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 Blue lines fly along the screen, then the words appear
Blue lines fly along the screen, then the words appear

Pinkie Pie: *Arrives with balloons, and confetti* Welcome to my stories! From celebrating giáng sinh to pranking friends, there's all kinds of wonderful things you'll find. Go ahead, and pick a story!

Pinkie's Christmas: link

Pinkie's Duel: link

Pinkie's Easter: link

Pinkie's Treasure Hunt: link

Pinkie's Ghost: link

Pinkie's New Job: link

The last two are not a part of Pinkie's series. They are here as a special bonus

Pinkie Pie & The Traffic Light: link

Rainbow Dash & The Chinese Dragon: link
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Well this is it. After 9 wonderful years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is saying goodbye in less than 30 minutes. I’ve been part of this wonderful journey since a tháng hoặc so after the hiển thị premiered, all the way up to its fourth season. Sadly, I’ve been behind on the hiển thị since the end of the một giây season. I’ve managed to catch up with seasons 3 and 4, and the first five episodes of season 5 before falling behind once again (I hadn't picked up from that last episode). I don’t have the right words to explain how I feel about the hiển thị ending, since I have no idea what’s happened...
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