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posted by gissmiss21
xin chào guys!

Well, here is a link to chapter 3


Make sure bạn check it out! Leave comments, questions, hoặc anything like that below and I hope bạn like it! :)

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***CHAPTER 4***

Zayn: "Hey :)"

Elena: "I- I-"

Zayn: "It was nothing..."

Elena: "Hahaha, why do bạn keep having to save me? What's up with that? XD"

Zayn: "I don't know, I guess I'm always at the right place at the right time?"

Elena: "Yeah bạn are!"

Zayn: "So, what's this thing about Niall? I didn't wanna blow my cover at the time, so I acted ignorant..."

Elena: "He came back."

Zayn: "Ahh... man... I haven't talked to the boys in ages... not after... yeah..."

Elena: "I'm so sorry about him..."

Zayn: "Simon was a good man."

Elena: "Well I outta get ready to head home, Y/N is probably worried sick!"

Zayn: "But where is Niall?"

Elena: "Zayn... I really don't know."

Zayn: "You go check up on Y/N. I'll find Niall."

Elena: "Okay-"

Zayn: "okay- bye"

Elena: "WAIT!"

Zayn: "Yeah?"

Elena: "Thanks... I mean... really."

Zayn: "No problem :)"


Elena: "Y/N! Y/N!"

*slight laughter in the house*

Elena: "Y/N?"

*everything gets quiet.*

*Elena peeks in every room, and when she goes bởi your room-*

Elena: "LOUIS?"


Louis: "Oh... uhm..."

Elena: "Y/N. EXPLAIN."

Y/N: "Well, after I saw Niall...."

Louis: "Wait. I was just here because Niall came up to you!?!?!"


Louis: "Y/N."

Y/N: ".. there was no one else okay!"

Louis: "I'm sorry, I'll call bạn later."

Y/n: "But-.."

*exit Louis*

*Elena just stood there, looking at bạn with a disappointed look*

Y/N: "I'm not thinking straight okay?" she đã đưa ý kiến almost crying

Elena: "I know, I know."

Y/N: "All this in one month?!? WAY too much for me."

Elena: "I know. I know."


I have decided to end this người hâm mộ fiction and start new... unless bạn want me to continue... bình luận below what bạn think. I think this story is just to wild and is really just too random... any thoughts?
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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from Youtube and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps bạn to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

2.He was born on 1st February 1994.

3. His ngôi sao sign is Aquarius.

4. His official twitter tên người dùng is @Harry_Styles.

5. Harry came up with the name 'One Direction'.

6. He is the youngest member of One Direction....
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We’re a người hâm mộ of statistics here at, so we’ve compiled a danh sách of how many Twitter followers each member has, along with the number of people that they follow, the number of Tweets sent, and finally how many lists each member is in.

Ok, let’s start with the follower stats:

Harry Styles: 1,703,682
Zayn Malik: 1,292,938
Louis Tomlinson: 1,279,326
Liam Payne: 1,268,763
Niall Horan: 1,206,440

Well, there’s quite a clear leader here. Our Hazza is way out in front with 1.7 million followers. Wowzers! The rest are fairly equal behind from 2nd to 5th, but currently Niall is propping...
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