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Kyoya has known Mai Inoue since he was young, but they stopped talking for years. What will happen when Mai asks to tham gia the host club as a secretary?
    So this is my new story for Ouran. It’s basically a KyoyaxOC story and I know it sounds crappy (and very well might be) but I wanted to give this s try.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, should be obvious shouldn't it? Oh and i promise this won't be badly written XD ( at least i hope not)
Mai Inoue gaped at Ouran’s Academy’s illustrious campus. It was bigger than any school...
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Look here nnnnoooowwww! Who thinks there should be a season 2 to Ouran High School Host Club ( if not do not read anymore)?I hate that when they do some anime with one season! Go to the site www.petitiononline/mod_perl/signed.cgi/ouran27,but if bạn cant remember write it down on a piece of paper because this site might help get a season 2 for Ouran High School Host Club hoặc maybe even thêm lie a season 3,4,5,and maybe more;also a movie hoặc phim chiếu rạp remember do it before december 2011.If we are những người hâm mộ we should do this imagine even thêm fans,products hoặc phim chiếu rạp in theaters with popcorn,candy,and soda. So Thank-you for reading.
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one ngày after i tham gia skype i found Honey senpai on skype then i dream about the host club and in my dream all the host club members where nice even tought i was a bit scared they would not like me but then they like me and even ask me to tham gia the host club also they play the game and i guess which twin was hikaru and which one was kaoru and then they came close to me and also play who would make me blush so then Kaoru and Tamaki win the game sense i have a crush on both of them also i went to eat ice cream whit the host club and had a sleep over haruhi house then me:Steph,Haruhi,Kyoya,Tamaki,Honey,Mori,Kaoru and Hikaru they all become my best friend and then the dream end it.
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