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posted by keturahk
neon màu sắc indeed rock. i especially like the biểu tượng with the socks. because i am a avid neon colored bít tất, sock wearer >.< lol. well im just weird so i have a thing for weird socks. neon is amazing in so many ways it allows us to stand out and be the odd balls we are. hoặc if your not. it gives a daring pop of color to a fashionable outfit. its catches our attention in advertisement draws our curiosity. its vivid màu sắc used in art mesmerize use. there is something magical about the brightness that draws use to neon. in the wild it represents deadly beauty. bright neon frogs warn us of there poison, bạn can look but at no means touch. i think its the daringness of neon that also draws us to it. hoặc just like in the wild are we hinting to say back from our majestic beauty. we are dangerous