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posted by Garu500
Hey! It's time to start Garu500's offical Phineas and Ferb hangman! Every once in a while, I will post a ngẫu nhiên word that fits in with Phineas and Ferb. Then bạn will have a chance to guess the word. All guesses go in the các bình luận area.

This word is:


The answer will come up shortly around mid-April. The tiếp theo hangman will come up shortly after the resluts of the first hangman. Stumped? Write me a fanpop letter to ask me to give me a hint! Oh, bạn should add me as a friend first! This hangman is a character. That's the only hint I'll givein this article. Any questions? Ask me! Good luck, all bạn fanpop users!
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Song: Doofenshmirtz' Backstory / Back in Gimmelschtump By: Heinz Doofenshmirtz Episode: Rollercoaster: The Musical All rights go to Disney i don't own this videp
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posted by xxxm
Though Perry and Doofenshmirtz regard each other as a nemesis, their relationship is thêm along the basis of "friendly enemy".
Doofenshmirtz habitually explains his plans before carrying them out and Perry always stops to listen.
Doofenshmirtz always anticipates Perry the Platypus's entrance and even begins to become anxious if he doesn't hiển thị up. He also tends to let Perry into his own trang chủ hoặc lair should he discover Perry's presence before Perry has the chance to break himself in. In fact, the two of them are so used to one another being in each others lives that they can't be nemeses with anyone else for thêm than a ngày hoặc so. They even exchanged genuine giáng sinh presents. At one point when Perry the Platypus refused to foil his plans, he followed constantly telling him to thwart him.Perry always saves Doofenshmirtz from death, when Dr. D created his own aluminum siding business, Perry rescues him when it is on the brink of explosion.
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