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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh might contain máy điện báo kép and multiplex.

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 my valentine king
my valentine king
oh beautiful Michael of mine
Will bạn be my Valentine
Under a sky thats bright and blue
will bạn let me Kiss you
Can we do the moonwalk hand in hand
And bạn be the king of my land
Can we stare into each others eyes
And bạn hear my tim, trái tim as it sighs
Can bạn hold me in your arms
And seduce me with all your charms
Oh beautiful Michael of mine
Will bạn be my Valentine
Can we lay on the ground with the stars above
And sweet and tenderly make magical love
Can we feel the heat of passionate kisses
As bạn fulfill all my wishes
Oh beautiful Michael I tình yêu bạn so
I never want to let bạn go
Will bạn surrender to my undying...
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posted by 2468244
Ok I know a lot of bạn những người hâm mộ don't know how to moonwalk and want to learn am I right? Well here are instructions on how to moonwalk :D

The moonwalk is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward. Now start with putting foot#1 on its toes and bởi putting all of your weight on that foot. While leaning on foot#1, slide foot#2 backward. Next, put foot#2 on its toes and put your weight on that foot while making foot#1 flat on the floor. While all of your weight os on foot#2, slide foot #1 backward. And just keep trading positions like that. Repeat, repeat, repeat... And in the words of MJ "Don't stop 'til bạn get enough"

*No guarantee that bạn will be as good as MJ*
*Sorry if these instructions aren't clear but it's the best mô tả I can give :)*
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