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 So nice!
So nice!
Hi guys, I have been hearing a lot of things about this wonderful country. So, are bạn ready?


Okay, this city is located in northern New Zealand and it reminds me of Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, Australia for peculiar reasons. Well, maybe because I'm use to the city as I have been to Kuala Lumpur many times in my life. So maybe this city will be different than my capital city here in Malaysia.


Now, this city had suffered from an earthquake many years cách đây and what I know about Christchurch is near the mountains and it reminds me of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Middle-Earth Sets

Yes, the country was the setting for the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbits. I would tình yêu to go to see the sets and imagine that I was in the film, so we would not want to miss it!

May it Be

These are my 3 reasons on why I would to go to New Zealand!