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I held my hands behind my back the handcuffs were placed around my wrists. I thought this was going to be a normal ngày at the bank, but instead I was going to be captured. My name’s Annabeth Chase and this is my life after I divorced Percy.
My mother had put a curse on Percy about a năm cách đây and I was forced to divorce him. If I hadn’t, he would have died from electric shock. If he died, it would have destroyed me.
I was shoved to the ground and kicked and punched. I would have done something, but my hands were bound, so I couldn’t do anything. “We’ll have to take a hostage.”...
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Pictures: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Movie Clips: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Song: Your tình yêu Is My Drug by: Ke$ha
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Chapter 1

"Wake up, Percy! Time for school!" Sally Jackson yelled to her only son, Perseus Jackson, while expertly flipping pancakes.

Percy Jackson POV
Uh! I do not want to wake up; I absolutely do not want to go to Goode High. So I just grunted in response and settled down for thêm sleep. Who would care if I was late today? I, Percy Jackson, am considered a loser even if half of the population at school claims I am hot and popular. My studies are not really good, thanks to my dyslexia and ADHD that most demigods have. I am around 17 years old, son of Poseidon, battled in the Titan war and Giant...
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lightning thief
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It will get better as the series progresses, chịu, gấu with me please!
I had a really weird day. I mean as weird as it can get with me. It all started with waking up to my room being all packed up. My dad walked into my room. “Dad, why is all my stuff packed up?” I asked. “Get in the car; you’re going to Crest Water boarding school.” I walked into the foyer. Standing in it I saw my brother, Matthew, with red puffy eyes and Công chúa tóc mây hair. Obviously, he’d been crying. I went back to my room and grabbed my bags. We all trudged out to the car. The car was silent the...
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