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~ xin chào everyone again XD 

This is the moment of Chapter 2 which is Abbey and Heath... 

So at the end of chapter 2 ( this chapter )  you guys can vote for the tiếp theo couple and it can be other characters hoặc ones that were already in the story and I can choose maybe the final couple hoặc them just to be single in the end. 

Example ~ Deuce and Cleo for let's say Chapter 4 and Chapter 7 is Deuce and Rochelle. 

I can do I guess Yuri hoặc Yaio couples but I respect people like that I mean I am not a homophobe but I just may not that good at nghề viết văn it because of me being a straight girl XD . 

So I will proceed to uncover chapter 2 
Warning~ This is rated PG-13 and may contain perverted jokes, not that graphic almost sexual scenes , Teenage Humor, and some-what complicated Drama issues. 

Song~ This chapter is based off  of Scream~ bởi Usher
Hearts Burst Into Fire~ bởi Bullet For My Valentine (tee hee Valentine XD {MH joke} ) 

Disclaimer~No I do not own Monster High hoặc things would be changed okay :) 

Chapter 2 ~ Screams when My Hearts Burst Into Fire 

Abbey waited and waited right at the inside of the front door. Simultaneously she checked her iCoffin and looked out the window for any signs of her ride to Cleo's party that Frankie had apparently gotten for her. 

She kept looking at her iCoffin just to make sure there were no changes and then looked back up once at the window but this time she saw a dark black jaguar sitting outside of Bloodgood's house .  She looked at the vehicle raising her eyebrow in curiosity at who her ride even was if this was them. 

Soon out stepped a guy in a black Capri áo khoác with red highlighted cuffs on the end and inside the mui xe it was striped red and orange. He seemed to also have on red and trái cam, màu da cam skinny jeans , black/red/orange Converse , and last but not least a grey áo sơ mi that red Hot as ngọn lửa, chữa cháy on it.

Abbey stared out the window in disbelief , Frankie has hooked her up with a ride from Heath Burns.  This may have just reached the worst night ever point , she hoped that she would never have to be in a car with him, and now he was her only way to get to the party.  

She rolled her eyes and walked outside closing the door to the Headmistress's house and walked off of the porch down the narrow sidewalk to where Heath was waiting near his car. He smirked at her leaning against it , obviously checking her out. 

Her short V neck cool colored sweater dress and  white tights with short ankle boots did not seem like much but to him it seemed to really mean something. Most likely meaning that , xin chào there is a ghoul in front of me with hardly any clothes on which leaves less to the imagination of her body shape. 

"Do not drool" Abbey chuckled smirking and rolling her eyes at him as she closed his half open jaw slightly chuckling. 

"Fine Baby if That is what bạn want" Heath chuckled giving her playful wink as he opened the passenger car door for her. 

" Do not call me such things Heath" Abbey told him firmly "My name is Abbey" . She crossed her arms rolling her màu tím eyes as she got into the passenger ghế, chỗ ngồi of black jaguar . 
She looked at the stereo system as she heard the song playing throughout the car. 


That song rang through her ears as she silently scoffed , typical Heath. 

Heath got into the drivers side as he started the car once thêm and was driving down the road to the party at Cleo's. 

Abbey slightly wondered how Heath even got such a car for a monster as lazy and annoying as he could be. 

"Heath how did bạn acquire such car?" she asked him curiously as he looked at her and smirked. 

"Actually I earned half the money to pay for it and my dad told me if I did he would pay the other half " Heath explained as he kept driving " But I had to earn up thêm for the paint job" he chuckled nervously .

Abbey rolled her eyes knowingly as she gave a small chuckle "Knew it" she đã đưa ý kiến smirking "Parents of yours are how bạn say .... Pushover as Headmistress calls it" . 

Heath sighed as he rolled his eyes back "First of all this is like the only thing my dad has ever offered to do" he admitted "They also kind of did it because I stayed out of detention for a month" he đã đưa ý kiến biting his lip "But for the record Abbey" he đã đưa ý kiến smirking now once again "I am still a bad boy and I am totally available for a ghoul like you" . 

Abbey narrowed her eyes as she looked at Heath smugly . " I would choose yak over guy as you" she told him simply as she turned back facing foreword again. 

"Aww come on Bab-Abbey " Heath đã đưa ý kiến whining . " Now we even have a nice car and I really want some stains in the back" he đã đưa ý kiến darkly as he flashed her a wink. 

Abbey's eyes soon widened as she looked at him. That might have just pushed her limits as she let out a small growl. 

