Vũ khí bóng đêm Magnus Bane & his connection with Dutch East Indies..?

darkgoth posted on Jul 15, 2011 at 09:56AM
Please correct me if I am wrong…. When Cassandra tweeted on Magnus is a cross-breed Asian in relativity with Dutch East Indies, the very first picture I had was Indonesian. This is one of the asian countries that pretty much of discoveries traces of the presence of rampant dark entities roam especially at rural spots (known as kampong) Don’t believe me? watch out discovery channel or monsters Xplore documentary series, then you’ll how true it is..

Well back on casting of Magnus Bane, the one (satu-satunya.. in Indonesian term)whom having the almost Indo-color hued skin and features in my personal view is Gael Garcia Bernal, always. On top of that, I see that Gael is most likely a dark element type of character who can play demons, warlock, dark wizard, werewolf and you name it..

Since Cassandra suggested the connection of Dutch East Indies which were officially formed since World War II, I would like to suggest the screenwriter to add in the scene where Magnus started the world war, more like an antagonist of one of the horsemen-war-craft, a manifestation that he was born evil and unstoppable. After getting the pleasure out of his torment, he eventually moved to US. New life, new beginning and of course, new excitement.. Slowly his image evolved from dark to glittering and glam image in parallel with pop-culture modernization, apart from that, he also spent most of his hundred years in downworlder partying and bi-sexual intimacies. But things changed when he met one of the shadowhunters at downwolder party, the mesmerizing beauty Alec Lightwood. The only one who touched his heart, and lead him back to humanity….
(Just one suggestion I do not mean to improvise)

Likewise, it is significant to narrate in some flashed back scenes of Magnus histories especially the scene where the revelation of Magnus’s birthing background, follows by the suicidal of his mother and the scariest part of all where he uses his power to burn his father in that barn alive.

I don’t know why, it strongly feel in my mind that happening somewhere in Indonesia, Jawa, Sumatra, may be….

 Please correct me if I am wrong…. When Cassandra tweeted on Magnus is a cross-breed Asian in relat

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