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One day, Button Mash was watching TV.

Button: I can't seem to find anything good. *Changes channel to a news report*
Anchor Pony: And apparently, the bank robbers took off in a dark blue Suburban.
Button: Boring. *Changes channel to war film*
Equestrian ngựa con, ngựa, pony 589: Get down.
Terrorist: *Shoots missile*
Button: Isn't there anything good on TV?! *Changes channel*
Announcer: And now, it's time for the season 6 highlights of Ponies On The Rails. Sponsored bởi Princess Motors. Manufacturing both cars, and trains for over seventy years.

Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Crème "Frenchy" From Karina_Brony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NocturnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Also starring the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, Anthony, and Duke From Seanthehedgehog

And introducing Ryan from Seanthehedgehog

Hawkeye: *Standing on train tracks* 1956 was a beautiful year. It had great music, great cars, and amazing adventures were had bởi me, and my friends. *Hears a train coming* I better di chuyển out of the way. *Walks off train track* Now, about those adventures.

Episode 51

Mirage: What's up with you?
Hawkeye: I don't know why I volunteered to do this.
Mirage: Do what?
Hawkeye: Work overtime. It's too difficult for me to work in the night. That's when I'm supposed to be sleeping! Oh, and one thêm thing. You're helping Coffee Creme with her pizza, bánh pizza train, right?
Mirage: Yes. I'm supposed to get in an engine, couple up behind her train, and help her get up Sherman Hill. Why?
Hawkeye: Well, whatever bạn do, be careful. bạn don't want the train to crash, and have all those pizzas get over you. It's happened to Frenchy before, and she was not amused. That's all I have to say. Goodbye. *Walks away*


Wilson: *Puts caboose on train*
Conductor: *Drunk* Okay, my caboose is on the train, cool.
Wilson: *Gets out of engine, and looks at conductor* Excuse me sir, are bạn drunk?
Conductor: Whatever gave bạn taht idea?
Wilson: The fact that you're speaking like a drunk pony, and I can tell that you're losing your balance too often.
Conductor: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realize I needed balance to be a good conductor. *Puts lights on caboose*
Wilson: Make sure those lights get on properly. bạn want ponies in other trains to see you, so that they'll stop before crashing into you.
Conductor: They're fine. Stop diễn xuất like my mother.
Mirage: Frenchy is due to leave in five minutes.
Wilson: Okay. I'll get my engine out of the way, so that bạn can get yours coupled up. *Goes to his engine*
Mirage: *Looking at conductor* Are bạn alright?
Conductor: YEAH!
Mirage: Are bạn drunk?
Conductor: Why does everypony ask me that stupid question? *Gets in caboose*


Coffee Creme was driving her train up Sherman Hill, and Mirage still had his engine pushing from behind.

Conductor: *Still drunk, and looks out the back of his caboose* Wait a minute. *Sees Mirage's engine* Why is that engine pushing the train?! It's supposed to be on the front of the train, not the back! *Walks out of caboose, and gets onto Mirage's engine*
Mirage: *Sees conductor* What is he doing on my engine?
Conductor: *Walks into cab* bạn sir are doing your job wrong!
Mirage: What are bạn talking about? I'm supposed to push this train up the hill, to help Coffee Creme.
Conductor: Don't give me that! Everypony says that.
Mirage: You're drunk. I understand that, and bạn probably hate your job to.
Conductor: Hate it?! I loathe it! I was supposed to be promoted from conductor to station master, but I did not get it! That is why I drink, get drunk, and drink more.
Mirage: Okay, that's nice, but bạn have to get back to work.
Conductor: Fine! *Gets out of cab, walks to caboose, and uncouples Mirage's engine from the train*

Shortly after that, Coffee Creme thought it would be a good idea to speed up, to get over the đồi núi, hill quickly. However, on the end of the train.

