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posted by Eternalmike
That kid that bạn see hát his butt off in front of ambitous những người hâm mộ of him. That kid who bạn swear is a 40 năm old midget inside but is actually WAY younger than that age. That adorable kid who is a diamond in the rough. That kid is no other than Michael Jackson! The Michael Jackson that will be named the King of Pop later on in his life. Yeah, I'm talking about him. First I have to say: Isn't he just the cutest sweetest little guy that bạn have ever seen? If so, then you're gonna enjoy where this going. Oh yeah, I happen to have a crush on that charming guy, a HUGE crush! So gigantic that...
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1. I Wanna Be Where bạn Are: tình yêu this song! Michael, I wanna be where bạn are!
2. Ben:I like the movie and the song! This song is about friendship between a kid and a rat! Aww!!!!
3.With A Child's Heart: Such a lovely song! With a child's heart...love the way Mikey sings it!
4.Music and Me: Another lovely song! Michael does have a bond with music!!
5. Got to Be There: Mikey was hát this! When she says hello...WORRRRLLLLLDDD!!!!!
6.What goes comes around: This is a cute song! He put bạn down now you're the clown!

7. Rockin' Robin:He rocks in the treetop all ngày along! Like the way...
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posted by E-Scope90
1. I Want bạn Back    
     2. ABC        
     3. The tình yêu bạn Save    
     4. I'll Be There
     5. Never Can Say Goodbye    
     6. Maybe Tomorrow
     7. Got To Be There
     8. Rockin' Robin    Michael Jackson
     9. I Wanna Be Where bạn Are
    10. Ain't No Sunshine    
    11. Ben    
    12. With A Child's Heart
    13. One ngày In Your Life        
    14. We're Almost There
    15. Dancing Machine    
    16. Just A Little Bit Of You    
    17. Farewell My Summer Love    
    18. Who's Lovin' You
    19. I'll Be There (Minus Mix)