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Here's Rina's Profile!!!, Tell me if bạn have any questions!:

Name: Rina the Hedgehog

Age: 13

Gander: Female/Girl

Country: Green Forest(None-Country)

Currently living in: Her Big, Girly and Cool cây House made out of Trees, Coconuts, Leafs ect.

Love stats: No crush, Single

Fav Color: Green

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Jumping cây To Tree, Animals, Neture, The Sea, Anything that has to do with Neture, Stars, Making Wishes, Shooting Stars, The Night, Rain, Chao, Peace

Dislikes: Evil, Eggman, Being mean, Distruction, Bad words, Being called sexy, chó cái, bitch ect.

Ability: Jumping high, Not getting hurt bởi flame,...
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Don't worry, this isn't a rant. It's thêm of a discussion-type thing -- on a matter that's been bugging me slightly as of late.

The other ngày I was randomly searching through DA like I occasionally do, just looking at pictures and searching for some inspiration, and I came across a TON of stamps discussing things like OCs, fandoms, and so on. Many of them screamed things like, "RAR KILL ALL RECOLORS" hoặc "MY OCS ARE SO TOTALLY mát, máy làm mát THAN YOUR FANCHARACTER!"

I'm not surprised bởi this at all. In fact, I agree with what people are saying to some degree. Everyone knows that recolors are unoriginal...
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"Cliff!"yelled Mindy "do'nt touch that!"
"Okey....What's wrong Mindy?"
"Nothing is wrong Cliff,we just found what we where looking for!"Mindy smiled and picked up the book."The crystal key is in this place called the crystal cave."She flipped the page."Here see that red dott means it's here."Cliff understood just a little bit.
" where is this crystal cave?"
"North East from here.Cliff đã đưa ý kiến "that means up and then right right?"
"Yeah,no....well not exactuelly.We have to buy a compass."Cliff followed Mindy and got a compass.
"That way Cliff."They walked until Mindy was panting and they...
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Cliff did'nt even know which direction the hedgehog went.He just kept on walking.It had been 2 days since when he met the hedgehog.He never ate anything since that time.He did'nt sleep that much eather.Things started to get blury and Cliff colapsed on the floor and fell asleep.
Near bởi in the chao garden Mindy,another hedgehog was playing with the chao."Bye bye guys!"
A yellow chao jumped up on her."Awww sorry Chaosky!It's almost lunch time.I have to go trang chủ now."She waved to the chao and went skipping twards home.But she triped on somthing....or someone.It was Cliff."Sorry!"said Mindy then...
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Pain woke up in a giường at Haily's house bởi getting hit bởi a snow ball in the head.Cliff laughed.Pain screeched.Icey came to see what was up."Who left the window open?"Every one pointed at each other.
Pain got up and Icey gave him a scarf and a jacket.
Pain hit Mindy with a snow ball."Ahh!"
"Hey how did bạn know it was her?"Asked Haily.
Pain shruged."Why are bạn guys snow ball fighting?Do'nt we have a thing to do hoặc somthing?"
"Ohhh Yeahhhh!"
"Cliff where'nt bạn the one who wanted to do this in the first place?"
Suddenly there was a scream."The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy demon?"Haily asked nerviously."We...
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posted by milo8890

Name: Chandler Daughtry
Gender: Female:
Eye color: Bright green
Fur color: Red
Weapons: N/A
Powers: She controls fire.
Personality: Chandler gets pissed off quick, but if bạn warm up to her she's pretty nice, still moody though C:
History: Chandler lived on the far side of Mobius as a normal Mobian. At this time she was completely unaware of her Pyro powers. When they finally let loose in a hallway at a jerk, Chandler's scary powers where revealed and quickly spread around town. Soon G.U.N was involved and took Chandler...
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posted by ShadAmy
1. ShadAmy
2. Star
3. Emo
4. Christmas
5. Misletoe

Well those are all my Girls for now!!!!