Conductor: *Feels train going faster, and accidentally knocks one of the lights off* Whoops. Ah well, to make things even... *Goes to other light, and knocks it off*

Episode 52

Gordon: Why are bạn two taking this train?! It should be my job!
Hawkeye: Cool it Gordon. Pete says he has a "special assignment" for you.
Gordon: What?
Stylo: He wants bạn to learn how to be normal.
Gordon: Oh hardy har har. bạn two should be thanking me! If it weren't for me, bạn wouldn't have these engines, now would you?
Hawkeye: We could've gotten them ourselves.
Stylo: Now get out, and let us do the real work.
Gordon: *Gets out of engine*
Hawkeye & Stylo: *Climbs into engine*
Snowflake: *Turns signal green*
Hawkeye: *Blows horn twice, then drives train*
Stylo: *Ringing chuông, bell on engine*
Gordon: *Watching train leave* Wait, why am I letting them drive that train? I should be driving it! *Tries to jump onto train, but fails, and falls on ground*


Meadow: Well, my work here is done. *Drives backwards*
Nikki: *Clearing throat* xin chào Meadow!
Meadow: *Stops engine, and sees Nikki's freight train* Aw come on! I just finished with pushing sixty freight cars down that hill!
Nikki: And now bạn have sixty more! *Jumps out of engine, and runs toward coupling*
Meadow: Nikki, don't bạn dare!
Nikki: *Uncouples engine from freight train then runs back to engine*
Meadow: I'm gonna tell our parents on you!
Nikki: Our parents moved out of the house last week, remember? *Gets back in engine, and drives pass a switch track*
Meadow: *Sighs, then drives engine behind freight train*
Nikki: *Drives engine onto a track tiếp theo to train*
Meadow: *Pushes train down hump*

As Meadow was doing her work, three stallions with fedoras, and trench coats arrived.

Stallion 1: Stop the train!
Meadow: *Stops*
Nikki: *Notices train stopping, and gets out of her engine, to walk to Meadow*
Stallion 1: Are bạn Meadow West?
Meadow: Yes?
Stallion 2: Come with us please.
Nikki: Wait, what's going on here?
Stallion 3: Your sister is coming with us to the station. We need to talk with her, and your boss.
Stallion 1: Finish her work in here, then meet us in the station.
Nikki: Okay. (I wonder what's going on.)


Nikki was very sad to see her sister go. She didn't know if she would be able to see her again.

tiếp theo morning, Nikki started work. There were no trains yet, so she had to work in the yard. Before she was able to do this though, Michael was talking to her.

Michael: There's thêm than enough work for only you. Our CEO says that two stallions from Manehattan will come to help you.
Nikki: Thanks.

A few hours later, the two stallions arrived. Their names were Roger, and Anthony.

Roger: *Looking at station* What an ugly station. This won't do at all. We're much too good to work on a railway with ugly stations.
Anthony: I think it's nice.
Roger: Hmph. bạn say that about everything. *Looks at Nikki* Who's that bitch?
Anthony: Roger! That's Nikki. We're working with her. *Walks over to Nikki* I'm sorry about Roger. He's not happy with the long trip we had to take, but he's quite nice really.
Nikki: I feel sorry for you, having to put up with his rude behavior.

Episode 53

Hawkeye was sitting with Stylo at a bench. Both ponies were waiting for a train to arrive, so that they could drive it. However, Hawkeye had a guitar, and was playing Hound Dog, bởi Elvis Presley.

Hawkeye: *Playing guitar, and singing* bạn ain't nothing but a hound dog, just crying all the time.
Stylo: *Glaring at Hawkeye*
Hawkeye: *Playing guitar, and singing* bạn ain't nothing but a hound dog, just crying all the time.
Stylo: Pierce.
Hawkeye: Well, bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend mine.
Stylo: xin chào Hawk.
Hawkeye: Hold on, I'm getting to the best part of the song. *Continues to play guitar, and sing* Well they đã đưa ý kiến bạn was high class, but that was just a lie.
Stylo: PIERCE!!
Hawkeye: *Stops playing, and stares at Stylo* Jeez, what's gotten into you?


Conductor: All aboard.
Anthony: *Rings chuông, bell on engine, blows horn twice, then drives out of station*
Nikki: Well, now that he's gone, what do bạn want to do?
Roger: Do bạn like playing Poker?
Nikki: Nah, the only card game that involves gambling that I like to play is Black Jack.
Roger: Fine with me. I'm pretty good at that game.
Nikki: But I'm better.
Michael: *Arrives* Why aren't bạn two in the yards?
Nikki: No trains arrived there yet. Wanna play Black Jack?
Michael: Oh, why not? I finished my work, so I might as well play before I get thêm work.

