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posted by clumsystar
me and my boyfriend been together for six months we met in June of 2010, Talked hung out every ngày of the summer then at the end of July he told me that he was moving and that he doesn't want to leave without merit was about to weeks into August that he personally went to my mom and asked her if I could di chuyển in with him. She called for me and when I went to her she told me that she was no longer making decisions for me, that I was almost 18 and that I would be on my own. That weekend I started to get my stuff together and moved in with him a ngày later. Everything was great for the first few months, and then we would always argue for the littlest thing from both of us talking to our ex's on the computer to the phone. Then my boyfriend started going down the đường phố, street to hangout with the guys so I never really thought anything of it. He would always tell me where he was going and when he would be trang chủ so when the time started to change bởi hours I started to worry; it was going on for about a week in a half. When I started to think he was cheating on me with one of the girls down the street.he would be down there all the time I would be from after he got out of school till 11:00 at night when he would come home. Then one weekend while I was cleaning the phòng bếp, nhà bếp one of his little brothers Những người bạn came over and knocked on the door so I stopped what I was doing to answered the door. His brother’s friend told me that my boyfriend wouldn't be with his Những người bạn most of the time he would be with one of the girls. So that night when his friend told me what was going on, i decided to stay up and wait but while I was waiting for him I was so hurt to think hoặc hear that he would do that to me. That night he got trang chủ around 11:30 almost midnight and I was watching a movie when he came into the house he shut and locked the door and came over to me and kissed me and đã đưa ý kiến let got to giường baby. I just came out and đã đưa ý kiến are bạn cheating on me with the girl down the đường phố, street and he was quite for a moment and then he answered "NO" and his reaction is what got the best of him cause I know when he is lying to me, when he đã đưa ý kiến "NO" that he wasn't I knew that he was lying. My response surprised him cause I broke up with him di chuyển all my stuff into the guest bedroom and then over the tiếp theo few days I didn't communicate with him, he came to me on the third ngày grabbed my hand looked me straight in the eye and admitted that he was talking to the girl that was it, he was sorry for hurting me. He made the decision to never hurt me again that he would change anything that he had to so that I would stay and not leave him, I ended up getting back with him and honestly he has stayed to his word been faithful, honest, loyal, and trustworthy. After our relationship went through that we both knew that we didn’t want to ever be apart from each other and that we deeply in love.