.
"Hm. No spagetti? Well, I can fix that part.." she murmurs to herself.

"Yeah you do!" Danae exclaims.
hơn một năm qua DragonAura15 said…
(I'm back! Only for an hour though...DX)
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"May I take your order ?"The French guy asked
"This is an Italian restaurant, you're French"Yugi said
"This a pokemon rp, you're a Yu-Gi-Oh character"
"Aah touche"
"Now give me your order"

"I do not!"Nuzi exclaimed
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
(Nuts just one hour?)
"I'd like to have a spagetti, and from those big ones" Yellow says.
"I think I'll take some of Yellow's" Dawn says.
"Pff, fine"

"Yeah you do!" Danae exclaims.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"I'll take spaghetti and meatballs"Yugi said "And so will Jace, he's treating us"
"Yeah....wait what ?"Jace asked

"No I do not!"Nuzi exclaimed
hơn một năm qua DragonAura15 said…
(IKR? I'll try to get on more later)
(Can we just say my characters came along? XP)
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
(Okays. And yeah we could, the four are supposed to be at an Italian restaurant with a French waiter XP)
"How about we buy a dessert as well?" Yellow suggests.

"You do and that's that!" Danae exclaims.
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Dessert comes after the main course"Yugi said

"No I don't!"Nuzi exclaimed and a phone on the table "I think this is his"
Randy came in "Hey have you seen my phone ?"
"Uh here"Nuzi picked it up and Randy walked over to her
"Thank you"Randy said touching her hand for second and smiling at her
Nuzi started blushing and a little smoke came out her ears but Randy didn't seem to notice
"Thanks again"he ran out
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Okay then" Yellow says and turns to Jace "Hope you have enough money for that"
"But I don't remember when we agreed Jace was going ot pay.." Dawn says.

Danae appears behind Nuzi "Sooooo?"
hơn một năm qua DragonAura15 said…
(The others are at a separate table)
Saige: So, Luna, what was with that hug?
Luna: Um...thinking: Help!
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Yes you do"Yugi said hypnotizing Dawn

"I don't like him!"Nuzi exclaimed still blushing
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"So how did you get all that money Jace?" Dawn asks.
"Oh, Luna's calling for help" Yellow says looking over the other's table.
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"I have no idea"Jace replied
"You're reading her thoughts ?"Yugi asked
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Oh I see" Dawn says "This is actually what happens with my money as well"
"I'm reading everyone's thoughts" Yellow replies "By the way, Dawn, he doesn't"
Dawn immedietaly blushes "Uh....eh...okay..."

(Oh, forgot XP)
"Then why are you blushing?" Danae asks.
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Who doesn't ?"Jace asked

"It's hot in here"Nuzi replied
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Oh, um, it's nothing" Dawn says blushing even more and gets up "I think I'm going to use the bathroom for a while" and walks off to the bathroom.

"But the windows are open" Danae says.
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua vegeta007 said…
"Who doesn't ? Who is this he ?"Jace asked

"I have naturally high body temperature"Nuzi said
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Nojida said…
"Hmm, I wonder what's for dessert" Yellow murmurs to herself looking through the desserts on the menu.

"And why were you staring at him while blushing?" Danae asks.