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Book_freak posted on Aug 26, 2010 at 07:20AM
I was quite happy with it overall. There were parts where I wanted to kill Snow as much as Katniss and I was scared s#!%less when I though Gale was going to die, but it was good. One thing I am overly thankful of was that it didn't have a Disney ending (everone miraculously coming back to life, happy ever after etc.)

Prim. Oh. My. God. All Katniss did for the first two books was try to protect her and suddenly she's gone. ;'( I teared up when Katniss found Buttercup in District 12.

Fantastic song for Katniss, "Sound the bugle" by Bryan Adams

Nightlock nightlock nightlock.
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hơn một năm qua qwerty15 said…
omg, i wanted to know what happened to Gale... like.. did he fall in love with someone else? Did he end up having a family of his own?

I was so happy she chose Peeta though : ) I always thought they were cute together!

I actually cried for 5 minutes after poor, cute, amazing Prim died D:

No three books have ever made me so emotional just by reading like these did.
Amazing series.
hơn một năm qua kxcee said…
yea me too i was expecting katniss to be with gale but they just said gale was working in district 2 i want more info about him :(((
hơn một năm qua JessieJam55 said…
yea, it is both amazing and devastating when everyone dies and there is not a disney ending. its what makes it so hard to digest yet easy to love. i cried.
hơn một năm qua katniss311 said…
I think it serves gale rite that katniss marries peeta. He left her, to go live in another freakin district while she's announced as Crazy! I bet he went and got married to some other girl who is not even an fraction of the person that katniss is. Gale doesn't deserve katniss, katniss does not deserve peeta. What a lovely cycle! I couldn't belive it when all those children died!!!!!
hơn một năm qua CAITYPIE said…
i cried too when buttercup came back. i feel sorry for Gale, because maybe he was still in love with Katniss, and was missing her alot when he got a job in another district :( then again maybe not, since he left in the first place... IM SO CONFUSED!! there needs to be another little novella thing with their lives after all that happened