Noah Wyle Noah's new movie - Queen of the Lot is great!

sandrakay posted on Nov 20, 2010 at 02:38AM
Here's one of the reviews of Noah's new film, Queen of the Lot.

“Henry Jaglom’s QUEEN OF THE LOT is one of the director’s smartest
and most entertaining films. Fulfilling the promise of its predecessor,
HOLLYWOOD DREAMS, it’s a movie unlike any other: scathingly satiric
yet deeply empathetic, and brutally honest yet unabashedly romantic.
The director juggles the divergent tones with the ease of a master,
and reveals a surprising flair for romantic comedy in the performances
of Tanna Frederick and Noah Wyle. Their effortless chemistry recalls
the glory days of Hollywood's classic studio era, but the offbeat indie
sensibility is pure modern day Jaglom."
                             – Jim Hemphill, Film Quarterly

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hơn một năm qua Nancypryor said…
Here's another review from the Canyon News!

"Noah Wyle is so charismatic on the screen in 'Queen of the Lot'
that his fans will be astonished by the maturing of one of Hollywood's best actors,
who in this movie has become among the hottest of leading men. His chemistry with
the astonishing Tanna Frederick in this wonderful film is something rarely seen today!"
- Tommy Garrett, Canyon News
hơn một năm qua melaniedan said…
I loved Queen of the Lot. Noah is wonderful in it. Here are 2 more reviews:

"Queen of the Lot, Henry Jaglom’s newest movie, secures his position as ‘King of the Indie Film’, with a hilarious, quirky, and astute romp into the world of Hollywood and addiction. Impeccably showcasing the brilliant Tanna Frederick, the vivacious and devastatingly funny leading lady plays opposite a pitch perfect easy-to-fall in-love-with Noah Wyle, along with a wonderful cast of characters in a film sure to delight audiences in every way."
Masha Savitz, Epoch Times

She Has To Be in Pictures
by Betty Jo Tucker, link

Queen of the Lot opens to an appropriate rendition of “You Oughta Be in Pictures” -- and ends up being a delightful treat for movie addicts like me. It stars the astonishing Tanna Frederick as Maggie Chase, a young woman from Iowa who, with every fiber of her being, wants to be famous. We first met Maggie in Hollywood Dreams when her name was Margie Chizek. A name change, of course, is necessary for someone so desperate for fame.

In this entertaining sequel, Maggie has already made three movies, but that’s not enough for her. She wants to be “queen of the lot” just like Norma Shearer in days of yore -- or at least as popular as Angelina Jolie is today. Deftly directed by Henry Jaglom and co-written by Jaglom and Frederick, this wonderful character-driven film comes across as funny, touching and oh-so romantic.

Frederick (Irene in Time) softens Maggie’s edges a bit here, making her more sympathetic. Yes, she’s still a narcissist and impulsive most of the time. “I can’t understand why I’m attracted to someone as superficial as you,” says a new man in her life, played by Noah Wyle (Enough) in his best performance to date. But Frederick also endows Maggie with such sweetness and vulnerability that we can’t help wanting her to succeed, just like Wyle’s character can’t help falling for her. It’s great fun watching Frederick and Wyle together! They share some priceless scenes with each other, including a very amusing Google discussion. Their “opposites attract” banter reminds me of old-time movie couples like Tracy and Hepburn. And their onscreen chemistry is undeniable.

Mixing old Hollywood and current trends, Queen of the Lot follows Maggie’s interactions with a longtime high-profile film family. She dates the already married megastar son (Christopher Rydell) of a legendary producer (Jack Heller), falls for the brother (Wyle) -- a cynical writer -- and develops a plan to save the showbiz family from financial ruin. In the meantime, Maggie must deal with members of the press who want to know about her ankle bracelet (for her last DUI), her rehab experience and her love life. But oh how she LOVES the publicity! No doubt Maggie hopes it might even increase her Google points.

A believable supporting cast -- including David Proval, Zack Norman, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Christopher, Kathryn Grant, Mary Crosby, Paul Sand, and Sabrina Jaglom -- adds to the quality of Queen of the Lot.

But it’s Tanna Frederick who steals the show with her tour de force performance. Like Maggie, she has to be in pictures.