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Continuing from : FADE OUT ...End of chapter 12

"Two steps to your left, and jump straight forward, hard. I'll catch you."
"I'll catch you," he whispered into the dark. "Jump."
She took two running steps and before she could let herself think about what she was doing, dug in her toes and leaped forward.

She felt the air glide across her skin for a meer một giây until she felt a hard yank. Her shoe, her shoe had gotten caught. She screamed, letting out all the air in her lungs.

"Claire!" Myrnin yelled. It was the last thing she heard before she felt the cold stone floor under her and then...
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Rumor Mill

"I heard that Morganville is being made into a movie. Is this true?" - Ashley

Yes and no. It's been optioned, which means that a producer is working hard to try to get a film and/or TV hiển thị off the ground. However, this is always a long and difficult process, so please, be patient. When I have news to share, I promise that I'll let bạn all know!

"I heard that bạn were killing off Shane in the tiếp theo book." -- Courtney

Nope. That one's definitely not true.

"I heard that Claire was going to become a vampire!" -- Nicole

I'm not ruling...
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