1. Shadnic no i do not know any body else
2. Sexy
4. Killer
5. loonitick

That is All Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pain swohsed his tail at Cliff."Hey!I đã đưa ý kiến I do'nt want to fight!"
"Cliff just fight already!"Called Mindy.Cliff shook his head."I'm not going to hurt him."
Pain made a sarcastic noise."C'mon Mindy lets go."
Pain followed Cliff and Mindy and kept trying to pick a fight.
Finally Mindy spin around and punched Pain.It did not hurt Pain one bit.Pain laughed.That seemed to really get on Mindy's nerves so she kicked him this time.He douged."Mindy what are bạn doing?"Mindy was'nt listening.She kept on punching and kicking.Pain douged every single attack.
"Mindy lets go!"Pain sluged Mindy,then hit her with his tail.Mindy was knocked down.It hurt but she got up.Mindy and Pain where standing in front of each other ready to attack.Cliff did'nt know what to do.
To be continued....
They finished the macaroni and were cleaning the pot. The remains of the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy were emitting smoke. Pain faned it away with his hands and tail. "What was that sound?" asked Blood. "What sound? Is this a trick?" Pain asked. Before Blood could answer a dark red hedgehog came out of the smoke cloud. Cliff gasped,"It's you!". Pain did not say anything but glared straight ahead of him. "Hello Blood. What are bạn doing with these little brats?" Blood blinked. "Who are you?" she said. "You ca'nt remember me? It's me. Your best friend?"
"Burn?" The hedgehog smiled. "Blood is best Những người bạn with the enemy?"...
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in this series its gonna be called the world in destiny i am gonna make a club about it and write các bài viết about it so stay tuned for the last season of it season 10 new enemy inhelded and wait for season 11 to come so its gonna be staring danny elle eilly and jordan in the lightness of lightness king and Queen and when it comes to be season 12 its over but thêm will come and it will be cool! so i'm gonna need some foes and some good characters to put in this scene when its out so everyone will have to put them characters here :)
posted by JulieWechidna
Julie the Wechidna

"The planet is dieing. The war which will kill two worlds has taken place here. Every creature and living thing on these planets has died. All accept one. One who was protected bởi the magic of the elder ones of the Wechidna clan. The elder ones whom died fighting the Crocadiller people who're also now extinct. She is the only one left." -Narrator :P

Name: Julie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Planet: Destroyed
Species: Wechidna (all extinct –apart from her)

About the Wechidna species:
Not much is known about the Wechidna species because it is thought that they were extinct. They are...
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Name: Garland

Age: Physical age 26, biological age is 67.

Species: Unknown (well really I can’t decide)

Abilities: Telekinesis/Psychokinetic, teleportation, can predict her enemy’s tiếp theo physical move. Signature di chuyển has her plan ‘cursed attack’ to strike the enemy with having them suddenly jerk (in a way that they’ll hurt themselves) at a certain time.

Weaknesses: She is less skilled in her telekinesis/psychokinetics so therefore cannot lift heavy objects. Can only teleport short distances (since she uses her mind to do it), finds it extremely difficult hoặc impossible to predict the next...
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Another thông tin các nhân of one of my FCs!!! Hope ya'll like!!! LOLZ

Name: Arlene

Age: Physical age is 18, biological age is hard to trace because she comes from a different planet, so because of differences in time and light years etc. etc. A good estimate is between 300-400 years.

Species: Actually an alien, but shapeshifted her form into a hedgehog to fit in with the natives of Mobius.

Abilties: Laser to cut through thin materials and some metals. Has a pair of energy swords to fight in close-combat. Armoured suit to protect her from damage. Headphone set that acts as a portable radio, it also makes...
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Name: Aura

Age: 22

Species: Jackal

Abilities: Can sense the aura of others, allowing her to predict her oppoenents tiếp theo move, emotions hoặc track certain people. Can convert her aura into a visable energy, using it she can from an orb of aura energy hoặc a spear of the stuff to attack.