"Heath Burns , will bạn stop doing these things" Abbey đã đưa ý kiến slightly annoyed looking at him letting out another small growl. 

Heath still kept the smirk on his face  "What things ?" he asked her innocently " I do not do anything but maybe you" he told her whispering down darkly.

Abbey sighed even thêm annoyed than she was as she soon calmed down just rolling her eyes trying to ignore Heath as she looked out the window. 

Through her eyes she spotted the moon , it was bright silver in color with a dark blue shimmering ring around it. It looked very abnormal for a night like this. Clawdeen had told her something about a special night coming up that no monster should go out hoặc they would be affected bởi a đã đưa ý kiến moon.  Abbey rolled her eyes at the idea though blowing it off. If something had not happened the first time she came outside nothing will happen now.

Abbey smiled proudly as she looked up at the glowing mysterious moon as the light suddenly filled her màu tím eyes , turning them into a lighter shade. Her mind soon swirled as she tried to fight the urges back but kept staring.

Heath looked over for a một giây in wonder as he saw Abbey's head glued to his window.  He found this slightly strange as he reached an arm out to give her a shake. 

"Abbey, Babe, bạn cool?" he asked her curiously as she quickly whipped around with a dark devious smirk planted on her face. 

"Oh I am just fine Heath" Abbey giggled innocently as her hand crept up the side of Heath's thigh. He gulped as he got distracted from driving and quickly looked down. 

"Abbey your hand is-" Heath đã đưa ý kiến nervously wondering what in hell was going through her head. 

"I know where my hand is Heath". Abbey whispered back into his ear her cold breath traveling down his neck . "I want bạn to pull over car Heath" she told him smirking starting to slightly rub his thigh. 

Heath nodded slightly shocked but loving what ever came over Abbey. The car soon stopped bởi an open không gian alongside the road and was put in park bởi Abbey who shifted the gears while Heath's foot was on the break. 

"So baby why did bạn want me to pull  the-" Heath đã đưa ý kiến as he was soon interrupted bởi a blue icy finger on his lips. "Shhhhh" Abbey told him smirking as climbed onto him sitting comfortably on his lap. "You talk to much Heath, Save Breath" Abbey đã đưa ý kiến whispering darkly again to him as she quickly grabbed the back of his neck quickly pressing her lips to his. 

Heath let out a low moan as he was shocked to Abbey's sudden unexpected kiss.  Abbey let out a small moan hearing Heath moaning because of her.  

Heath slightly gave a small smirk but still wondered what was going on . There was definitely something wrong with Abbey , she normally would not just randomly give him lusty signals and suddenly start making out with him in the front of his car. If there was something wrong with her , he did not want to get her this way ...he wanted the real Abbey to tình yêu him ,Not some messed up Abbey because of the... 

Heath drew a blank as he quickly pushed Abbey off of him a little to hard. She ricocheted into his steering wheel , honking the horn. 

Abbey and Heath both let out a scream and we all most likely know that Heath's was louder and thêm high pitched . They both soon realized it was horn as Heath let out a sigh of relief and looked out the window and that is when he saw it ...

The Sliver Lit Moon 

The object that must have changed Abbey . He smirked as he finally got the answer , but it was too late .

Heath's amber eyes filled with the bright silver light as they widened letting it infect him like a raging virus. 

He turned back to Abbey as a devilish smirk appeared on the young fire-elementals face .  Abbey mimicked Heath back as her face grew the same. 

"So baby why don't we di chuyển this to the backseat"Heath whispered to Abbey his hot breath traveling down her cold neck.  Abbey nodded giving him a small moan as she got up off of him and went to the backseat waiting for Heath to tham gia her in their little game. 

Heath popped in a CD most likely one of the ones that he used with the other ghouls but this one was different .

Abbey still slightly awake and not drowned in most of her moonlight filled senses recognized the song that was blasting through Heath's car speakers.  It was Hearts Burst Into ngọn lửa, chữa cháy bởi Bullet in my Valentine . 
Which was completely a sort of Heath song , that mostly showed his rocker bad boy side that this Abbey did like ... a lot. 

Heath soon crawled back as she bit her lip sexily lowering herself onto his lap. She gave a slight grind as she finally reached his lap. 

Heath smirked "You like what bạn feel baby?" he asked her darkly as he smoothed his hands down her body resting on her hips.  Abbey moaned nodding "Heath it is so ... big". She told him slightly giving a small moan "Can Abbey have it?" she asked  him rubbing her hand around his chest giggling. 

Heath smirked back "Maybe " he whispered in her ear "But Abbey has to work for it" he ended slightly licking the inside of the lobe of her ear. 

