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posted by Ian16545
"Starting Off On A Blue Note": When the Blue chim giẻ cùi, jay Babies, Kai-Lan's yêu thích rock band, comes to town, she elects to be their roadie at their tiếp theo gig.

"Parts of the Whole": Hoho experiments with simple machines.

"Slowing Brains and Growing Pains": Kai-Lan discovers one of her long-lost family members has autism.

"Quilt As bạn Go": Hoho rounds up Những người bạn and family to make a "100-wish quilt".

"Variations On A Theme Park": The ladybugs try to make themselves taller to ride their new ride.

"Swizzle Stickup": Wong-Dic makes a new kind of soda.

"Hand Over Water": Lao-Tsu-Fun Village is having a heatwave....
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(I started this at 5 in the morning.)

When we left off, Mr. Fluffy challenged Duff Goldman(from Ace Of Cakes) to a bake-off, which Tolee finalized bởi telling them what the winner gets to do(serve his cake at Tolee's party, which we know has a "Music" theme). As the Chairman says in every Iron Chef episode says, "Allez Cuisine!!!"

Tolee: OK, guys, this whole bake-off starts in 3... 2... 1... NOW! Good luck and don't let me down!
*Both bakers first attempt to discern what Tolee likes, doesn't like, and so on, as well as ask about the details of this party.*

(I will deliberately switch to some of...
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posted by pbj2309
Tubb, a male anthropomorphic màu hồng, hồng frog with a Scottish accent; de facto leader of the Rubbadubbers and has a cotton swab for his prize possession. Catchphrase: "Swim-MIN'!" he is Những người bạn with Spyler Ka-lan and the others he likes playing loud games but learns to be quiet, in Quiet time.
Terence, a male green bubble-bath-container crocodile; can blow bubbles from his nostrils; has only one tooth; wears a cổ áo and necktie. Intensely dislikes getting wet and has a red tooth brush. He likes playing quiet games, he once showed the other Rubbadubbers except Reg & Winona that it was thêm fun...
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A black cat named Wildcraft walks to Kai-lan and speaks to her.
Wildcraft: Kai-lan. bạn are buring your toast... again. i can smell it from the streets.
Suddenly, burnt bánh mì nướng pops out from the lò nướng bánh, máy nướng bánh mỳ into the air and a westie giống chồn, chó sục, chó săn terrier named waggles pop up and the bánh mì nướng lands in her mouth.
Kai-lan: ugh! burned it again then waggles ate it. maybe that pizza, bánh pizza makes good breakfast.
a cat named Flaky looks at goldfish and tries to feed it hot chó but they dont eat.
Flaky: ummm Kai-lan
that pizza, bánh pizza looks good but youre not gonna like the taste.

Kai-lan takes a bite out the pizza, bánh pizza and runs to the bathroom....
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ni hao kai-lan
nick jr.
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 7
"The Most Eligible Emperor"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Hoho playing with their Robo Buddy toy.]]

Rintoo: All right, Robo Buddy, do a super silly flip, followed bởi a wiggle and rub your tummy.
Robo Buddy: Your wish is my command.

[[The Robo Buddy does a silly flip, wiggles his whole body and rubs his stomach, while making Rintoo and Hoho laugh.]]

Hoho: I tell ya, there isn't nothing bạn can do than making our toy do silly things.
Rintoo: Well, bạn know, what can I say?
Robo Buddy: What do bạn want me to do next?
Hoho: Oh, oh, how about getting us...
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