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This isn't bởi me. It's from another website...I agree amshafe....Regina and Rumple/Gold are both VERY complex characters! They both HATE each other and it'll be a vicious vòng tròn until Emma does something! Cora I think is the true villain of the story...not Rumple hoặc Regina because they have 'some' good in them...all this 'Rumple May Be Behind Everything!' is just a theory I came across....

Personal Once Upon A Time Theories and Revelations
So, after the finale, I was hit with this epiphany about the curse, Rumplestiltskin, Regina’s family, and the series in general, and I’ve finally organized...
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posted by Darkangel6
There are a ton of characters that could be added to the roster of upcoming episodes and this is my list.

1. Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen (The princess and the frog) So far OUAT has already had a majority of the princesses on there, so why not add her and prince Naveen? Plus we need thêm princess on there besides charming.

2. Cruella De Ville (101 Dalmatians): As the song goes "If she doesn't scare bạn then no evil thing will" and just imagine what OUAT could do with her character, her and Regina going at it. It would be even better if Cruella was magical.

3. Pocahontas: At first I thought...
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Before any assumptions are made; I tình yêu OQ with all my heart, but this had to be done!

Robin looked over at Regina. She was sitting in the quán ăn looking rather lonely.

Perhaps he should have spent less time on his clothing...

But it was his first genuine ngày with the mayor, so he had to look at his best--clad in an unbuttoned tux, a white shirt, and sunglasses--that outta do it.

Mustering up all the courage he had, Robin made his way over to the booth. As it would seem, the woman hadn't even noticed his presence. He leaned in closer to the woman. And in what was probably the creepiest tone ever...
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posted by dacastinson
Is there any bonding between Neal and Belle??
They have a nice moment.

What's Regina like without Henry?
She misses him so much.

Will we see anymore of the Hook/Charming bromance?

Any hook/snow interactions?

Who's sassiest: Robin hoặc Regina? Is he equally as sassy and do we get a sass-off interaction?
Queen Regina owns the sass on this show. Always.

Do we get any scenes between Regina and Charming at all?

Will we actually get to see Hook ride off on a horse?

Does the episode end in a cliffhanger? hoặc just a bunch of chưa được trả lời questions?
There are a lot of questions, but it’s a good...
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NOTE : This is not mine I didn't write this, I just found it on tumblr and thought to bring it here without any additions

Yes, yes, BAMF, but consider that she just blurts out ngẫu nhiên táo, apple trivia to both Emma and Snow White at times when she’s the middle of threatening them. (Or, in Emma’s case, both threatening her and hitting on her.)

"Did bạn know that the honeycrisp táo, apple cây is the most vigorous and hardiest of all táo, apple trees? It can survive in temperatures of up to 40 below and keep growing."

"Did bạn know that apples stand for health and wisdom?"...
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When I see Hook in the show, he seems to have two different personas – Killian Jones and Captain Hook - which blend together to create a character which can actually be very difficult to get straight in my head. Killian Jones is arrogant, rude and sharp-tongued to the point of cruelty. He’s also hopelessly in love, prepared to die for his crew if need be and Công chúa tóc xù and proud in the face of death. Captain Hook is all this and yet completely different. He still has a razor-sharp tongue but his words are edged with not just cruelty but malice. He’s Killian with a whole lot thêm darkness at...
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I am so sick and tired of people hating on Regina and Hook, and yet justify Rumpel's actions and everything he has done. Each one of them are adults who have made bad choices and pick the wrong paths. They have backstories, every one of them are villains and every one of them humanity.

Regina ripps Graham's tim, trái tim and make him her slave.
comments: ''oh god, Regina is rapist, that evil bitch''

Hook hit Belle:
comments: ''oh, God, Hook beats women, he's a monster''

Rumpelstilskin KILLED his wife
comments: ''it's ok, she deserves it, she left Bae''
i don't see any các bình luận about how is Rumpelstiltskin a pysho killer.

Every sort of action they made is awful.
While searching the web looking for hints on who will be coming this season, I saw that Episode 6 is titled Tallahassee. I didn't pay much attention to it, until I was watching Episode 4 The Price of vàng in Season 1. Here's what I noticed;
Regina was doing some research on Emma, still trying to figure out who she was and while she was trying to find some information on her, and saw that she didn't stay for places very long. Although.... Emma stayed in Tallahassee for 2 years! 2! That was the longest Emma stayed anywhere and Regina asked, and I quote.
"Miss Swan, what did bạn like so much about...
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I tình yêu the new commercial and promo for season 2, I watch it so many times and start to analyze everything and this is what I got:


magic is back and little red riding mui xe didn't have her hood, maybe she lose it hoặc red cape just not fashionable enough for real word so she stuck it into her back closet, either way, red chó sói, sói is back for season 2. I’m so glad she became one of central character; she’s one of my favorite.

Aurora, Philip and Mulan:

I tình yêu sleeping beauty that’s why I have big hope for this plot, the promo didn’t gave us much to speculate about their story, other than...
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posted by Alchemistlover
 Awe this was so sweet! Regina and Henry moments ftw!
Awe this was so sweet! Regina and Henry moments ftw!
Okay so i was gonna write a bình luận but it would have turned into a bài viết anyway so let's get this party started because i have a lot to say.

Topic #1: Regina and Henry's adoption:

So we all knew this was coming because of the pictures and episode summary and it was a long time coming realizing how Regina got Henry. Now i am a huge Regina người hâm mộ even though there are moments mostly in season 1 where i didn't care for her. But tonight? i was a evilregal the entire episode. Seeing her tình yêu for Henry and getting him to stop crying made me smile so much and i tình yêu her. Rumple screwing her over with...
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Once Upon a Time" Season 2 Episode 14, "Manhattan," is perhaps in the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 of the best episodes of the series, so far. OUAT will not be back until March 3. For now, viewers can read some spoilers and speculate on what will happen tiếp theo to the most dysfunctional family cây in Fairy Tale history. If bạn haven't caught the series in a while, now is a good time for some catching up - things are about to get even thêm complicated.

