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PeterPantheBest posted on Oct 29, 2013 at 06:25AM
Hello everyone,
I was wondering what possibly could happen the pisode before/a few episodes after the winterhiatus and this is my theorie:

Sinds we know that we won't see Neverland anymore after the 11 episode,we know they'll get back to,moast likely,Storybrooke. I think that there will be a huge fight in Neverland and whole Neverland will start to dissapear. We also know from the last episode Emma would take the Lost boys back with them if they want to,so i think they'll take all the Lost Boys with them but that want to leave Peter behind. Henry will feel sorry for him,even after all that've happened, and he'll go back to. In Storybrooke the whole fight will continue (otherwise there would be nothing to show) and the half of the Lost Boys will follow Peter,the other half are helping Emma and the others. I think Peter is going to kidnap Belle,so Gold/Rumple will do as he want, and there will be a whole fight again. I don't know for sure if Peter will win or Emma...

What are your theories?

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