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 I Just Can't Stop Loving bạn
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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

 Hating him because bạn don't like his âm nhạc is no excuse...
Hating him because you don't like his music is no excuse...
Now, before I say anything, I'm not talking about ALL of you..

But there is alot of people in this group that do this...

Can bạn guys please stop going to the Prince spot and comparing MJ and Prince? None of bạn like it when people do that in this group, but some how it's different when bạn go to the Prince spot and do it.

And I've even seen someone (an MJ fan..) go to the Prince tường and randomly say:


I'm not going to say who, but what is that? Really? bạn don't like when people say mean things about MJ! (I don't like it either)...

So why are bạn hurting Prince...
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 Diane's Ultasound bức ảnh
Diane's Ultasound photo
Its been about two weeks since Diane told michael about her being pregnet again. She is now going for her first ultrasound.

Diane woke up around nine and began to get ready for her first ultrasound. Sadly michael had to work and he wasnt going to be able to go with her. So Diane was going bởi herself, hopefully michael would get to go to the tiếp theo one with her.

Once at the OB/GYN Diane signed in and was called back shortly after. Her doctor was the same one she went to while she was pregnet with Lizzie and Abby. "How are bạn doing today Diane?" She asked as Diane walked in and sat on the examination...
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