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Okay. I just read the bài viết myself out of undying curiosity (click link to read it yourself), and I have to say . . . I'm laughing my tail feathers off. This is what I would say if I had the opportunity to talk to this guy.

Ms, Inkoo Kang,

Your "review"—if bạn can call it that—on the upcoming Penguins of Madagascar movie is laughable. This so-called review delves too much into your interpretation of everything about the movie that was wrong, give hoặc take that one statement about almost enjoying that one chase scene. If bạn wanted to give a proper review, bạn should've first được trao much thêm information on how the movie could've been improved and WHY the points bạn mentioned were wrong, rather than just stating WHAT was wrong. bạn want to talk big words and over-analyzing faults? Try this on, Ms. Inkoo Kang.

bạn have focused too much on the film's faults, giving only one side to your argument. To provide a solid and sound argument, one must point out why the other side to the argument is wrong. Allow me to demonstrate.

bạn claim the penguins are "unfunny, unmoving, and uninspired," but bạn never explained why bạn think so. I'll have bạn know many think the penguins are funny at least at times. Whether it's a one-liner ("We killed 'em and ate their livers.") hoặc it's just an action (Come on, the penguins playing at the train controls in the third film was a little funny. Just a little.), there's at least one thing the penguins have done to make someone laugh. Even if they haven't for you, doesn't mean they're necessarily "unfunny." bạn just have a different sense of humor, I presume.

As far as "unmoving," I admit the penguins haven't had many "moving" moments in the "Madagascar" trilogy. However, as far as the trailers go, bạn have to admit, Skipper bringing the young hatchling (Private) into his brotherhood was just a little moving. Of course, I wouldn't know this until I watched the movie, especially since bạn didn't explain why bạn felt it was unmoving yourself.

"Uninspired"? Do bạn know not the meaning? Inspired; adjective: aroused, animated, hoặc imbued with the spirit to do something, bởi hoặc as if bởi Supernatural hoặc divine influence ( What makes bạn think the movie is uninspired? I'm thinking it might be inspired to, I don't know, make people laugh. There's probably some better message in the movie as well, since, from what I've seen from DreamWorks, there always is if bạn think hard enough. I have yet to figure out what it is myself, since I obviously haven't seen it, but I'm sure I can come up with something. My guess is that it'd be along the lines of brotherhood hoặc something, but I don't know yet.

Speaking of, bạn say the film has a "distinct lack of purpose." Which phim chiếu rạp do bạn think has a purpose? It would have been absolutely fantastic for bạn to have được trao us some examples for why bạn believe the movie has no purpose (you have a right to uphold your opinion, but bạn have to support it if bạn want others to agree with you). Furthermore, what would've được trao the movie purpose for you? Your thoughts on that would've been nice. bạn also mentioned that the movie "caters to an audience that doesn't exist" because of the references not many people would get. How would bạn know that? My best friend is a người hâm mộ of a hiển thị I've never even heard of until he told me he liked it. How do bạn know no one will understand those references? While many people will not, it still brings a smile to the face of those who would get that reference. Additionally, the movie may still bring a smile to the face of the unknowing "eight-year-olds" because I would imagine it still has funny moments. Even if they don't get a reference, doesn't mean they won't find it funny (I've found references funny without fully understanding them. I know I'm not the only one). I realize I'm ignorant to if these references will be funny hoặc not, but then again, not everyone has the same sense of humor as I.

bạn đã đưa ý kiến that there "isn't much to the film's story, yet it's stuffed to the gills with plot." If there's one thing I've noticed about DreamWork's films, it's that it's never just a story. The "Madagascar" trilogy relays the message that trang chủ isn't where bạn are, but who you're with. "Shrek" is a story about acceptance, correlating to the idea that everyone's different, and that's okay, and bạn have to accept yourself and others to truly be happy. "Kung Fu Panda" sends a message in that to accomplish anything, bạn have to first believe in yourself ("There is no secret ingredient"). It all starts with you. Even if this movie is an exception to this idea, it would be really awesome if bạn would've explained why bạn feel that way.

bạn mentioned that Dave's character is basically ruined because of his humor. Last time I checked, audiences tình yêu a villain with a little humorous side. A villain that's too dark wouldn't appeal to younger audiences anyway (ooh, that reminds me of your "point" made earlier. hm . . .).

