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chó cái, bitch I đã đưa ý kiến GET UP!
*Janine wakes up she fixes her hair so she dosen't get made fun of bởi Harry saying something like - You're hair is a hot mess! and so are you! So she ties up her hair and walks downstairs.

Harry was cutting an orange.
Harry- This is all the thực phẩm you'll be getting today bitch.
*he gives her a slice of orange.
Janine- Thank you...???...
Harry- Hahaha I'm just joking! and bởi the way i never really was going to rape bạn hahah. I just wanted to get bạn to have sex with me ;) . just kidding i just wanted bạn to forgive me that's all. I never thought it was going to get that far hahahah! Here!
*Harry hands Janine a plate with a waffle on it.

Janine's thoughts- this is the best waffle I've ever had! damn this boy can cook..

Harry- Do bạn like it?
Janine- Ehhh. it's ok.
Harry- *sadface* well chó cái, bitch where do bạn want to go today?
Janine- First of all Harry i'd like bạn to call me bởi my proper name. Janine. một giây of all I've been thinking about doing something for a long time but never had the guts to do it.
Harry- *Bites his apple* What is it Bi..... JANINE.
Janine- I've always wanted to go swimming.
Harry- You've never been swimming????
Janine- well.. i know how to swim and stuff but I've never been to anything extravagant hoặc anything like a water park.
Harry- You've never been to a Water Park?
Janine- Nope.
Harry- bạn really haven't been spending enough time with me lately.
Janine- My brother never let me used to go in the pools because he is afraid of germs. bạn do know, most girls don't wear underwear while swimming? So he thought it was useful so he got us a hot tub and he taught me how to swim, of course he cleaned it after everytime i went in it but still..
Harry- Ok finish your waffle before i stuff it in bạn and bạn get beat down again. Just kidding babe.
*Janine finishes her waffle*
Harry- now go get dressed into you're đồ bơi, áo tắm and let's go.
Janine- Well harry, There's a slight problem. bạn see James never let me go into a pool for so long i don't have a bathing suit that fits.
Harry- well... that's a problem. Ok. why don't i just take bạn shopping for one.
Janine- Sorry Harry my brother told me not to buy too many things.
Harry- Don't worry babe its on me.
Janine- No Harry bạn don't have to..
Harry- Im want to babe. Now go get dressed. we can't go to the mall with bạn just in pajamas.
Janine- Ok Harry.
Harry- And babe.
Janine- Yes Harry?
Harry- I have to say bạn look pretty fit today babe.
Janine- Why thank bạn you're looking mighty fine yourself too Harry. :)

*Janine went upstairs and put on a blue v neck sweater with white stripes on the neck she also wore red jean shorts with her blue and white striped toms.

Harry- *looks at her confused*
Are bạn trying to dress like Louis?
Janine- well yes yes i am. i guess :)

(at the mall)
Harry picks out a swimming suit for Janine that was clear with only covers on the nipples and the other privates. He happily walks over to Janine
She looks up at Harry, Slaps him and walks away . Harry put down his yêu thích swimming suit dissapointed that he wouldn't get to see Janine in that swimming suit of his. Janine soon put on a strapless white bikini with tiny black hoa on it and the bottom was fully black with ties on the hips. Janine decided to go into the fitting room to try it on.

Harry's P.O.V
So i was sitting on the bench in the fitting room and i watched as Janine came out of the fitting room. She looked like a bathing suit princess. She looked so beautiful in her bathing suit she picked out.
Janine- Well Harry what do bạn think?
Harry- Ehh.. its ok..
*Janine frowned considering how much she loved her bathing suit of choice. *
Harry- Just kidding bạn look Lovely Janine.
Janine- Well thank bạn Harry * she lightly smiled up at Harry*
As she walked back into the fitting room i noticed something. HER đít, mông, ass IS AMAZING. and when she came back out the fitting room the first thing i blurted out was,
Harry- Janine.
Janine- Yes Harry?
Harry- You're bum is gorgeous.
Janine- well thank bạn Harry....
Harry- so bạn want this Janine.
Janine- yes i do Harry. But i dont want bạn to pay for it. the only thing that i want from bạn is a tiny little kiss. *Janine kisses Harry and Harry suddenly grins*
Harry- You're gorgeous just like your bum. * He grabs her touche and Janine swipes away his hand away from her butt. She laughed and Harry paid for the swimming suit.

Janine- Thank bạn so much Harry * she hugs him*
Harry* Don't mention it babe.
Janine- Harry. Don't bạn live bởi yourself..
Harry- Yes my love.
Janine- Then where do bạn get all this money from
Harry- Oh. yea i had a rich uncle.
Janine- Ok ahha.
and they drive out of the mall parking lot. :)
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