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Michael in this story visits this strange abandoned house.He thinks that it's just a run down house but it's thêm than that...

Michael is so done with Marlon gawking at passing bởi girls."Ooh she is foxy,don't bạn think Mike?" Marlon said."Marlon stop! bạn know I have a girlfriend!" Michael said."Oh yeah,Mariah!" Marlon said."Right.So can bạn please stop gawking at girls!" Michael demanded."Alright! Mariah is really pretty anyway" Marlon said."No,she's beautiful and don't forget it" Michael said. Michael saw Mariah and ran to Kiss her."Hey baby!"Michael said."Hey honey" Mariah replied.Mariah kissed Michael gently on the lips."Why are bạn such a good kisser?" Michael đã đưa ý kiến liking the kiss."I dunno" Mariah said."Oh I gotta go,Marlon's taking me to this abandoned house" Michael said."Oh ok" Mariah said.
So Marlon and Michael walked a little thêm until Marlon đã đưa ý kiến "Here it is". They walked right in. "Ok so this house is like creepy?" Michael asked. "Well they say that this house is extraordinary" Marlon said."How?" Michael asked."Once a witch lived in this house and one ngày she created a machine that transports bạn to an alternate universe" Marlon replied. "Are we here to find that machine?" Michael asked."Stop asking các câu hỏi and just look around!" Marlon đã đưa ý kiến going to the bathroom."Ok then"Michael đã đưa ý kiến looking around.
Michael was peeping in a bedroom when he heard a strange noise.Michael checked it out. It turns out that noise was coming from the machine. "Marlon,I found the machine!" Michael shouted. But before Marlon could reach him,Michael was sucked into the machine. Marlon got there too late. "MICHAEL?MICHAEL!" Marlon shouted.
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