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"Dim Sum, Lose Some": YeYe teaches Kai-Lan and her Những người bạn how to make dim sum.

"The Lulu Above and the Rintoo Below": Rintoo wants to fly in the air like Lulu.

"It's the Natural Thing to Do": Kai-Lan and YeYe go on a trip to a new safari park… only to find that Rintoo, Tolee, Hoho and Lulu are slated to be the new động vật on display!

"High But Not Dry": Kai-Lan has to wear diapers because she wets her bed.

"Standby… Lights! Camera! Kai-Lan!": After attending a Hong Kong film festival, Kai-Lan decides to make her own movie.

"Travels with My Ants": The Ants are curious about what's on the other...
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