Meanwhile with Anthony, he was doing good with his work, but ended up 7 giây late at Cheyenne. He had to make a station stop to drop off some passengers for Coffee Creme, who was going to Denver.

Coffee Creme: *Opens window in cab, and throws coal into Anthony's engine*
Anthony: *Flinches, as he nearly gets hit bởi coal*
Coffee Creme: This is unacceptable. If you're late again, I will leave without your passengers. *Drives train*
Anthony: Ah, forget her. *Looks at coal* Wait a minute, bạn left some coal behind!
Coffee Creme: *Blows whistle*
Anthony: Ah, she didn't hear me. Whatever, I can throw this at her if I ever see her again.


Anthony got his two engines on the other side of the train, and was waiting to go.

Anthony: *Looks in rearview mirror* Come on hurry up. It would be bad if we were late, and Coffee Creme left without us.
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *Packing up*
Anthony: *Hears words* Did the conductor say All Aboard?
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *About to get on train*
Anthony: I don't wanna risk being late, I have to go. *Drives train*
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *Can't get on train*
Nearby Ponies: Stop, stop, stop. bạn left a passenger behind.
Anthony: *Stops train* No! Now we're going to be late.
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *Gets on train*
Anthony: *Drives train*

Anthony drove the train as fast as he could, and got it into Cheyenne phút early.

Coffee Creme: *Waiting at platform*
Anthony: *Stops train tiếp theo to Coffee Creme* Haha, take that!
Coffee Creme: Not bad.
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *Pulls Anthony out of engine* What do bạn mean by-a leaving me-a behind-a?
Anthony: I'm sorry, but I thought we had all of our passengers. Coffee Creme đã đưa ý kiến that if I was late, she would leave without taking my passengers.
giải khát, làm mới Mare: *Laughing* bạn silly stallion. Coffee Creme was teasing you. She would never leave without your passengers.
Anthony: Well! Where's that french unicorn?

But she already left. Anthony saw her leave, and he couldn't give her a piece of his mind.

Episode 54

One ngày in Pete's office.

Pete: *Signing papers*
Ike: *Walks into room* Sir, we got a problem.
Pete: What is it?
Ike: It's Orion. He was working in the yards, but had a chemical car explode.
Pete: When was the last time that happened?
Ike: I don't know. I only worked here for one year.


When Metal Gloss arrived at the yards, she was with Hawkeye in the freight train from Denver.

Orion: *Waiting for Metal Gloss to get off train*
Hawkeye: *Stops train, and jumps out* This engine is low on fuel, get it to the fueling depot.
Orion: Why me?
Hawkeye: Because you're the closest pony.
Orion: Why don't bạn do it? I have a message from Metal Gloss.
Hawkeye: What?
Orion: I đã đưa ý kiến I have a-
Hawkeye: What's the message?!
Orion: Metal Gloss has to take engine 836 to the repair yards in Reno.
Hawkeye: Why not here?
Orion: They're occupied.


Ten phút after Metal Gloss left the station, Roger was about to arrive. He did his best to drive the train, but nopony trusted him.

Vandal Pony: He's almost here, get that wooden plank on the tracks now.
Vandal ngựa con, ngựa, pony 2: *Puts wooden plank on tracks near station*
Roger: *Applies brakes, then hits wooden plank*

One end of the plank hit the bottom of the platform, and Roger's engine derailed.

Episode 55

At 6:55 AM, most of the ponies were heading to work at the Cheyenne train station.

Hawkeye: *Walking while looking at station*
Stylo: It seems pretty quiet.
Jeff: Maybe because most ponies don't take the train during this time of the morning.
Passenger: Excuse me. I have to get to my train which is leaving in five minutes.
Hawkeye: What a coincedence, we start work here in five minutes.
Pete: *Opens door to office* Pierce, Stylo, come in here.
Hawkeye: We're on our way father. *Walks to office*
Stylo: *Following Hawkeye*


Percy: Mornin' Snowflake.
Snowflake: Hey. Hawkeye says he has a message for you.
Jeff: Oh yeah? What?
Snowflake: There's a party. (Oh, I forgot!!) Umm
Percy: Where's the party?
Snowflake: At Pierce's house.
Jeff: When is the party?
Snowflake: *Trying to remember* 7!
Percy: Okay
Snowflake: No, 6!
Jeff: *Confused*
Snowflake: 5! 4! 3!
Percy: Make up your mind!
Snowflake: 2! 1! BLASTOFF!!

