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As someone who has loved Pokémon from the time I was in elementary school, I have read this book, and I must say, I cannot find any thêm good and positive things to say about it.

Basically, the protagonist Ash Ketchum learns a good lesson at the beginning of the book: make sure to go to giường early on the night before the ngày of a big adventure. (In his case, it’s beginning a Pokémon journey.) Of course, that lesson is one that we’ve all learned thêm than once — especially when the same thing happens to us from time to time as well.

Ash also learns why sleeping late isn’t a good idea...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty finally arrived in Olivine City. No sooner did they set foot in the city that Bruno showed up and asked Ash for a battle. If it's a battle bạn want, then it's a battle you'll get. đã đưa ý kiến Ash Great. Then choose your Pokemon and let's get started. đã đưa ý kiến Bruno The Pokemon I choose for this battle is Bayleef. đã đưa ý kiến Ash Then I shall choose Hitmonlee. đã đưa ý kiến Bruno Begin! đã đưa ý kiến Brock (With Team Rocket) It looks as if the twerp is battling that fighting type trainer from before. đã đưa ý kiến James He most certainly is. And when the battle is finished, we'll see our opportunity to steal that...
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Note: Sceptile has heard about Charizard before, at Oak's Lab, but Charizard has not heard about him. And this is a translation to human language.

The scenario: Sceptile's Solarbeam (Or Bullet Seed) has collided with Charizard's Flamethrower. Thus, his usual greeting for Ash has been stopped. He lands on the ground, as Sceptile jumps down from a tree.

Charizard: (Angrily growling) "What do bạn think you're doing?!"

Sceptile: (Growling too) "Stopping bạn from attacking my trainer!"

Charizard: "Your trainer?! Hey! He's my trainer, too!"

Sceptile: "So... You're the famous Ash's Charizard. (Raises his...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Georgia gets in dead meat

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class, today's behavior card day. We'll start from best to worst; vàng to black. Here are the cards.
(Gold: Ash)
Ash: Yes! I got a vàng card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Ash. bạn are the best student ever and the best Pokémon master! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(Silver: May and Max)
May: Yes! Me and Max got silver cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, May and Max! bạn get a năm off! You're my first yêu thích siblings ever! Go to the Principal's office!
(Pink: Serena)
Serena: Yes! I got a màu hồng, hồng card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Serena! You...
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Pokémon fanart is supposed to be nice,smooth pictures drawn hoặc painted bởi fans, right? WROONG!! Fanart these days become thêm bizarre while time passes by. I bet you're looking at Pokémon fanart right now while đọc this, bạn bastard. WELL, BEFORE bạn EVEN LOOK FURTHER AT YOUR FANART... I wanted to express my feelings about Pokémon fanart. No, I'm not the only person with these beliefs, piplupfan1,pokeball13, and windwakerguy430 have these feelings. Without further ado... PORN

Pokémon is a child friendly series, that has it's own video games, spin off games,manga, TV shows, toys, and...
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Our hero, Ash Ketchum, has beat the Unova Pokemon League and continues on to become a Pokemon master!

Meanwhile, in a plane back to the Kanto Region, our hero is relaxing in his ghế, chỗ ngồi waiting for his plane to land. Then he hears some commotion going on in the back. "Pika?" Pikachu asks. "Lets go check it out Pikachu." Ash says. He gets up and walks towards the back. Then he sees a bunch of kids and photographers around this kid with vàng eyes. Ash makes his way towards the front and can see blond streaks in his hair. "Um..who are you? And why are bạn so famous?" Ash asks. " Well, because I'm...
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CAUTION! If bạn use this on Cleverbot, it will probably not work the same way like mine.

Me: A wild Pidgey appeared!

Cleverbot: I appeared in "Peter Pan".

Me: Wild Pidgey used Gust!

Cleverbot: Abra got away safely...

Me: A wild Rattata appeared!

Too busy to answer. Try again!

Me: Rattata used Tackle!

Cleverbot: But it failed!

Me: Wild Rattata used Tail Whip! Wild Rattata's defense rose!

Cleverbot: They will never!

Me: Wild Ratatta used Quick Attack!

Cleverbot: Time for that cigarette!

Me: What the F man, just attack!

Cleverbot: Matter is anything that takes up space.

Me: Wild Rattata got bored.

Cleverbot: I'm bored too. This is not very simulating.

Me: Rattata. Rattata Rattata.

