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posted by MadisonFontenot
xin chào sorry I didn't post yesterday, hoặc did I? What ever! Either way I just want to thank all of bạn for the support with my stories!!!

*Present day(Baby is Born)*

Aria POV:

We are back in Luân Đôn and little Anna is born, Amie's baby. I was sitting in my room hugging a con bướm, bướm cái gối, gối that I have had since I was six years old. My Granny gave it to me for my birthday, a năm later she past away. I couldn't even say goodbye too Nick. He wouldn't talk to me, please, he still won't. I try calling him almost everyday but he never picks up. A knock on the big red front door startled me. I sat up slowly and walked to the door. It was almost 1A.M. who will be at my door. I opened it, "Do bạn know this girl?" A police gave me a photo.
"No why?" I asked. They ignored me and started walking away, "Hey!" I yelled running after them. A big black cop was about to get into the passenger seat, but I stopped the door. "Why?!" I asked again.
"It's hàng đầu, đầu trang secret...." He slammed the door and drove off. I walked back to my porch but stopped at the door. I looked over and saw that girl in the bức ảnh looking at me. She did a evil smile and then everything went black.

Jessie POV:

I was sitting bởi a sleeping Louis. I smiled and pushed some of his hair out of his face. He woke up smiling at me. He sat up in his giường and looked at me in the eyes.
"Jessie.... I have a very important câu hỏi to ask you!" He grabbed my hand.
"What...?" I asked a little unsure.
"Will bạn di chuyển in with me and Harry?" He asked. I was so excited.
"Yes!" I hugged him and lightly kissing his lips. I backed away. "I would tình yêu too!" I couldn't stop smiling.

"Last box!" I put down the big. brown box and sat bởi Louis. It was almost 12:00 and Harry was at Aria's house. Louis wrapped his arm around me. I leaned up against him, He kissed my fore-head. I looked at him and smiled. He kissed my nose. "Nando's?" He asked. I nodded, "I'll go bạn stay here," He stood up and I did too. "Okay," He lightly kissed my lips and left. Almost an giờ later he showed up at the house with a big bag of Nando's, and a big brown bag. He put the Nando's bag on the counter and the brown bag in the fridge. I walked over to him, "What with the big bag?" I asked leaning against the table. He walked over to me and pulled me closer to him, "It's a surprise," He kissed me and pulled me onto the counter. I wrapped my legs around him, and kissed him. He kissed my neck and I ran my fingers through his hair. I unbuttoned his áo sơ mi and he slid it off and it fell to the floor. I heard a cat and it scared me. I fell off the counter and started laughing on the ground. We ate, he was still áo sơ mi less, "So what's in that bag?" I asked. He smiled and brought it to me. I opened it up and there I saw....
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