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A spoof of Midnighters!
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"What do bạn see, Private?" Skipper asked without really caring, stirring his cá coffee.

Training was finished for the morning, and the penguins were relaxing in their HQ. The Central Park Zoo had opened just ten phút before, and Kowalski was in his lab, Rico was smashing toy cars, Skipper was finishing his cup of Joe, and Private had gone to look out the lair's periscope when the Lunacorns cartoon was over. They would go and impress the humans later.

"Oh, the usual crowd," Private replied in his cute British accent. "But two teenagers look very different from the rest. They're all dressed...
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New York City was cloaked in a beautiful blanket of silent blue as the three Midnighters with bags over their shoulders flew over it, bouncing high from building to building. The beauty, even in the Blue Time, took Jessica's breath away. She lifted her right hand with the softly sparkling bracelet into the air, wishing she could grab the whole fantastic city with it.

The other two, though, were not in as much awe as she was. "Jeez, blind me will you, Jess," Melissa complained from the other side of Jonathan as they landed on yet another nhà chọc trời and jumped off again, their bounds perfectly...
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These are a few Midnighters that I made up each with their different made-up talents and such.

Name: Jason
Talent: Hunter
Abilities: superhuman strength/speed, and heightened senses.
Description: smart, tough, deep thinker. Wears blue jeans, boots, white áo sơ mi with black jacket, is tall, slightly buff, and has short black hair.

Talent: Halfling
Abilities: can turn into a darkling at midnight, but turns back to human when midnight ends.
Description: somewhat of an animal (from his darkling half), Jason's best friend. Wears sneakers, tattered jeans, black leather trench coat, gray áo sơ mi sunglasses,...
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