Abbey nodded knowing she could do this as she pressed her cold lips against Heath's warm ones again tracing the buttons on his open áo khoác slipping it down his shoulders and throwing it across the car . He started to mingle his tongue with  hers which emitted another pleasant moan from her.  

She proceeded to reach her cold hands under his áo sơ mi . A shot of warmth ran through her body as her hands touched his warm chest. She shivered with shock as it went through her body , she loved it though. Abbey barley got the feeling of warmth and slightly sometimes could not handle it as she felt herself sweating a bit . 

Heath tried to cool his heat down a bit but it was mostly impossible as he took his áo sơ mi off and tossed it into the floor. 

"Mhmm Heath bạn work out?" Abbey asked slightly smirking down at his bare seemingly muscled chest.

"Well I am not track captain for nothing " Heath chuckled "So I am guessing bạn like that too?" he asked her .

Abbey giggled nodding as she traced her cold fingers around his muscles . 
Heath smirked "Well let's see about if I like your chest Abbey" he told her as he reached for the zipper of her sweater dress pulling it down slowly with her sleeves as he got the sight that he wanted of her seemingly beautiful ( at least to Heath) plump round breasts . 

"Heath like?" Abbey asked him smirking as he nodded slightly dazed. 

"Good" She chuckled as she pressed their bare chests together lip locking with him again . Abbey grinder down on him again feeling him getting bigger. 

"Heath I think it's time" Abbey whispered to him as he nodded to her requested agreeing. 

"Okay Baby just lay down got it" Heath told her as Abbey of course obliged to his orders . The silver moonlight still shining in their eyes.


Clawdeen was riding around hopefully to make it to the party where she would wait for C.A to get there to warn everybody of what could happen again and reverse any monster who has already gotten their dose of the moonlight in their system . 

Unfortunately for Clawdeen , Howleen jacked her purple leopard print Porsche to go to the party and Clawd had taken the sliver BMW so she was stuck with Romulus's motorcycle that was parked outside of her house and she made him stay there . 

She had driven a motorcycle before but , Romulus's was way different than Clawd's old one.  She raced down the road towards Cleo's house when she spotted something very unusual . 

What in the hell is Heath's car doing on the side of the road blasting hardcore punk rock âm nhạc . 

Clawdeen with her chó sói, sói senses just knew something weird was going down in that car. She quickly pulled over to the side parking Romulus's motorcycle and got off of it in quite a clumsy motion. 

She stumbled trying to catch her footing in her purple heeled boots. Heading towards the back door of Heath's jaguar. 

She quickly unmatched the door and swung it open bending down to look in . 

"Oh My Fur" Clawdeen đã đưa ý kiến shocked as her left eye started to twitch at the sight in the back of his car. 

Abbey let out a loud moan as she bounced on him "Heath" she moaned lustfully "Harder" . Heath obliged to Abbey as he went harder "Whatever bạn want baby" he whispered to her.

Clawdeen tried to avoid the sight but something thêm interesting caught her eye as she looked at both of their faces .  They had the silver eyes , this was not Heath hoặc Abbey at all , this was the moonlight controlling them. 

Clawdeen looked at the reverse Mũi tên xanh  C.A  had được trao her . She looked at her bow aiming it at Abbey and Heath  . She only had one shot at this and she had to end this now. 

She shot it right between them as Heath leaned down to Kiss Abbey. 

"Perfect Shot" Clawdeen smirked twirling the bow as the explosion of blue sparkling powder between the two happened . 

Clawdeen coughed clearing the air to see the two knocked out like she planned and now all she needed to do was make this look like it never happened.  She would tell them later if they had the stomach for it.

She called up C.A wondering what to do. 

"Hey C.A " Clawdeen đã đưa ý kiến nervously laughing into the phone " I sort of have a problem" she đã đưa ý kiến chuckling "Oh Yeah a big one".


Clawdeen ended her call with C.A as she cringed "No way I am not redressing them" she shook her head "But C.A is counting on me" she đã đưa ý kiến sighing as she crawled into the car . "The things I do for that monster" 

After much things that Clawdeen did not need to see . She got them looking mostly normal besides their hair being slightly wrecked and Abbey's make up a little funky. 

She buckled them in the two backseats and closed the door locking up Romulus's motorcycle and climbing into the front ghế, chỗ ngồi of Heath's car.  She buckled her thắt lưng, vành đai and started it driving it back to her house. 

 She parked it in front as Romulus came out. 

"Where is Cecilia?" Romulus asked her as Clawdeen rolled her eyes stepping out of Heath's car. 

