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 Happy B-day Michael
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Michael Jackson
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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh contains quần áo thể thao, overclothes, áo khoác ngoài, đồ lót, and áo khoác overclothes. There might also be cũng mặc quần áo người, phù hợp với, phù hợp với quần, pantsuit, người mặc quần áo, phù hợp, người cũng mặc quần áo, bàn ủi li quần, overgarment, may mặc bên ngoài, áo khoác ngoài, bên ngoài quần áo, áo hộp, and hộp áo.

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 Nefertiti's sparing outfit
Nefertiti's sparing outfit
The tiếp theo early morning,in the kingdom of Kush,Nefertiti was sparing with her friend,Meret while talking about last night ''How was it?'' Meret đã đưa ý kiến while blocked Nefertiti's hit with her sheild as she thrust her sword phía trước, chuyển tiếp ''Was what?'' Nefertiti wanted to know as she dodged Meret's sword as she lunged her sword back at Meret ''The ball.'' Meret answered as she spun back and blocked Nefertiti's hit with her sword as they both forced eachother's sword against eachother ''Oh,great'' Nefertiti grunted as she tried to take Meret sword out her hands with her sword ''Was he gorgeous? The pharaoh?''...
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After Michael and I finished watching Peter Pan, we decided to have some fun out in Neverland. I ran off and hid and Michael stopped and looked around, trying to find me.
"Rebecca? Where did bạn go?" He asked.
I giggled silently and ran to a cây and climbed onto one of the branches and stayed there. He looked in the bushes and around the trees and couldn't find me. I kept quiet up in the cây and prepped a balloon. He stood under where I was, wondering where I went.
"Already playing hide and seek, huh? Well, ready hoặc not, here I come."
He started looking around for me. I giggled a little and got...
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The Following Morning
Michael was the first to wake up. (Me: Usually I am, but he beat me to it and I stayed up late lol) He sat up and stretched and looked on the floor. He saw me still asleep and smiled. He looked on a chair in my room and saw his clothes, set and ready and dry. He carefully got out of giường and went over to the chair and grabbed his clothes. When he turned around, I woke up and sat up. He walked over to me and knelt beside me. He kissed my cheek and I giggled.
"Morning, Rebecca." He said, putting his arm around my shoulder.
I smiled. "Good morning, Smooth Criminal. Haha." I said,...
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 sleepy boy :3 so cute!
sleepy boy :3 so cute!
2 Hours Later
Ricky and Eric came trang chủ from bóng rổ practice. Well, Eric was practicing, Ricky watched and played a little, but wound up losing in a one-on-one match. They were heading to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp to see what Alex was cooking until they saw me and Michael on the couch, sleeping and cuddled up to each other. Ricky had a shocked face and Eric was chuckling.
"Who's that with our sister?" Ricky asked.
Eric turned to Ricky. "Ricky, that's Michael Jackson. bạn should know that." He said.
"Nu-uh. That isn't Michael Jackson."
Alex came out of the phòng bếp, nhà bếp when Ricky đã đưa ý kiến that and went up to them.
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"Michael, I tình yêu bạn with all my tim, trái tim and soul. Nobody can make me feel soo good like you. bạn the only person that i really tình yêu and admire the most. I got to let bạn know that living without bạn is not easy at all. I miss bạn everyday of my life. My tim, trái tim loves bạn very much. Hold on to my tim, trái tim and never drop it. bạn make my world feel soo great and lovely. I cant take away my tình yêu i have for you.My tình yêu is for bạn to keep forever. bạn my life,my butterflies, my angel,my sunshne, my heart, my food, my drink, my teddy bear. We will always be together forever and ever.R.I.P my love."
"Childhood" is the lead single from Michael Jackson's ninth studio album, HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I where "Scream" is track one and "Childhood" is track ten on the một giây disc of the album HIStory Continues. The B-side, "Childhood", is a solo piece. The single was released on May 31, 1995. "Childhood" is written, produced and sung solely bởi Michael Jackson. New York City's children's choir are credited for providing backing vocals on the track. It became the main theme song for the Free Willy 2: The Adventure trang chủ soundtrack, which was released bởi Jackson on his record label...
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Suicide father of the child who accused Michael Jackson of sexual harassment! The Evan Chandler-whose son Jordy was 13 when they claimed (in 1993) that the king of pop the "advantage" - was found dead in his bed, holding a gun, a bullet has penetrated his head. He was 65.

The removal of his own life (probably because no one can be sure) comes five months after the death of Michael Jackson. The police even said: "We felt that it is suicide, as he found himself holding a gun in his hands."

However, the notorious case never reached that time in court since Jordy got no inconsiderable sum of 22...
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Three weeks later on the eve of her birthday, cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly is in her bedroom packing up the remaining items that aren’t too visible. As she packs a stuffed dog into one of her duffle bags she hears the muffled shouts of her parents arguing downstairs. Every time she hears it she still gets a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach just like she did when she was five years old. Because every time she heard the beginnings of an argument it was bound to turn violent. “One thêm night,” she mutters to herself as she grabs her clothes from the drawer and packs it in another suitcase. Suddenly...
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Michael Jackson
king of pop