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Carter awoke the tiếp theo morning and turned over, only to be met bởi a curly-haired creature lying beside her. She backed away a small bit before realising it was Harry. What was he doing here? She quickly checked underneath her covers to see if she had clothes on and luckily, she had.

She tried to climb out of giường but she was soon pulled back down. She looked at her wrist to find that she had been tied to Harry. She grunted and sat back on the bed. What did Harry think? That she was going to sneak out? Twat.

She pushed the covers off her and crossed her arms. She looked over at Harry and couldn’t...
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#1: “When Niall Met Justin Bieber”

The member Niall Horan is known for having the biggest celeb ‘crush’ on Justin Bieber. He adores him so much. Back when he was on xfactor he actually got to meet Justin! Niall felt like the luckiest boy in the world at that moment. He shyly waved at him.

#2: “Getting Naked All The Time”

While Harry Styles was on xfactor he got asked what his worst habit was. Harry chuckled while telling people that his worst habit was to walk around naked. The others in the house confirmed that this was in fact true. Harry did flash a couple of people while he lived...
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