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Michael Jackson
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 michael jackson ( father)
michael jackson ( father)
The tiếp theo ngày Bobby call Michael Bobby đã đưa ý kiến " Michael what bạn do today" Michael đã đưa ý kiến " well i am take Hannah to go shopping" Bobby đã đưa ý kiến " alright" so Michael đã đưa ý kiến " well when bạn getting here?" Bobby đã đưa ý kiến " i just woke up Michael can u wait" Michael đã đưa ý kiến " yes of course Emma have to make me and Hannah breakfast anyway" Bobby đã đưa ý kiến " well Michael i call bạn when i am about to leave out of my house" Michael đã đưa ý kiến " ok see bạn soon" Bobby đã đưa ý kiến " yea" then Michael got off hes giường and he went inside the bathroom then Hannah woke up and she đã đưa ý kiến " dad were are you?" Michael đã đưa ý kiến " iam in the bathroom...
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posted by koolkat-1104
1st one:
Do we know what is really going on?
Do we seriously believe everything we see?
We don't know what we have until it's gone,
The bạn die is the ngày bạn are free.

Don't let these people get away with it,
This is something bạn can't remove from your life,
Who's to trust, when we're living dangerous?
Just hold onto what bạn believe.

Don't let them take away your soul,
They'll just tell bạn it's all for fortune and fame,
The world will change once they achieve their goal,
If bạn take the deal, expect your life to never be the same.

This world is a living hell torturing our minds,
We all must unite and...
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Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since you've left the scene
The streets are lonely, dark and mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile hiển thị them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far and above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my tim, trái tim without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change the world is my deepest desire.
What I wanted thêm than anything was to be ordinary.
The Sabbath was when I could be.
By: Michael Jackson.

In one of our conversations together, my friend Rabbi Shmuley told me that he had asked some of his colleagues–-writers, thinkers, and artists-–to pen their reflections on the Sabbath. He then suggested that I write down my own thoughts on the subject, a project I found intriguing and timely due to the gần đây death of Rose Fine, a Jewish woman who was my beloved childhood tutor and who traveled with me and my brothers when we were all in the Jackson Five.

Last Friday night I joined Rabbi...
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Word just in....On Friday, October 8th, 2010, if bạn can make it to Portland, Oregon, and you're a Michael Jackson người hâm mộ - THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

"MAN IN THE MIRROR - Tour 2010"! The Refectory welcomes direct from Las Vegas a salute to Michael Jackson with one of the most profound Michael Jackson impersonators!

This hiển thị covers Michael Jackson's career and legacy in âm nhạc and dance. I'm told bởi my good Những người bạn Neil Morris and Michael Colvin (Jimmy Vegas Presents) that the hiển thị includes live musicians, production sequences, live sexy dancers "Girls of Las Vegas", and a hàng đầu, đầu trang Las Vegas tribute artist...
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posted by All4loveMJ
I really hope this isnt offensive in anyway. It`s just saying the reasons why MJ got the surgurys so bạn can tell people why and they will stop making fun of him cause i`d had enough. Thanks :)

Michael, as we all know, had many Plastic Surgurys in his life, and here are the reasons why...

-He hated his nose since he was 13.
-He broke his nose many times
-He did`nt want to look like his father
-He wanted to change him self

Thank you! And pass this on! <3


________________Change the World________________
 We tình yêu bạn Randy!
We love you Randy!
Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday after reporting chest pains and doctors believe he suffered a mild tim, trái tim attack, a nguồn close to the family quoted doctors as saying.

The 48-year-old had spoken with his father, Joe Jackson, over the phone, the nguồn told KABC Television, OnTheRedCarpet.com's parent company, adding that Randy Jackson was "joking and seemed okay".

He is undergoing tests, the nguồn said. Randy Jackson is the youngest Jackson brother and was one of the members of the Jackson Five, as well as a solo artist. He wrote The Jacksons'...
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No sense pretending it´s over
Hard times just don´t go away
You gotta take that chip off your shoulder
it´s time bạn open up
Have some faith

Nothing good ever comes easy
All good things come in due time
Yes it does
You gotta have something to believe in
I´m telling bạn to open mind

Gotta put your tim, trái tim on the line
If bạn wanna make it right
you´ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your tim, trái tim on the line
If bạn wanna get it right
Gotta put it all on the line

You see yourself in the mirror
And bạn don´t like what bạn see
And things aren't getting much clearer
don´t bạn think it´s time...
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Como la brisa
Tu voz me acaricia
y pregunto por ti

Cuando amanece
Tu amor aparece
y me hace feliz

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que nadie te querrá como yo

Tú me haces sentir
Deseos de vivir,
Junto a ti por siempre
Tu amor es mi suerte

Tu voz me llama
tú eres quien gana
en mi corazón

Porque me has dado
Algo sagrado
Con tu pasión

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que no puedo vivir sin tu amor

Y cuando no estás
no cỏ khô, hay felicidad
Mi vida no es vida
si tú te vas

Todo mi amor eres tú
Todo mi amor eres tú
[ Find thêm Lyrics on link ]
Cuando no estás
no cỏ khô, hay quien me de lo que das tú

Pues todo mi amor eres tú

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I just wrote a song called ((A Place With No Name)).The inspiration and tiêu đề came to me bởi MJ's own ((A place with no name)).It's a slow and dramatic song.Lyrics are under.So after đọc tell me what bạn think even if it's BAD!!!
(This song is dedicated to Jill_17)

I look at this house with curisity,Something is making me stop,I look at the house,trying to know this place,trying to find out what these are.
But it seems that there's nothing to help me.
I look around this place,but there is no name
It's like a white horse with no name

(2 Times)And this place has no name either

(Chorus)(4 times)A...
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king of pop
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson
king of pop
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