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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tim, and Julia met up in the parking lot near their station after their shift ended.

Tim: bạn wanted to see me?
Julia: I need a ride to Local Consideration.
Tim: Okay. *Walks with Julia to his Viper*
 Tim's rắn độc, viper
Tim's Viper

Halfway to Local Consideration, Julia decided to talk to Tim.

Julia: Do bạn enjoy working with Toby?
Tim: Sure. How's Red treating you?
Julia: She has a crush on you.
Tim: I see.
Julia: What do bạn think about Toby?
Tim: He thinks you're smoking hot.
Julia: These new guys both have a crush on us.
Tim: I know how to get Red away from me, but I'm not sure how to stop Toby.
Julia: I know someone that'll tình yêu dating Toby.
Tim: *Turns left, and passes a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Department, and a hospital* I bet she has curves just like yours.
Julia: Oh stop it. *Playfully hits Tim's shoulder while laughing*
Tim: Here we are. *Stops at Local Consideration*
Julia: Don't go anywhere yet. Stay here until I come out.
Tim: Okay.
Julia: *Gets out of the car, and walks to the shop*
Tim: *Sticks his head out of the window* What do bạn have planned?
Julia: It's a surprise.
Tim: *Waits*

A few giây later, a loud engine could be heard inside the shop.

Tim: What is she-
 Julia's motorcycle
Julia's motorcycle

Julia: *Does a burnout on her motorcycle, then stops to the left of Tim's Viper* I just got new tires! What do bạn think?
Tim: They're nice. They look like tires that have a lot of grip.
Julia: See bạn tomorrow Tim. *Rides off on her motorcycle*
Tim: *Drives off in his Viper*

It started to get dark, as Tim stopped at a friend's house.

Tim: *Knocks on the door four times*
Rick: *Opens the door, and is excited when he sees who is at the front door* Tim Miller! I haven't seen bạn in a month.
Tim: Yeah, it's been a long time. Hasn't it?
Rick: Come on in.
Tim: Don't mind if I do. *Walks in*

They sat down at a table. Rick got himself, and Tim a can of 7-Up.

Rick: *Opens his can* So, how's the Police Department treating you? *Drinking his soda*
Tim: Fine. That's actually why I came to see you.
Rick: Why? What's up?
Tim: *Opens his can, and takes a small sip* There's this mare that joined us. She seems to be attracted to me, but we're not allowed to ngày other officers.
Rick: Right. Why are bạn telling me this?
Tim: bạn đã đưa ý kiến bạn wanted a mare to date, and I think she'd be good for you.
Rick: Well, if bạn say so. How are bạn going to introduce me?
Tim: Come down to the station as soon as bạn can, and ask to see me, and Red Velvet. I'll handle everything else once we come to see you.
Rick: I got it. Thanks Tim.
Tim: No problem man. Cheers.

They tapped their soda cans together, and drank what was left inside of it.

2 B Continued
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