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farzad posted on Dec 01, 2009 at 04:01PM
I have an idea.Most of you claim you can dance this,you can dance that you can Moonwalk you can Toe-Stand.How about a....COMPETITION?You make a video of yourself showing you dancing your favorite song and if you want you can sing as well and we watch it and give you a mark out of 40,and this videos are only to be seen in this club or by a link to you tube.And don't worry,these videos are completely private.So,what do you think?We need at least 10 people to participate,then we judge and you will advance.The more people join the better.Of course as a part of our contest you have the rights to know how we give you scores:
1.Dancing 10 points (If you want to dance)
2.Singing 10 points (If you want to sing)
3.Entertainment 15 points (Most important part)
4.Our own oponion 5 points
5.EXTRA:Do a famous trademark move if it is not part of the song and to that quality we give you a special point,if it is part of the song you have to.Points:0-10
You can choose between dancing or singing,but each and everyone has its own point so be careful.
Good luck.
 I have an idea.Most of bạn claim bạn can dance this,you can dance that bạn can Moonwalk bạn can Toe-S

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