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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When Halloween rolled around, it seemed like the perfect time in the game to take on the dress code. This usually would've gone easy, but Leo got this crazy idea to put in a lot of challenges, and chances for me to earn extra big points.

At my house

Mom: No costume Rafe?
Rafe: It's middle school. Nopony is going to wear a costume.
Georgia: I'm dressed as a fairy!
Rafe: Great, nopony cares. *leaves*

Even though it seemed like I had no costume, everything I needed was in my backpack.

I went to the bathroom, and changed as soon as I got the chance. I had black shoes, black pants, a black turtleneck,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con was running to the car, and soon he heard one of the enemies shout..

US Soldier: HEY!! There's no ammo for the âm bass, tiếng bass, bass cannon!
Mirage: Oh damnit, it's in the car!
Con: *drives*
Mirage: WAIT!!
Fenix: It's not like him to forget the three of us.
US soldiers: *shooting at Con*
Captain: Shoot the tires!!
Tara: What's going on?
Captain: We have an intruder, but it's heading away from your train.
Tara: Alright then. Proceed.
Engineer: *pulls out of station*

The wheels slipped, but soon the engine was out of the station, and was puffing down the line

Con: I have to chase that train
US soldiers: *shoot all four...
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Several phút after beating up Diamond Tiara, rượu làm bằng trái táo, applejack went back to her family's place.

granny smith: A.J. I just got a call from the cops saying that bạn beat up a filly.
Applejack: She made fun of Applebloom, and beat up a police officer.
granny smith: Well that doesn't mean bạn can beat the crap out of them.
Applejack: Yeah it does.

A few phút after talking with granny smith, things got out of hand.

Rarity: Why am I here?
Applejack: Just keep an eye on them *floors it*
Applebloom: Applejack?! Where ya goin?
Applejack: *drives toward toll booth*
toll pony: 2 bits.
Applejack: *pays toll*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Warning: I apologize for not being on here yesterday. Too many các bài viết have been đã đăng between this one, and the trước đó part. To read part one, go here: link

Pete was waiting at Cheyenne for the new engines. He didn't know that Hawkeye got derailed, and was in need of help.

Pete: Where is he? Pierce should be here bởi now!
Gordon: He's probably slacking off. bạn know how much he likes to do that.
Stylo: He doesn't slack off, that's your job.
Gordon: I do my work!
Pete: Hey, enough arguing. It's not getting us anywhere. Now, what do bạn think happened?
Stylo: I believe he got his train derailed....
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