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posted by donteatmyjello
Yes! CBS announced on October 25 (2011) that POI is renewed! So this season will have a total of 22 episodes.
POI is near 14 million views! And stayed nice and strong for the first 10 episodes. Not surprisingly of course, considering how well written this hiển thị is. POI was staying between 11-13 million views, it raises hope for this show.

Personally, I think this hiển thị rocks.
It's not like all the other crime shows.
And the characters are just perfect.
I'm quite happy that they put thêm of Dect. Carter.
They showed she's not just another cop, but a mom, and I know we'll be seeing thêm of her.

It is still unannounced when POI will return.
My guess would be summer time. Because they have to keep filming.
But it's possible it could return in February.
Whenever it should return, I will be waiting with anticipation on what POI will bring.
những người hâm mộ of acclaimed action thriller Person of Interest (Thursdays 9/8c CBS) — the new hit ti vi series from creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight, the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, The Prestige, Memento) and J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot Productions (Fringe, Lost, Super 8, the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) — can see it on the big screen this weekend as the hiển thị makes its New York Comic Con debut with a screening at NYCC 2011.

Warner Bros. ti vi will present a special screening of an episode of the series on Saturday, October 15, from 12:15–1:15...
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