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posted by kowalskielol
horah for my sister! (she helped me) this ends the kitka/skipper thing in the người hâm mộ fiction a skilene, so nghề viết văn the beginning was hard.hear i go!

it was a nice afternoon in central park, and skipper was looking dashing. well, all he did was put a black bow on his chest but THAT MAKES HIM LOOK LIKE HES WEARING A TUX!.

S: kowalski? is this bow tie exactly straight?
k: (gets out measuring stuff and measures the angle philosify watever its called) skipper this bow tie is aprociminly 1.0 percent off balence.
s: blast man! how am i supposed to look nice when-
p:its 10:00 skippa'
s:oh no!!! im gona be late for my ngày with kitka!

told ya its hard

skipper rushes to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the asolinated amalcimated building in midtown whatever its called.
s:(climbs up top) hi kitka!
k:helloooooooo skippper.

[theres a bàn with chairs and china(plates) and silver wear.]

skipper sits down and looks at food. its ,.... broclii with butter.

k: i was trying to go vegetarian ever since i almost ate your friend fred.
s:acualy bạn did, but he just didnt get digested, hoặc something.
k: oh ya. (picks up fork and starts to eat broclii)

[may i remind bạn that skipper dosent eat witha fork]

s:(looks aquardly at broclii and the fork,. then he picks it up and hold it wierdly in his flippers)
hmmmmmmm,.... ha, this reminds me of a cool trick i could do with a pen. (he spins it around in his flippers) but i couldnt realy perfect it-

the fork flew out of his hands and landed in kitkas eye

S:ummmmm oh look at the time!! i hafta feed rico....(runs outa there and climbs down ASAP)
S: (to himself): be glad it wasnt a knife......

skipper runs back to the HQ ASAP

K:(takes fork out of eye) evily:revennnnnnnnge..... (sticks fork back in and chases skipper)


s: aaaaah!!!!!!! let me hide!!!!! (hides behind TV)
p: whats wrong skippa'?
s: whats wrong?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? kitkas eviiiiiil!!!
p:c'mon skippa'! shes totaly harmless! (goes outside to a waiting kitka)
p: (sees kitkas evil smile and fork) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!(RUNS BACK IN)
p:aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! your right skippa'!!! shes freeeeeeeeeky!!!!
s: bạn did not need to see that, im sooo sorr-rr-y!!

now private and skipper are huddled with fear in a corner. see ch.2!!!!!!!!!!!
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ah the annoying voice that tells bạn what to do.
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I just found this on Youtube and WARNING: The fallowing song is a HEAVY METAL SONG, if bạn don't like Heavy Metal hoặc can't handle it PLEASE DON'T WATCH VIDEO! That is all.
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