Then suddenly, Snowflake's yard tower shot up in the air, and had jet engines taking up into space.

Wilson: She meant to say that the party was at 8, tonight.
Jeff: Well, thank bạn Wilson. At least somepony here can remember things.


Duke: *Stops train to refuel*
Steven: Ponies come, and ponies go.
Richard: Grandpa goes on forever!
Steven & Richard: *Laughing*
Duke: bạn little scallywags! Whatever are young ponies coming to?
Steven: Nevermind Grandpa, we're only young once.
Duke: Well bạn better mind, unless bạn want to end up like Greaser.
Richard: Oh Grandpa!
Steven: Whatever happened?
Duke: Greaser was British, and very arrogant. He drove his trains fast, and often derailed them. I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice.

A few months cách đây

Greaser: *Standing bởi train*
Duke: bạn constantly drive too fast on sharp turns. bạn need to go slower.
Greaser: Listen Dukey! In the United Kingdom, we don't care for a few train wrecks.
Duke: We do here.
Greaser: Ha ha ha ha ha!

A few months later

Duke: Then one day, our boss đã đưa ý kiến he was going to be useful at last. Greaser stopped laughing then.
Richard: W-w-why?
Steven: What did he do?
Duke: He fired Greaser, and had him work at a nearby retirement home. He still works there to this very day. He'll never drive a train again.

Episode 56

Hawkeye: *Stops passenger train at station*
Stylo: Good, we made it on time.
Hawkeye: *Look at clock* And it's 7 PM. Time to go home. *Gets out of engine*
Stylo: *Following Hawkeye*
Pete: bạn two going home?
Hawkeye: Yep. See bạn tomorrow.
Pete: Likewise.
Stylo: See bạn around Pete.
Pete: Adios Stylo.

As the two stallions walked out of the train station, they saw everypony else waiting for them.

Stylo: Ah, we have a welcoming committee.
Hawkeye: Either I'm becoming famous, hoặc they want me to marry Metal Gloss.


As Roger, and Anthony were leaving the station, Anthony had an idea.

Anthony: Why don't we get Nikki to come with us? She's still on vacation, and it doesn't end until the 2nd of January.
Roger: January? Which January?
Anthony: Ugh... 1957!
Roger: What năm is it now?
Anthony: Are bạn serious?
Roger: No. I want to know.
Anthony: *Sighs* Okay, as bạn know, Nikki has a four tháng vacation, which started a few days ago. I told bạn it would end in January the second, 1957. Does this help you?
Roger: So this năm is....
Anthony: 1956!!
Roger: Okay, bạn didn't have to shout!


Roger: *Looking around his surroundings*
Anthony: Roger! Can bạn hear me?
Roger: Loud and clear! I think this is it! *Finds Duke sleeping in bed* I found him! He's still sleeping!
Duke: *Wakes up* bạn woke me! In my young days, we were-
Anthony: *Jumps down* Seen, and not heard Grandpa. We know.
Duke: *Looks at two stallions* Are bạn vandals? I was told vandals come in, and smash things.
Nikki: *Jumps down* Of course not. We're nice ponies, but we couldn't find your door, and fell through your ceiling bởi accident. Well, technically, Roger did.
Duke: Roger?
Roger: Do I remind bạn of somepony twenty one years ago?
Duke: Steven?
Anthony: That's right.
Duke: Richard?
Anthony: Well, now my name is Anthony. We changed our names.
Duke: So bạn did remember me! I wish bạn didn't change your names, but thank bạn for coming back to get me.

Episode 57

Hawkeye: *Looking around room* This is a nice place bạn got. bạn have a window hiển thị parts of the railroad you're not working on, as well as a ti vi set that plays episodes of The Honeymooners.
Nikki: It depends on what channel I have it set on. I prefer watching Dragnet, but that's only if I want to see some police ponies shooting criminals.
Metal Gloss: Let's stay on topic here, why did bạn drag us over to your hotel room?
Nikki: Because of a story.


