Nickelodeon Nick Magazine's official re-launch is finally coming!

DDD1988Redux posted on May 17, 2015 at 01:54AM
According to some of the staff of Nickelodeon today, they're bringing back the official "Nick Magazine" (as well as introducing 6 of their own spin-off revivals: Nicktoons Magazine, Nick Jr. Magazine, TeenNick Magazine, etc. as of January 1, 2016); it is definitely happening because of the announcement on May 25, 2015, when the "World's Grand Revival" is finally being created by the government.

Each issue of "Nickelodeon Magazine" (and all of its 6 spin-offs as revivals of those found on almost every Nick Magazine issues from 1993 'thru 2009), has approx. 800 pages each for almost every 4 issues per month (and among every 3 months comes approx. 3 issues for approx. 2 of its spin-offs each month, which also have 800 pages each).
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