Pauley Perrette Contact help?

Streex posted on May 08, 2010 at 08:35PM
'Kay, here's my dilemma. I'm a major Abby fan, yes, I know. But I want to email Pauley, not mail her something. I know, you guys wanna know why email. A'cause my parents think it's weird that I have an obssession, and if they find me getting something back from her in the mail, yes, I have a plan of action to get her to write back, and no, I'm not telling you, but if I were to get something back from her, my parents would make my life a living hell.

I know how to get an email to her, but I need someone else's help. I know this site where I could get her manager's email so that I could get something through to her most likely, but the thing is that it's on a site where you have to pay per month to get celebrities' emails.

Help a fellow fan out? The link to the site is: link But see, I'm not emailing her as celebrity to crazed fan, I'm emailing her as author to author. Y'know, tips 'n tricks? Not to mention the fact that if she likes my work, she might be able to help me publish some stuff. Y'know, pull some strings?

Thanx, I hope,


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