Michael: A big passenger train is expected. I need bạn two to get two engines, and twenty passenger cars into this station quickly. The train will be heading for Winnemuca Neighvada. It's the first time for the both of bạn that bạn use the Overland Route to get there, so work together as a team.
Duke: I shall put my engine in front.
Roger: No, I'll use the front engine. How am I supposed to learn how to drive trains on this route if you're driving the front engine, blocking my view?
Duke: Suit yourself, but never mind the view. Pay attention to anything in front of you. If we get our train derailed, we'll have many angry ponies to deal with.
Roger: Yeah, whatever. Let's get the train set up.


Roger was getting so angry, that he didn't notice the tracks in front of the train were in bad condition.

Duke: I'm just saying-
Roger: No, I don't care, alright? bạn think I'm careless. Let me tell bạn something. I will not let this train get derailed! *Gets train derailed*
Duke: *Applies brakes on engine*

Roger's engine was hanging off of the cliff, but it didn't fall off.

Duke: *Puts engine in reverse*
Roger: *Feels his engine shaking*
Duke: *Gets back on radio* Stop making your engine shake bạn bastard!
Roger: I can't control it!

Episode 58

Michael: I want bạn to work the yard for this entire week, but be careful. Gangsters have been spotted there, and they have guns.
Roger: I'll be careful sir.
Michael: I hope so.
Roger: *Walks out of station, and heads for the yards* Why do those wiseguys come here anyway? There's no fence to prevent them from coming in, but they just hiển thị up anyway.
Anthony: *Arrives* Are bạn talking to yourself?
Roger: Maybe. What's it to you?
Anthony: If you're worried about the gangsters, let them stay there. They ain't gonna hurt you.
Roger: Oh yes they will. I just want to do my job, but they end up shooting at me anyway. I'm just an ordinary ngựa con, ngựa, pony driving around in a train. What have I done to anypony?
Anthony: Besides the fact that bạn keep trying to get them to leave?
Roger: They have guns. Why should they stay here? Those wiseguys could hurt somepony.
Anthony: Since when were bạn concerned about others?
Roger: Forget you. Why am I wasting time with you, when I should be working? *Goes to yards*

Meanwhile, with Mirage he was still test driving the truck that Pete gave him.

Mirage: All things in this vehicle seem to be correct. Time to go back to Cheyenne. *Turns truck around, and sees a small Southern Pacific work train* Hmm, that engineer seems new. I wonder who he is.

The engineer was named Ryan. He was hired bởi Michael to fix track on his line.

Ryan: *Stops train at red signal*
Mirage: *Stops truck tiếp theo to Ryan's train* I'm Nocturnal Mirage. Who are you?
Ryan: I'm Ryan.
Mirage: Don't recall seeing bạn before. What brings bạn this way?
Ryan: *Gets angry* My boss told me to fix track! (This is no time to be talking with a ngựa con, ngựa, pony obsessed with cars.)
Mirage: Well done. Cheers, and keep up the good work. *Drives away*
Ryan: Stupid bastard. *Sees signal is green* Well, time to continue with my work. *Drives train*


Roger got in a locomotive, and was pushing freight cars down the hump. He was still concerned about the gangsters nearby.

Gangster ngựa con, ngựa, pony 35: Shoot him.
Gangster ngựa con, ngựa, pony 46: I'm on it. I'm on it. *Grabs pistol, and shoots at Roger*
Roger: *Takes cover*

The mafia didn't like Roger, and often tried to kill him whenever they could.

Gangster ngựa con, ngựa, pony 35: Let me do it. *Grabs tommygun, and shoots fifty bullets at Roger*
Roger: *Continues hiding in cab*

After working in the yards, Roger had to put some tank cars in a siding. Another train would take the cars to a dairy, and they would be loaded up with milk.

Roger: *Slowly putting tank cars in siding*
Jeff: *Fixing nearby track*
Roger: *Stops train in siding, then sees Jeff* I remember him.
Jeff: *Sees Roger* I remember him. *Walks over to Roger's train*
Roger: *Jumps out of engine*
Jeff: *Sees bullet holes in Roger's engine* What happened?
Roger: Some gangsters tried shooting at me. My boss just makes me continue with my work.
Jeff: Nopony understands our feelings. Now if bạn were sick, bạn couldn't work, and bạn wouldn't have to worry about gangsters. Would you?
Roger: Good idea. I'll try it.