Weaknesses: Sometimes her predictions are wrong, leading her to do stupid things. Can be full of herself and try to use all of her aura energy, even though it's highly dangerous and trying to attack with all of your aura natrually backfires as part of a safety mechanism.

Likes: Peace, quiet, training, hiển thị off, getting...
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"What the heck is going on here?" Mindy fraked out and Cliff shook Pain awake. Pain groaned and scratched his eyes. "What happened Pain?" Cliff asked. "I won...." đã đưa ý kiến Pain "kinda....Can bạn get her off of me?" Cliff slid blood off Pain. Pain stretched and cracked his neck and told him about the battle. "Wow!" Cliff đã đưa ý kiến with shining eyes, "She's that strong? She could help us beat that hedgehog!" Pain looked at him annoyed. "Why? Would we need her help?"
"Maybe! The thêm people we can get the thêm likely we can beat him!" Pain still did not like the idea so he just grunted. "Hey! bạn wer'nt...
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Mirage is a echidna who got stuck in a time warp during Mobius' Ancient Egypt period. Now with no way to get back she's decided to stick with the ngôi sao Meteors. Her hobbies include reading, searching the internet(though technology does bug her a lot)and learning.Due to her tình yêu for learning she's sort of the team's historian and translater, mainly when they come across Ancient Egyptian writing. She's currently trying to learn a powerful di chuyển that highly-classed echidnas from her time period knew, but it usually backfires. Resulting in talking Eygptian babble.


Arlene is the hedgehog...
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posted by coolpeace
"so..............did bạn do it sonic?"asked aruora."yes!"said sonic."did bạn have a partner?""yes!""did bạn intact take my i pod?""yes!""AHA! espio i think we found our coprolite!" "um aurora hes scared hes saying yes to every thing we say.look sonic did bạn put a black hole in my mouth?""yes!""oh"soon aroura started blushing"turn on the lights!"when the lights came on............."aroura why is the bathroom pink?" "because this is the ladies bathroom.""AH!!!!!!"screamed both espio and sonic. they both ran out of the bathroom."okay silver where were bạn in the ngày of the scene of the crime?""what...
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Pain won completely.Pain knocked her out with one lung lay, swing of his tail.Cliff looked at Pain.Pain looked back.Pain waited as Cliff went and walked up to him.Pain was ready for any attack.Cliff did attack but this was not any attack.It could be a attack.It was not one eather.Cliff through mac and cheese at Pains face
"Fhgth!"Pain wiped his face off."Mac and cheese?"
Cliff nodded."I have a rerason to fight now."Cliff
suddenly looked serious"You hurt my friend!"
Pain spit mac and cheese out."Yuck!"Cliff punched Pain.Pain kicked back.Then they grabed each other and started rolling on the floor.Pain...
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posted by boredhedgehog
"So Cliff,"asked Mindy,"Where did that hedgehog say the key was?"
"He did'nt."
"He did'nt what?"
"He did'nt say where it was."said Cliff."I guess he dos'nt know eather....That's why he's getting robots to help him look."
"Then if we know where it is we'll have a better chance of beating him."Mindy smiled,"Cliff,It's time for some research!Take me to the library!"
Cliff stoped walking."What's reasearch?What's a library?They both sound boring."Mindy sighed,"Just take me to the nearest town."
"OK!"said Cliff.
Later at the nearest town Mindy shows Cliff the library."Eww"says Cliff.Mindy ignored Cliff...
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posted by SusieStarlit


peoples does anyone have a người hâm mộ character thats in loves hoặc likes sonic a friend of mine wants to make a vid about it but bạn gots to give her permission to makes it first so pleeze help....pretty pweeze with cherries on top...................................................................................................................................................

~Pleeze note that the dead line is october 25 2009~

~~guess thats all i wanted to say so thanx to those who want to help peace out yal~~