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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I leaned against the tường as I watched Nikki scream hysterically. The dog barked at her. I laughed inside my mind and knelt down. "Here boy." I whispered, sticking my hand out for him to sniff. The dog trotted over to me, a Golden Retriever. I looked at his tag. "Bolt, huh? Hi there, Bolt." I say smiling, patting his head. He wags his tail and starts to lick my hand and face.

I giggle as Bolt jumps on me, and I hugged him. "Aww, you're so cute!" A sudden scuffle of feet makes us both look at the boys. "Tori, did you-" I laugh and say, "No, that was Nikki." Then I turn back to Bolt and scratch behind his ears.

"Oh Niall! Thank God you're here!" Nikki cries, jumping over to him and burying her face in his chest. He awkwardly patted her back. I hold back a laugh. "That dog tried to eat me!" Bolt whimpers and I pet him. Louis come over to me and helps me up. "Thanks, Lou!" I smile.

Nikki cries now. I look at her. Really? That's pathetic. Louis rolls his eyes and whispers to me, "So tonight, I'm thinking we can order a pizza, bánh pizza and eat it on the roof?" I smile. "That sounds like the best ngày ever." Louis gently leans in and plants a Kiss on my forehead. I blush and smile.

Niall's POV:

I look at Tori and Louis. He just met her, and he's already giving her kisses? I feel Nikki pull away from me. I groan in my mind. Her mascara got on my white polo. "Sorry," she whispers to me. She notices Louis and Tori.

"OMGEE!" she squeals, running over to them. "You two?" She beams at her and Louis. "That's adorable!" I look down. Why is this bothering me? I don't like Tori! I don't know anything about her, I think to myself. Liam puts his hand on my shoulder and I look to him. "Kitchen bro." I nod and we walk to the kitchen.

"What's up?" Liam asks me, leaning against the counter. "Nothing." I answer, reaching for a bag of chips. "Niall, we've known each other for two years. Tell me." I sigh and put the chips down. "I don't know, Liam." Liam smiles and whispers in a sing-song voice, "You like Toriiii!"
I flinch. "No, I don't." He looks at me. "Then why keep watching her and Louis? Everyone is picking up on it. You're jealous."

I turn away from him. "I don't like her. I like Nikki." Liam laughs. "That's a lie. We can see she annoys the heck out of you." I sigh. So true. Liam looks at me. "If I were you, I'd do something about it. I picked up on her feelings for bạn when we all met. She's one of a kind."

He left me standing in the kitchen. One of a kind. One who is down to earth around celebrities. She's herself. And Nikki's fake... I lean against the counter and sigh. "She's Louis's girl. Not mine. I should have acted faster."
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ok....guys!!! Let's say it. they are awesome!!!!
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Harry's birthday features in a câu hỏi on Celebrity Juice. Few jokes about Caroline too. One Direction HAVE to be on this show. 09/02/12 Credit to ITV
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