Roger: I'm sorry about your accident. I'm always cautious when it comes to driving trains near the mafia. They don't like me.
Anthony: Why didn't bạn warn me?
Roger: I didn't think-
Michael: *Arrives* bạn never do!
Roger: *Looks at Michael*
Michael: bạn can start now bởi doing Anthony's work as well as your own. That'll teach bạn to pretend you're sick.

After placing Anthony's engine into the repair shop, Ryan was going to do his final job of the day. He was driving a train full of equipment for repairing track, when he had to stop at a red signal. Then Mirage arrived in another brand new supply truck.

Ryan: *Opens window in cab, and looks at Mirage*
Mirage: Splendid to see bạn again. I'm test driving supply trucks for my railway.
Ryan: Well done. Cheers, and keep up the good work. *Drives train pass the signal when it changes green*

Episode 59

A ngựa con, ngựa, pony wearing a three peice suit was waiting at a station, when a freight train arrived being pulled bởi engine 844. It was also pushing two diesels, and between the diesels, and 844 was a boxcar on it's side, being pushed.

Hawkeye: *Stops train* See, I told bạn we would make it.
Metal Gloss: I'm just surprised we didn't crash.
Hawkeye: Yeah, me too.
T.P.S Pony: Excuse me, how did this happen?
Hawkeye: What? The arrival of our train? We just-
T.P.S Pony: Not that. How did that freight car between the three engines get on it's side?
Hawkeye: Oh, that. It's a long story, but we're not supposed to drive another train until an giờ has gone by, so I have enough time to tell you.


Before Snowflake turned the signals green for Hawkeye, and Gordon, Hawkeye used the sander to get sand on the rails.

Metal Gloss: What are bạn doing?
Hawkeye: Getting sand on the rails.
Metal Gloss: Why?
Hawkeye: To give our engine thêm grip. We'll be flying out of here before Gordon can even get his train moving.
Snowflake: *Turns signals green*
Hawkeye: Here we go. *Drives train*
Gordon: *Drives train* Oh no. His train is going faster than mine. Why?

The race began, and they both got their trains moving parallel to each other on the mainline.

Gordon: *On the radio* Hello? Can anypony hear me?
Stylo: Hello Gordon.
Gordon: You're not going to make fun of me, are you?
Stylo: That depends. Are bạn still driving a stolen Canterlot?


Hawkeye: *Looking at Gordon's train* We are still winning.
Metal Gloss: I just hope he knows about the switch track in front of us.
Hawkeye: What are bạn talking about?
Metal Gloss: In two miles, his track will be on our track.
Hawkeye: Ah, I see what bạn mean. We better get past that switch before he does. *Makes train go faster*
Gordon: Oh no bạn don't. *Makes train go faster*

Soon, both trains were going 70 miles an hour.

Metal Gloss: Is this the fastest we can go?
Hawkeye: Yeah, I wish I could say the same for Gordon.
Gordon: *Driving his train at 80 mph* Haha, I'm catching up!
Hawkeye: Well, so much for winning.
Metal Gloss: I wouldn't let my hopes down just yet.
Hawkeye: Oh, I see what you're talking about.
Gordon: *Sees switch track in front of him* Oh great. *Climbs onto the hàng đầu, đầu trang of his train* I need to uncouple the engines from the train! *Runs to first freight car*
Metal Gloss: *Watching Gordon*
Hawkeye: What's he doing?
Metal Gloss: bạn do not want to know.
Gordon: *Uncouples the first freight car from the train* Wait a minute. *Sees that he is on one freight car being pulled bởi two diesels* Uh, I thought this freight car I was on was another engine. *Uncouples freight car from the diesels* Yes, I done- *Notices that he is still on the freight car* I'm done for. *Jumps off freight car*

The freight car rolled onto the switch, and was blocking both tracks. A ngựa con, ngựa, pony in a signal tower switched the points, not knowing about the freight car. It soon derailed.