Cleverbot: I do. Humans are becoming thêm intelligent. Just as my father, Lord Vader, planned.

Me: Cleverbot, I am not your father.

Cleverbot: Duh, bạn are just a computer program.

Me: Rattata used the ability Run Away! It's super effective!

Cleverbot is crazy.
posted by blazerose134
 Darkcia Ledgend
Darkcia Ledgend
Darkcia:Hello there incase u dont know who i am my name is Darkcia Glacia's sister and i have a story i wanted to tell but u no i just couldnt stand not doing it yet but now im doing it any way wen i was just a eevee i had blue eyes it was very rare but i was also very evil i abuse the power of my eyes because blue eyes gave u loads of power and i abused it i hurt trainers and pokemon and i even did the most unberable thing yet.I killed my only sister...Then i went to challenge the pokemon lege i beat everyone in the elite four esealy she i even defeated the champion Cynthia and then came the...
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(Bianca's POV)

"No, no, no, no, no! A thousand times, NO!" My father shouts across the room. We're arguing for my right to go on a journey with Black, White and Cheren. "Why not? I deserve to go! I have always stayed trang chủ and done nothing! This is the chance that I have to go outside and finish my pokedex for Professor Juniper! Especially because I want to spend quality time with my best friends, Black, White and Cheren!" My father shakes his head while pacing back and forth. "I do not trust that Cheren boy. He's trouble." Oh boy. Here we go again. My father is ALWAYS being over-protective...
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posted by Renegade1765
 One of my yêu thích teams that I used.
One of my favorite teams that I used.
One of the key elements of the Pokemon franchise is capturing powerful monsters that bạn can befriend and make them a part of your team who will assist bạn on your journey. Each an every Pokemon feel unique and different, and whatever team bạn make depends on your taste. bạn can a team made up of 6 different Dragon-Types. Maybe bạn only need 4 Pokemon on your team. hoặc maybe bạn want a team comprised of Shiny Pokemon that bạn either bred hoặc Shiny-Hunted. bạn choose what team bạn want to make, making your adventure feel thêm personal. Not to mention, their with bạn on your journey, making you...
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posted by Mariothecool7
after Runo caught her first Pokemon oddish, Oddish got burned bởi Tepig's magma and Runo takes him to a Pokemon center to treat his burns. warning to some viewers. if bạn have weak stomachs then one part in this story may not be for you


May: Runo, how is Oddish? Runo: he's feeling much better. i must say though he's a little odd. ha ha. Oddish: oh ha ha. just because my name is Oddish. Runo: yes. Oddish: i never got to finsh my pleasure session. Runo: oh Oddish, could bạn do that privately please.

May: yes. we only saw bạn doing that thing cause Runo wanted you. Oddish: yeah. i know. He whispers...
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posted by s542245mew1
 Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
I was walking trang chủ from school, I found a metronome and I stepped on it and it vanished. I knew that what it was. I was jumping in pain and saw a long màu hồng, hồng tail poking a hole through my pants.

I grew màu hồng, hồng ears who came out of my hair. I was starting to turn màu hồng, hồng and my hands became Mew hands. My feet began to stretch and we're rabbit like feet.

My green eyes turned blue and I'm now a Mew. I shrunk down: 5 feet tall, 4 feet tall, 3 feet tall, 2 feet tall and I'm now 1 foot tall and 4 inches. I began to float and went out of my clothes and flew away.
 Me as a Mew
Me as a Mew
posted by silverexorcist
 The Martial Priest, Aloin D'Argent
The Martial Priest, Aloin D'Argent
Aloin flashed a grin up toward Lisanna as he stepped into the coliseum ring. Lisanna sat atop the highest balcony with her father to watch the competition, looking as beautiful and radiant as the goddess of beauty herself, her hair fluttering in the wind as she grinned back down at Aloin in reassurence. Her father remained as stoic and steely eyed as ever--Aloin had no idea what he thought of him. He could only hope that the man just didn't hate him.

Aloin's opponent walked into the coliseum then, flexing his own muscles as he happily acknowledged the crowd's applause. Aloin frowned as he watched...
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posted by simpleplan
1. Brock: I didn't know vikings still existed...
Ash: They mostly live in Minnesota!

2. Brock: Rejected...by the only girl I ever loved!
Ash: That's ok, Brock - you'll find lots of other girls to reject you!