First and foremost about your thoughts on North Wind, it's a SEAL, not an OTTER. If bạn don't know the facts before bạn propose an argument, then you've basically ruined any chance of gaining support because people will believe bạn have no idea what you're talking about. Second, what makes bạn think Eva's only purpose is to be sexy? How do bạn know they're not also relaying the idea that women can be intelligent as well? Not to mention that from what I've seen in the trailers, Kowalski is the only one falling for her. bạn could've at least explained why it seemed that way to you.

The following paragraph is merely just my opinion of your argument about Classified, and has nothing to do about how bạn presented it. I must say, I do partially agree with your argument about the pompous Agent Classified, but I think it's pretty awesome that Skipper has someone in his same covert classification to be compared to, causing a humorous clash between the duo. And I believe he wants a little thêm than just "taking the credit." How do bạn know he just doesn't want động vật to be safe? How do bạn know he doesn't want some credit because he feels as though he needs the support from his team? Meaning, if he doesn't seem as though he made a success conceived with his help, he won't seem as important, and North Wind will see him as a failure? You'd be surprised what insecurity can drive someone to do. Of course, that is only my opinion, and I would not know until I watched the movie to make my own interpretation.

I have no problem if bạn like the movie hoặc not. But if you're going to post a review for the whole world to see, DO IT RIGHT.

Now, did bạn see how I presented my counter-argument? I used examples from the trailers, and even other phim chiếu rạp to present my case. I also mentioned your side of the argument to help hiển thị a contrast between my and your opinion, as to allow my readers to make up their own minds, rather than present one side and BOMBARD them with my opinion, presenting it as if it were solid fact. Your very vague descriptions of your opinions don't exactly tell anyone why they shouldn't watch it. All I see is, "Don't watch it because it's bad." If bạn would've just explained why it's bad, then bạn would've done just fine, and I wouldn't have đã đưa ý kiến a word.

Lots of love, peacebaby7

To the fanguins, the main reason I wrote this is to make those who found the "review" unsettling realize how overly-critical this bài viết was. Based on the few các bình luận on her review, I see I'm not the only one who feels that her review could've been a lot better. I was not judging the fact that she didn't like the movie, but rather that she just needs to put thêm thought into her reviews. Your thoughts on my thoughts on her thoughts?
After everyone ate their snowcones, Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico felt...really...really...sleepy. (However did bạn think THAT happened?) So they all go to sleep. Accept for Lilly, who took the vile out from under her cái gối, gối and ran to Marlene's habitat. On the way to Marlene's habitat however, Julien stops Lilly in her tracks. " Oh hello Lilly. How coincidental it is to be seeing bạn here like this." Says Julien trying to play cool. bạn had to admire his Julien's eyes suddenly get fixed on Lilly's vile. " Aha! Now I see why youre in such a hurry to see me!" Lilly rolls...
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What a nice ngày to start off the morning with a bunch of kids scermeing and camra flashes. Well thats how Ming woke up. Alot of familys looking at him in fright,amazement,and tired.Ming wasent use to it at all he was thêm like a person to stay inside and be alone all day.

"mommy mommy look!a lion!" all the little boys and girls will say
"its a tiger sweety"there perents will tell them
Ming tryed crawling into a corner,that didnt work. He just wanted to be alone.The penguins were diễn xuất as cute and cuddly as ever becuse scine there is a tiger alot of peopel came.
by now the crowd...
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The tiếp theo morning was quiet. The bruises on Skipper’s body had turned the deepest possible shade of purple, his left eye had swelled to its max, and his beak remained shut.

Private had tried to get him to eat, but Skipper didn’t even acknowledge his existence. Rico had started to work on a wheelchair for him in Kowalski’s lab, and Kowalski remained topside to take messages from visitors. He knew that the last thing Skipper would want is a) for people to see him in his current state, and b) sympathy.

Later on that evening, Rico and Kowalski presented Skipper with his wheelchair. Skipper sideways...
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posted by Aquade
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the Penguins of Madagascar hoặc Central Park Zoo. What I do own is this plot line, though.


"Skipper!" It was Private's turn to watch the monitors for any suspicious behavior, and the chim cánh cụt was currently staring at one of the screens. "He's done it again!"

"What is it, Private?" đã đưa ý kiến Skipper, clearly annoyed. "We were playing a game of cards!"

