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posted by mollyx365

The năm One (2009) - Princess Inanna
In NorthWood (2009) - Mia
Fix (2008) - Bella
House, M.D. (2007-???) - Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley
Last Call with Carson Daly (2007) - Herself as Guest and Actress
The Black Donnellys (2007) - Jenny Reilly
Out of Breath: Underwater Productions (2007) - Herself and Actress
Living with Lew (2007) - Herself
The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) - Elizabeth
It's Not a Movie, It's Real Life: The Making of 'Turistas' (2007) - Herself and Actress
Punk'd (2006) - Herself
Scream Awards (2006) - Herself
Turistas (2006) - Bea
Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas (2006) - Sarah Witt
Camjackers (2006) - Sista Strada Cast
Alpha Dog (2006) - Angela Holden
Conversations with Other Women (2005) - Bridesmaid
Best Week Ever (2005) - Herself
Live with Regis and Kelly (2005) - Herself
The O.C. (2004-2005) - Alex Kelly
The Girl tiếp theo Door (2004) - Kellie
Skin (2003-2004) - Jewel Goldman

..just thought this might be useful!
posted by mollyx365
Olivia: When you're a working actor and you're happy to be one, bạn can't focus all your energy on diễn xuất because bạn will go crazy. bạn have to focus as much energy as bạn can away from yourself.

Olivia: I think there was no other profession for me. I was either going into an insane asylum hoặc to be an actor.

Olivia: [on competing with the other actors on the 3rd season "House" team] We decided very early on that the only way to deal with the competitiveness that was obviously in the air was to joke about it constantly.

Olivia: [on being part of "House"] It's strange to be on this rocket ship...
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posted by crazy_S_
Justin Bieber những người hâm mộ are called "Biebs", Glee những người hâm mộ "Gleeks", Lady Gaga những người hâm mộ "Monsters" but we are "WildeWarriors"

By the way, it´s not invented bởi myself ;-P
Another người hâm mộ first đã đưa ý kiến this magical word during this "Twitter mission : #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde as Twitter-Topic for her B-day"
( link ) Since then for 2 people a Fan-name existed and in the course of time other những người hâm mộ began to use it, too!!! At this point, after the "Twitter-Mission", some những người hâm mộ from the USA, Kanada, Brasil, French, Germany, Ireland, other countrys and I guess somewhere in Asia too, know these name. Maybe Olivia also knows...
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So, picture this scene:
It is 8.30 in the morning, and I am in the computer labs at university, killing some time before my exam, which starts at 9.30am.
I'm cruising the news sites, bumming around, not really doing anything in particular. I decide to do my usual news searches- my fave bands, to see if there is any news, my favourite sports teams for scores, my favourite actors...
So I type in "O-L-I-V-I-A [space] W-I-L-D-E" and
Up pops a link that says something about Olivia Wilde in a photoshoot (I don't remember the exact tiêu đề because I clicked the crap out of it and it all became...
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posted by wildewarrior
every fanbase needs to have their own name

Glee has "Gleeks"
justin bieber has "beliebers"

for all những người hâm mộ of olivia wilde
i created the name "WildeWarriors" :)

along with many other wildewarriors on twitter, we have made the term almost worldwide, it's only a matter of time that it becomes worldwide and người nổi tiếng start catching word of it too!

follow me on twitter:

and some other major wildewarriors:

and so many more!!

let's ban together and made this term worldwide!! :)
Olivia Wilde was named the 43rd ranked Sexiest Woman Alive bởi Smartasses.Net on Thursday, March 17th 2011, when the online men's magazine revealed their everpopular who's who of the hottest women on the planet. 2011 marked the sixth annual năm for the increasingly được ưa chuộng Smartasses hàng đầu, đầu trang 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day, to coincide with March Madness. For Wilde, it was her một giây năm on the list. In 2007 she was ranked 65. For more, visit Smartasses.Net.
posted by pietruszka
So I wanted to share with bạn my point of view about the way Olivia's career is going.
So, it obvious, that Olivia really started from House.
It's not like she didn’t have the other roles before, of course! But the only one she was known before House was Alex Kelly in The OC, and it's hard to say that teenage drama is the highest rank possible.
House put her into the flashlight, and that how she got the tiêu đề of famous Maxim's Hot number one. First of all, she’s hot herself, một giây of all, her role as 13 is considered hot, because of character’s way of diễn xuất and the fact she’s bisexual....
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posted by MrsWilde
Question: Who do bạn play?
Olivia Wilde: I play Quorra. I'm a close confidant of Jeff Bridges' character, Flynn. Close personal confidant. That's about all I can say without ruining it!

Question: Do bạn have your own entire storyline, hoặc are bạn just there to support the men?
Wilde: Oh god, no! I'm not just there to support the men, which is what's so fantastic about this film. I often say that, bạn know, the reason bạn see so many … các nữ diễn viên taking ti vi roles is because there are thêm roles where bạn can play an independent woman, not just someone's sister hoặc girlfriend and it's become...
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