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Later that ngày Michael went back to check on Saronia but she was still asleep.
So he left her be and left some apples for her.
It was late in the ngày so he decided to head to bed.
He went to sleep and started dreaming.
Michael was walking in a field. Where, he didn't know.
He saw a horse that looked like Saronia run by, but then vanish.
Then he saw a girl, a girl that looked to be in her mid 20's.
She was in a long, flowing white dress and had long brown hair.
She walked up to him and smiled.
"Hi, I'm Baylaa." She greeted.
"I'm Michael."
Then her face changed to sorrow. And the sound of many voices started to fill the air, in whispers and yells.
They all sounded like they were saying the same thing.
"Baylaa, Saronia, magic, evil, dark, help her. She needs help, help her!"
Michael covered his ears, for the sound of the voices hurt.
Then he saw Baylaa start to fall, he reached for her but she sank into the ground.
He then heard the nay of a horse and it all went black.
"Saronia!!!" Michael yelled, flying up, out of his bed.
His tim, trái tim was pounding and he was sweating something horrible.
He fell back onto the bed. "Just a dream..." He calmed himself.
He looked outside at the beautiful moonlit sky, gazing at the stars.
He knew it was just a dream, but something about it was strange.
Who was this Baylaa?? He knew that she was a beautiful young girl, but he had this strange wanting. A wanting to know thêm about the girl.
But he didn't even know for sure if she even existed.
But what did the voices mean?? Help her, what did it mean??
What was her problem??
And what did it have to do with Saronia??
He decided that he needed to visit his horse, to get his mind off of this strange nightmarish dream.
He opened the vựa, chuồng trại, barn and walked to her stall.
"Saronia..." He whispered.
She opened her eyes and looked up at him.
"Hello sweet heart."
She stood up and slowly walked to him.
He looked at her. "I just had the strangest dream."
She tilted her head to the side, like she was wanting him to tell her about it.
"You wanna hear, don't you??"
She nodded a bit. He blinked, but then just shook it off.
"Alright, well bạn were there, and it was this field. It was really pretty. Then some girl came up and đã đưa ý kiến that her name was Baylaa."
Saronia jumped back a bit, startled.
"What?? Do bạn know this Baylaa??"
She just stood there.
"Why am I asking you?? bạn don't remember people."
She looked at him, but then back down.
"Anyways, all these voices came up saying help her and that she needs help. It was really scary in a way. But then I woke up screaming your name."
He stroked her mane.
"Now what would I do if I Mất tích you??"
He then perked up.
"We should go riding tomorrow!! I can hiển thị bạn around Neverland!! Would bạn like that??"
She nayed and nodded.
"I thought so. Hm. I hope bạn know how to respond to being rode."
She just playfully nipped at a few of his curls.
He started laughing. "Hey! Now now!"
She stopped and looked at him.
He would have swore that her eye twinkled, kind of weird saying that there wasn't any light in the barn.
"Alright, well thanks for cheering me up. I'm going back to bed. Night Saronia."
He stroked her nose and left.
Saronia watched as he left and shut the doors once again.
She laid down and went to sleep.

What was the meaning of that dream???
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