SPOILER ALERT: This bài viết contains some spoilers for those who have not seen "Once Upon a Time" Season 2 Episode 14, "Manhattan." Read at your own risk.

The Seer to Rumple...
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posted by princessminx86
Ok, so after watching sundays episode of OUAT I have made a few choice decisions and some of them were not made with a light heart, I can tell you.

I will tell bạn the decision and then why.

1- It was one of my fav eps to date. And it's not just because Emma is one of my fav characters of the hiển thị (has been since ngày one) and its her back story (finally), but for the fact it kept me engaged for the full 45mins. I wanted to see what was at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the beastalk, would she make it back in time and so on. The only thing i didnt really like about the ep was that is was farley hard to believe Jennifer...
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Okay...MORE Spoliers! We'll find out....(possibly)

1.Daniel is returning

2.Cora is returning

3. Rumple has a big role in Regina's life

4. How Regina GOT Henry

5. Who Henry's dad IS

6. Who Dr. cá voi is

7. Captain Hook

8. Mulan, Sleeping Beauty.

9. Belle is featuring in season 2

10. Mary/Snow remembers WHY Regina dislikes her because of the promise she broke.

Introducing New Faces and Creatures
The two showrunners previously revealed several major characters who would get their own origin story on OUaT Season 2. But now, in addition to Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, we will meet Jack (of Jack and...
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I'm pretty sure quite a lot of people wonder why anyone would like Gina/Queenie, so I decided I'd share why I like her so much.

To start of I'd like to say Lana Parrilla plays her so well. Lana is the reason I started to tình yêu her. I have seen so many portrayals of the evil Queen but no one has được trao her as much depth hoặc character as Lana. Even if a person doesn't like Gina they could at least admit Lana does a real good job; her eyes are very expressive, bạn can tell exactly what Queenie feels jut bởi looking at them. She also has this ability to change her voice tone according to whom she is...
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 Nevengers rule!
Nevengers rule!
Hello dear Oncers it's time again for that ngẫu nhiên girl's opinions that nobody likes to read (Jk....i hope). I wasn't sure whether to make an bài viết on just the a. finale, B. season 3 B ( ha ha see what i did there?) hoặc C. the entire season as a whole . I decided to go with C and before we get into Elsa, Regina and Robin, time travel and all that other good stuff from the finale let's take us back to Neverland way back in September.

So maybe i'm going to backtrack just a little before S3's start to a bit about me as a Oncer's history (this will have a purpose i promise). I watched the entire...
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This is sort of AU as it takes place in Storybrooke despite the new curse and what not).

Roland stretched his arm out as far as he could, yet the boy still couldn't seem to reach the hàng đầu, đầu trang branch on the tree. In fact he barely reached the middle of the tree. Regina looked up from her place on the sofa, taking one thêm sip of her coco she đã đưa ý kiến to Robin "Why don't bạn give Roland a hand?"

To which Robin stood up and walked over to Roland. He lifted the boy off the ground. "Alright Roland, put it wherever bạn want." Roland smiled and placed the last ornament on the tallest branch.

"Got it dad." He...
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Regina: Archie is dead?
Emma: He's been murdered.
Regina: Murdered? How?
Emma: We don't know yet.
Regina: What did the pathologist say?
Emma: The who say what?
Regina: The pathologist, what did he say when he conducted the autopsy?
Charming: Autopsy?
Regina: Yes, the autopsy. To determine the cause of death.
Charming: Were we supposed to order one of those?
Emma: I think we were.
Regina: bạn haven't even had an autopsy yet? How do bạn even know he was murdered?
Emma: Well, he just laying on floor, all dead and stuff.
Regina: Was he shot?
Charming: No.
Regina: Stabbed?
Emma: No.
Regina: Strangled.
Charming: No....
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CoraCora (Barbara Hershey) is the cruel and controlling mother of Evil Queen Regina. She feels that Regina does not act like a proper lady and wants her to achieve a high status in life, just as Cora, a miller's daughter, elevated her own status through marriage. She is also dismissive of her husband Henry and believes he coddles Regina too much. She uses her magical powers to force Regina to đệ trình to her demands. Cora causes a child Snow White's horse to become wild, knowing that Regina would save Snow. Cora then uses this opportunity to arrange a marriage between Regina and Snow's father...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Regina's eyes sprung open when she felt someone hug her tightly. She looked down and realized it was Henry.
"Henry!" She gasped while hugging him back.
"I didn't want to wake you, but I couldn't wait any longer," Henry said.
"I was so worried." He admitted. Regina noticed that he sounded like he was on the verge of tears and it made her tear up too.
He departed from the hugged and looked at her.
She sat up while wiping her eyes.
"I'm sorry I left bạn concerned. Emma came and found me and told me what bạn said. I promise I won't leave bạn like that again."
"Thank you." He smiled. And she smiled...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
She sat there.
She stared.
upon hours.
She stared.
Sitting in the middle of the road.
Doing absolutely nothing.
But staring.
What was she staring at?
Nothing to everyone else.
But to her, it was everything.
She Mất tích him.
His fingers slipped away from hers 6 weeks ago, into some mysterious... unknown world.
A world she knew, he could never come back from.
She let hope fool her.
She just wanted to be happy.
She wanted her happy ending.
It knocked on her door,
she welcomed it in,
and this was the result.
Her sitting at the townline with a tear stained face at 2 O'clock in the morning.
She had been feeling sick...
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