Metal Gloss: *Sees freight car in front of them*
Hawkeye * Applying brakes, but his train hits the boxcar. His train is not detailed, but the boxcar is on it's side being pushed bởi the train*
Metal Gloss: Well, I never thought this would happen.
Hawkeye: Me neither. Let's keep going.

Later, they saw the diesels Gordon was driving. They ran out of fuel, and were blocking the line.

Hawkeye: I suppose we should push them out of the way.
Metal: We'll be late.
Hawkeye: Better late than never. *Using train to push the diesels* And away we go.

Episode 60

Nikki was at the station, carrying her saddlebags. She was going to Chicagoat to visit some pony, but the train broke down, and she was stuck at the station.

Nikki: *Starts nghề viết văn a letter*

Dear Meadow,

It has been a tháng since I received my four tháng vacation. I am nghề viết văn to bạn from Cheyenne Wyoming. bạn would like most of the ponies that work here. I know I do. One ngựa con, ngựa, pony I don't like is Gordon. He's arrogant, does stupid things, and gets angry for no reason.

Gordon: *By a derailed train* Okay every pony, di chuyển along. There's nothing to see here.
Hawkeye: That's typical of Gordon. Trying to act like a police officer.
Gordon: *Blows whistle* I đã đưa ý kiến get back!
Hawkeye: Gordon, there's no ngựa con, ngựa, pony here that's going to take anything.
Percy, Jeff, and Pete: *Arrive in a inspection cart*
Gordon: *Blows whistle* Stop!
Percy: *Stops cart* If bạn don't mind, me and Jeff are gonna repair the track.
Pete: How did this happen?
Hawkeye: Rails were too far apart. The sun must have warped them.
Gordon: Warped?
Hawkeye: It stretched the rails with a lot of heat.
Gordon: Then I will have to ask bạn to stand back in order for the rails to cool off. *Blows whistle*
Pete: *Takes whistle, and throws it away* CONFISCATED!!


Gordon: *Standing on station with a sign* Kỳ lân are the best. We are the master race. It says so on the sign that I'm holding.
Hawkeye: *Walks towards Gordon* xin chào Gordon, why don't bạn protest about stupid things somewhere else.
Gordon: *Walks away*
Hawkeye: Thank you.
Metal Gloss: *Stops train at the station*
Hawkeye: *Jumps onto train* xin chào Metal Gloss. How's my yêu thích B word?
Metal Gloss: Fine I guess.
Hawkeye: When work is over, why don't we go to my place, and do something that has three letters in it?
Metal Gloss: Maybe tiếp theo time. I gotta make my house look nice for my nephew. He's coming to visit all week.
Hawkeye: Spending time with family is important. I can't wait until we get married.


Pete: *Signing papers in his office, then hears his phone, and các câu trả lời the call* Hello?
Orion: *Sings* Praise the lord, and pass the ammunition. Praise the lord, and pass the ammunition.
Pete: Either bạn sing a good song, hoặc don't sing at all. *Hangs up*
Hawkeye: *Knocks on door*
Pete: Who is it?
Hawkeye: It's me. Let me in.
Pete: No. I have over two hundred papers to sign. *Hears phone ringing, and các câu trả lời it* What?
Business: This is the car dealership at Omaha. I need twenty new Foalsmobiles, and Studebakers bởi Friday.
Pete: I'll get them to you. *Hangs up, but the phone rings again. He picks it up* Yes?
Orion: How about I sing a song bởi the Andrew Sisters?
Pete: *Getting angry* How about bạn go bother somepony else?! *Hangs up*
Hawkeye: Now may I come in?
Pete: Yeah, whatever.
Hawkeye: *Enters the office*
Pete: *Hears phone ringing again*
Hawkeye: Out?
Pete: Out.
Hawkeye: *Leaves the office*
Pete: *Answers phone* Orion, bạn stop hát those songs of yours, hoặc you'll never get fired!
Mom: Peter! Don't talk like that to your mother!
Pete: Mom? How did bạn get this number?

Everypony here enjoys working here. Except Gordon, and Orion.

Conductor: All aboard!
Nikki: *Finishes nghề viết văn the letter*

Write back to me as soon as bạn can.

Your loving sister, Nikki.

The brown earth ngựa con, ngựa, pony stared out of the window, as her train leaves the station.

The End
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