3. James: Hey, how can we breathe underwater?
Jessie: I don't know. Just shut up and swim!
Meowth:Do bạn think we'll get a bigger part in the tiếp theo movie?

4. Jessie: "Pikachu's ours!!"
Meowth: Yeah...we still got three minutes!"

5. Jessie: Prepare for thêm trouble than you've ever seen!
James: And make it double, 'cuz we're on the big screen!
Ash: I'm gonna have to catch this on Video!

6. Brock: This...
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1.Melody:So bạn are a pokemon trainer huh? I guess He will do *kisses Ash`s cheek*
Ash and Misty:*Shocked*
Melody:Huh, *to Misty* Are bạn his little sister?
Misty:I am not!
Melody:Then bạn mut be his girlfriend
Misty: *disgusted* Blah! Gross!
Melody: Oh, i dont think so.

2.Melody:And Misty, try not to get jealous.

3.Misty:Thats ridiculous. me! Ash's girlfriend! *bites into chicken*

4.Ash:Coming Mist? (Me:Ooh, bạn didnt ask Tracey)
Misty:No thanks!If bạn want somebody to do what ever bạn want, whenever bạn want, bạn should get yourself a girlfried! (Me:Woah! Ash look what bạn did)

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Okaaaay. I wanted to write an article. I did NOT want to write a Pokemon article, but I guess I have to write what my brain says it wants to write. Heck, it could be worse. I like Pokemon. I like lists. I like writing. So here we go on starting Wantadog’s hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 Water Pokemon!

Now as anyone who has talked with me about Pokemon will know, water is my yêu thích type. Even in real life, water is my một giây yêu thích element, with light being the only thing I like more. There’s just something about water types. It could be that water types have naturally well balanced stats, which make for Pokemon...
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EG360 here! I was going to name out all of the characters in one article, but then I decided that it would be an overly long article... so this is the way I will do it (and then an bài viết about the số phiếu bầu all together.)

 Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
9th Place:
Lyra (HeartGold and Soul Silver)

About Lyra: As most Pokemon những người hâm mộ know ... unfortunately, Lyra has never been very popular. Many những người hâm mộ judge her bởi her anime counterpart, who is even thêm unpopular with the những người hâm mộ (except for the hardcore pearlshippers who were probably like "Hell yes!" for the cute teasing she did).

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Welcome to the Misanko region! The Misanko Region is known for its beautiful and exotic Pokemon, and thick wonderful forests and oceans.

The Misanko regions, has its set of its own pokemon, and lots of other pokemon from different regions also.

The gym leaders are known all around the Pokemon world, and have single battles up to quadruple battles! Depending on how many pokemon the trainer has.

The first Town bạn will encounter in the Misanko Region is Maxus Town.

In Maxus Town bạn find:

Prof. Holly's lab
-You are able to pick a starter from the Misanko starters. Mifoxus-Fire, Sharmilade-Grass, and...
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posted by tinaloo
latley i have been thinking about ash's aura and how it is like sir aaron's. well what if sir aaron was ash ansester hoặc his dad? they have to be some what related to have the same type of aura. also they look so much alike that he could be related somehow. plus we dont know any thing of ash dad he was never shown in the anmei,game,or book's. his dad probly is on his own journy as a aura gardean hoặc he could be dead like sir aaron(hiht hint). ash has also had a incounter with a riolu and there aura was a close bond like sir aarons and lucario's. ash will proubly use aura agin and find out thêm of his past and how he got his unique aura powers. then it might say he is related to riley cause they all 3 look alike. so there will be thêm aura in the hiển thị and tell us thêm about his conection's. imagine if ash could use aura sphere.................................................................................. SO AWESOME he could be super and save the world with it again
posted by wallah2001
Me:hay this is my first pokemon fanfic! It's penguinshipping

Ash:nice to meet you!

Misty:yah! I read your fanpop thông tin các nhân and bạn sound interesting!

Dawn:so like...you are coming up with this whole thing in your mind!?

Kenny:dee-dee I'm certin she is

Me:yah! I am!


Me:awe thanks drew!

Drew:I was being sarcastic

Me:(looks angrily at drew)

May:sorry! Sometimes drew is a big jerk

Me:it's ok anyways someone do the disclaimber!

Dawn:wallah2001 does not one pokemon

"hay dawn!"a certain 10 năm old blue haired coordinator turned to find her childhood freind kenny a hạt dẻ haired 11 năm old boy also...
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