The leader had some cards in his flippers. The rest of the penguins came out. Kowalski cleared his throat. "Actually, I'm kind...
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It was a normal ngày at the central park zoo in the summer. The zookeepers that work at the central park zoo including Alice went on their vacation. So inside the penguin's HQ me along with Skipper and his team were relaxing Rico's brushing miss perky's hair as always, Private watching his yêu thích hiển thị on TV, Kowalski working on his invention as always, Skipper drinking his coffee, and me just relaxing. With me relaxing I thought to myself that it's a nice ngày for a walk around New York.

Me: *looks at Skipper and his team* well I'm off for my walk if bạn don't mind.

Skipper: sure go ahead, Kiva....
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posted by Aquade
“What is it, Kowalski?”
“According to my calculations,” đã đưa ý kiến Kowalski, scribbling something down on his clipboard, “it is an apple.”
Skipper thought for a while. “Hah!” he laughed. “You won’t get us that easily, bạn evil witch!”
“Um, Skipper?” asked Private.
Skipper looked at the youngest penguin. “What is it, Private?”
“If bạn don’t mind me asking,” đã đưa ý kiến Private. “Well I was wondering—”
“Spit it out, soldier.”
“Well, what does an evil witch have to do with the apple?”
Skipper shook his head. “Young Private, I see bạn have forgotten...
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Julien had just run out if the nurses office, shaking after what he saw, he saw a dead body with its intenses all out, julien had ran out, and begun to throw up.

Julien:"gag" "gag" "cough"

Julien continued to do this until he wondered where Maurice was...why would Maurice leave him?

Julien: oh god....why was there a body in there?! Where are---

Julien then stood up and realized where he was....he remembers it all....skipper was right, they all were in here one time....

Julien: I remember everything.....I remember Maurice--

Julien then stood up and remembered what happened to Maurice....when Maurice...
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The buzzer sounded.

Penguins of many ages sprinted phía trước, chuyển tiếp through the obstacle course. Their adrenaline coursed through their veins and they weaved around each other, most of them belly-sliding. Snow was flung into the air behind each of them as they raced to the end. Freezing cold air whipped past their faces and nipped at their cheeks. Finally, the course opened into a clearing and the penguins went into their designated sections.

Most were out of breath and their heads thumped with each pound of their heart. Subject 61 waited patiently in line for his evaluation. He'd been in this program...
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posted by BrightLight92
It's a little weird how everytime I walk past that chim cánh cụt habitat that I feel its eyes burning in the back of my head. Well, I really can't really say 'it' now can I unless I want animal những người đang yêu to flip my car over. Its a he, alright? He's that chim cánh cụt that's afraid of needles, if I remember correctly. His name on file is Skipper.
I always catch him staring at me when I walk past. And I find it creepy. I know, I know, động vật stare at things. But not how he stares in my direction. I see something undefined in his eyes. Something I can't decipher. I had always been able to read people and I feel...
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posted by peacebaby7
So, just laying in giường last night, not quite asleep, I was thinking about POM's cancellation. I say no. I tình yêu The Penguins of Madagascar & I don't want it to be cancelled. That got me thinking. So what if the damned production companies hủy bỏ the hiển thị on television? We all know that POM lives on here on fanpop, other sites, but thêm importantly, in ourselves.

This thought also brought on an idea. We all know that we have some very talented authors on fanpop. They have written their own stories & many other things. How about we put our tình yêu for POM & our talents together & keep...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I thought I'd give it a go at a "Human" Penguins fan-fiction. This is a trial run.
Let me know what bạn think.

In the tim, trái tim of Manhattan, near Central Park, is a strange apartment complex. The Apartment Menagerie is made of brick, a century old, and placed between two shiny sky-scrapers. The windows all have black bars, the twenty-three stories are all crooked, and the newest addition of a Madagascar Baobab cây sits atop the twenty-third floor.