"Oh that thuyền mành, rác rưởi, rác I sold it for this" Clawdeen đã đưa ý kiến sarcastically chuckling as Romulus rolled his eyes crossing his arms .

"Very Funny Deen" He chuckled " Now  where is it?" he asked her slightly worried. 

"Rom , I just locked it up and parked it on the side of the road so no one will get it" she explained to him "I just had some business , okay "

"We can get it after I get Abbey and Heath into my house safely . " Clawdeen told him as she opened the back door. 

"I will take Abbey to my room to lay down, bạn can take Burns over here to Clawd's remember to close all ways he could see the moon when he wakes up." Clawdeen explained as she unbuckled Abbey and lifted the pure icy ghoul up and drug her into the house .  Abbey laid limp in Clawdeen's arms as she brought her up the stairs and laid her on her giường . 

"Poor Ghoul , I have no idea what I am going to tell her when she wakes up" Clawdeen sighed  as she brushed a few strands of hair from Abbey's cold blue face. 

She heard a knock at the door seeing C. A with Romulus , Clawd , and Howleen. 

C.A gave a smile despite the situation "Clawdeen we need to get to that party , what is thêm end up like this" she đã đưa ý kiến signing "We need to hurry , Howleen told me she would watch Abbey for you"

Howleen grinned "I owe bạn and Abbey one Sis" she told her giving Clawdeen a small hug "Now go save monster kind tonight" she giggled as she sat beside Abbey on Clawdeen's bed. 

Clawdeen smiled " So who is watching Heath , Clawd hoặc Rom" she asked C.A looking at the two. 

"I better dude bạn can go with Deen and C.A" Clawd đã đưa ý kiến as he headed out of the room towards his bedroom. 

"Okay so are we ready to go " C.A beamed "We need to stop this mess of a moonlit night before everyone is affected." 

Clawdeen nodded as she grabbed her Porsche keys from Howleen as she ran to her car .  C. A ran to her small màu hồng, hồng Bug parked outside the house as she got in. 

Romulus crawled into the other side of Clawdeen's Porsche " Okay first stop we need to get bạn motorcycle so I can stop lugging bạn around " she chuckled .

Romulus rolled his eyes "Just start the car Deen" .


~Okay time to vote ! It can be any couple that bạn want as long as it has súng thần công, pháo characters . 

I do not even care If it is as weird as 
Clawd/Valentine ... now that is a freaky image . 

And I thank everyone for đọc Chapter 2 and as soon as I finish voting bởi Wednesday I will start nghề viết văn the chapter. 

Adios Amigos :D 

Cali :3  

OK some ghouls on toxictube (aka youtube) are saying this latest movie is a reboot but I disagree because The first movie didn't say how the school was made but I could be wrong ! I really thought this was good plus it had different Monsters in it I've never seen plus how did Daughter of the Zombies be able to speak like humans but Ghoulia doesn't and who was the diamond like rock girl in this movie she was gem-tastic with sparky looks that leave other spooks dead as a door nail plus bạn can't resist the gore-fying corpse-it in this hallow- scream
reek-end later blood-tactular mummy-lation fang-oriffic monsters bạn !
 Clawdeen in her normal outfit.
Clawdeen in her normal outfit.

Clawdeen chó sói, sói is 15 years old and is the daughter of werewolves. She (Like most of the characters in the show) is introduced in the episode "New Ghoul @ School" She is "Best Ghoul Friends" with Frankie Stein and Draculaura and the three mainly hang out with each other throughout the series.

She is a kind girl, but has also a very strong sassy attitude. She doesn't take anything from anyone. Whether is be her family, Những người bạn hoặc enemies. Clawdeen is strong willed and doesn't give up easily. But, despite having a fearsome personality, she is and always will be loyal to her Những người bạn and...
continue reading...
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Full Name: Vampress B. Batlur.

Faimly: Dad-Vampire,Mom-Part human part bat, Little baby brother-Batner.

Firends: Sepcetra Vandergist and Abby Bomibal.

yêu thích Color: Red and Black the color of blood and darkness.

yêu thích Food: Blood Sauges(Heavy on the blood!) and bloodyMary(Heavy on blood. Achool free.)

yêu thích Subject:Mad Sicnce!Love the frecky expairments we do!

yêu thích Accory: My charm bracelet. I had it since I was nine and never take it off.(Espect for when I`m in the shower. )

Pet: I new bánh mỳ, bánh mì I made in my basement. I call her Bact. Part Bat and cat.

Pet-peeve: Flirty Boyfirends. When bạn go out with me bạn make a pact to never look at anthor girl as long as your with me.
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