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 what tails woul look like if he was human
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This is an amv tribute to Tails. This is my first video that I have made. The song that I used was: Crash and Burn bởi Savage Garden. the lyrics seemed to fit in really well with Tails.
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posted by sonicfanAG
Sonic was still fighting with shadow but shadow was getting much thêm stronger.
Shadow:*Bites sonic on the leg*
*tails shoots a booster filled with sleeping liquids*
Sonic:Night,night Shadow
Shadow:What do bạn mean?
tails:Lets just say in 30 giây bạn are going to hit the floor.
*Shadow falls asleep*
Tails:I guess we did it again Sonic.
(A giant dark green werehog steps up right in front of Sonic)
Giant werehog:Who is this mysterious stranger Sonic?
*Sonic turns around and bows down*
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posted by Camobamo1
    “*yawn* Ahh…” I wake up today, just like any other day, on the giường in my workshop, but this time, I’m fully rested, because I actually have the time. Sonic’s been off on an adventure for the past few weeks, and I’ve been, well, bored out of my mind. Neither flying the Tornado nor flying with my tails around Station Square has changed that that. I get out of my giường and check on the Tornado. It’s still there, in the same condition that it was yesterday. I walk outside, expecting nothing, but instead, he’s there.

    “Message for you,...
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guys tails brother 2 is coming very very soon the characters are silver blade mekkall tails sonic shadow blaze the blood brothers if aloud bởi the creator chao cream and thêm người hâm mộ charactors lightning dark darkness dark jr lezzall twilight creamal heidi?
also if the creator of blood brothers tells me if there in hoặc not it will be released tommorow but if not probilly some time this week
thanks for all the support tell me if bạn want your fc in it hoặc who bạn want the story is when the charactors get the amulets it sends them all to crisis city in the future and they have to get back but everything goes wrong555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
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I did not make this video I found it and thought it was really cool so.... just listen. oh, and can someone tell me the episode at 2: 10
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Source: TESP Gallery
only6 4 sontails những người đang yêu !!
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I started to fly, looking for Sonic, to tell him what I had realized, thinking it might make for a good conversation. Seeing him, I landed, and told him what I had been thinking about.

"Tails, bạn better not..."
"Sonic, bạn know me better than that."
"Yeah, but the thing is, I was hoping you'd never realize this."
"Why is that, Sonic?"

Sonic fell silent, and that told me why.

He didn't trust me.
"Sonic... I've been your friend forever. I wouldn't just eat bạn out of the blue."
(Bonus if bạn see what I did there.)
Silver:you must die mekkall
Silver:yes bạn daddy
Silver:you and mom are married in the future
*lezzall blushes*
Star:oh my baby
Mekkall:wait why are bạn gonna kill me
Silver:you killed my girlfriend blaze
Mekkall:no I didnt wait Heidi dang it
*Heidi suddenly appears in the future*
Tails:here take these they are the Lopoh emeralds they are better than the chaos emeralds use them to defeat Heidi
Mekkall:thanks little bro
Heidi:you are still no math for me I have much thêm power than you
Mekkall:I'll make bạn eat those words
Lightning:me and dark will help
Dark:YeS LEtS gEt HIm
*Heidi shoots a lightning sword at mekkalls heart
Mekkall:uh no no nnoo n n n n uh
Dark:you filthy son of a...
Lightning:I think we all know what he is
Heidi:know I can get bạn two
*dark uses his night sword and helps kill heidi*
Twilight:I miss dad *cries*
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