But it also had an indoor swimming pool in need of a lifegaurd, which was what brought Marlene DeOdder to it's arched gate-way. She walked up to the...
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Lonely While Icy moonlight..
Sprinkle In each places of New York...
The air filled with your aroma
But Again Unable to find Your Direction..
Far away The mist..
Always trance to see..
Your obscure The Appearance
but Time Has Quietly started time
Timing the last time that we have
Finally, the blood incarnadine manjusakas
In despair and tears in Bloom
For I was wandering in the edge of life and death. ,,
Quietly waiting for..
Waiting for death...
Since, I choose,,,
And bạn choose the different Direction
Tear down the last Camouflage,
Back to the original most of the initial place
all see the truth clealy……
That 's all!
The end...
(sorry,Article Body
I Will be Slowly Write
Now Not Time)
added by SJF_Penguin2
My cá Flingin' Skipper toy in action!
Biệt đội chim cánh cụt vùng Madagascar
cá flingin' skipper
The rest of the tháng seemed to go bởi slowly. Kowalski guided Skipper through three twenty-minute sessions a day, and encouraged him with each bit of progress he made. Skipper finally was able to open his feet at full swivel in only three phút and seventeen seconds. With his improved diet, he started to gain back the weight he’d Mất tích and looked much healthier bởi each day. For small missions, Kowalski allowed Rico and Private to take care of it themselves; and for the thêm serious missions, Kowalski would let Marlene continue to stay with him, and Skipper no longer objected to chess or...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
I still miss them. All of them. I miss how Kowalski always thought of some long, winded explanation to things, Private's giggle and girly obsessions, Rico's tình yêu of dynamite. I miss how close I felt to them, how sometimes I could almost read their minds. I miss joking around with them, watching phim chiếu rạp together, and Shirtless Ninjas.
Isn't it unfair how we never realize how much these things mean to us until they're gone?
I wish I had thought about it before--before what happened. I suppose now your saying: "what did happen? C'mon, Skipper, bạn can trust us. Tell the story!"
I will, if bạn really...
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Dark 09.17.15

“All right, boys,” Skipper began, pacing in front of his men, who were standing at attention. “Question. What comes to mind when I say the word darkness?”

Private, who was furthest to the left, answered first. “When Rico pulled that prank on me at two in the morning,” he đã đưa ý kiến bitterly. “I needed a nightlight for three weeks,” he muttered under his breath. Rico snickered.

Kowalski, who was tiếp theo in line, then answered. “The theory on the mysterious anomaly of dark matter,” he said, staring wistfully in thought.

Rico spat a response out in gibberish. The team rolled...
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posted by winkies77
Hope bạn enjoy peeps. And PB this is like your questains answer to Sophia.

Location: Tibet Jail
I walked down the path of chambers of prisoners. This is the một giây time I was in this place I called it home. Others think I'm crazy. But I am really.

"Okay dear in the slammer bạn go." the police chim cánh cụt pushed me inside my own cell. "Ok sweetheart you'll stay in here for 5 thêm years."

"Don't call me sweetheart!" I hissed. He rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." he stalked away leaveing me in a cell with other prisoners.

The others who were inside with me turned my way. They hissed...
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posted by peacebaby7
Leonard was stricken speechless, but he quickly recovered. "Me? As" He asked putting his paw to his chest. Kowalski nodded. Leonard shook his head. "No, there must be some mistake."

Kowalski shook his own head. "There's no mistake. I ran the test three times and your name showed up in each of them. Now, it's possible that your lông, lông thú may have coincidentally blew into the vong linh, vượn cáo hab-"

"Coincidence my tail! I did not put anything into that vong linh, vượn cáo habitat!" Leonard insisted a little louder than he intended.

Skipper stepped phía trước, chuyển tiếp and nodded comprehendingly. "Now, look, marsupial. I know what...
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Ok peacebaby7 here's umm well, chappie 4 XD

5:00 p.m., Petting Zoo

"AH!" Skipper screamed and stomped and killed lots of bugs hoặc bạn know what ever they were, but thêm kept coming to bite him.

Rico came 4 phút later, and almost passed out bởi the sight of hundreds of....things. He puked up a flyswatter and started smashing bugs. But it was no use.

He finally gave up and watched in horror as his leader would (possibly) be eaten. He glanced to his right and saw a book--more like a journal--and picked it up.
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posted by queenpalm
Here is part six of my người hâm mộ fiction. It's Johnson's story.

"Okay,"I said. "So I had just broke my wing, and was really embarrassed."
"There's nothing to be embarrassed about when bạn break a wing,"said Private."While bạn were gone, we all broke our wings. Of corse, that is a different story, we thought Skipper was a zombie and-."
"Yes, Private,"said Ivy. "We all get it. Now, Johnson is trying to tell a story of his own story, and I'd really like to hear it."
"Okay,"I continued. "Since I had a broken wing, I couldn't really think straight, so I walked into the parking lot, and jumped onto a blue...
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