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posted by LuJane
I'm not sure witch ones work and witch don't but as I find out I'll tell you.

First spell!

*make me a mermaid to swim in the ocean waves with a (color) tail whenever i touch water 10 giây later i get this*

Takes 1-4 hoặc thêm weeks. I'd say if it doesn't work in say 6 week try again hoặc something. So at the most takes 6 weeks I THINK!
Say 5 times
Say while DRY and with NO symbol
BOYS: change Mermaid to Merman
If your a girl bạn DO get a hàng đầu, đầu trang with the tail.
Helps if bạn say it SLOWLY. It makes it easier to say rite.
If bạn say it wrong just try again. NO waiting. =-)

Things that will turn bạn into a Mermaid/Merman:...
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What bạn Need For Spell:
A Bottle Of Water
A Room
Lights Off

Turn Off The Lights In A Quiet Room (Do This During The Day) Sit On The Floor And Visualize bạn Swimming In The Ocean In Your Tail And Using Your Powers! Then Open Your Eyes And Chant "Godess Of The Sea It Is I (Your Name) Who Is In Need Of Your Honorable Powers If Possible Give Me Thy Wish For A Tail Color Of ( Color) and The Power of (Power) . This is my wish so mote it be!" Say This 3x and Wait for AT LEAST a week because your powers need time to develop and so does your tail.
posted by mermaidperlin
ok so I have this weird thing that might work, who knows, its really cool! so lets try it!

first you'll need:
a full moon
salt water
a ốc xà cừ shell
belief in mermaids

1. if bạn have ever watched H2o: Just add Water, then bạn should know what Cleo sings when she is hypnotized. sing that in the conch, then take two fingers and dip them in the salt water. Next, bạn rub your salt water covered fingers on the inside of the conch.

2. Now, bạn whisper into the conch, "make me a mermaid when wet, a human when dry."

3. last step, bring your shells and conch, and go outside at night [the moon doesn't have to be all the way up yet, but where u can see it]. Then look at the full moon for thirty giây with the shells surrounding your feet. The tiếp theo time bạn touch water, bạn will become a mermaid. ttyl everyone!
posted by unicornmermiad
this is my first article, so please no hate :]
anyways, I found this spell on bạn tube that is đã đưa ý kiến to work. I tried it, didn't work on me, but I think its because I did it wrong and I've been đọc the các bình luận and most of them prove this spell real.

have atleast a part of your body wet [hands, feet, etc.]
say spell 3 times

The shiny sea, will send me magic that will make me into a beautiful mermaid. With the powers of _________and my beautiful tail will be _________.Sea magical sea send me the powers to me

That is it, again, this is my first article, so please to hostile các bình luận :]
posted by mermaidluver124
ok guys so before we start im going to past all the side effects that bạn will get while doing a spell

Side effects
1. Itchy legs
2. Aching legs
3. Stomach ache
4. Intense thisrt
5. Back ache
6. Beautiful singing
7. Fatigue
8. Legs feel slimy in water
9.Legs crossing bởi themselves
10. Legs trying to stick together
11. Legs and breasts turning colour of choice


What I Did
ok first thing bạn should know i copied and pasted all the spells i can find because i know i would screw SOMETHING up...that and im to lazy to write over like 50 spells....anyways ENJOY! and each color is a different...
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this is a mermaid spell bạn should really try: items bạn need: sponge, sea salt, glass of water, necklace

first, put a pinch of salt in the water. then, put your chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm in, and say 10 times: "salty water shimmering sea make me a mermaid because i believe" then after 5 secs take out the chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm and put it on, then puts LOTS of sea salt on the wet sponge and rub it gently all over your legs. let it air dry, and do not take off your charm for 2 weeks. also do not shave in this progress, hoặc else bạn will damage your tail.
added by aye_its_jessica
This Is a Mermaid Spell , It Has 2 Spells .. I Made It Myself & I Hope bạn Like It ! < 3
posted by mermaidlove333
i have not tried it so if it dose not work don't blame me. please let me no if it dose hoặc not in the comments. that in this might not work for all.
what bạn need to do:
put on a symbol
put bạn feet in a bucket of salt water surrounded bởi shells
hold the symbol in your hands and recite spell: ocean waves ocean breeze come upon me let be become what i wish to be i want to swim far below and see coral grow i want to breath under water air i do not any thêm i wish to become a mermaid forever thêm i wish for a _ tail and the power of _ water is all i seek i no longer want humidity.
there are side effects...
continue reading...
added by AquataScales123
posted by AquataScales123
bạn will need:

1 cup of water
2 t spoons of Water
3 seashells
A voice

First, mix the salt and the water together. Next, add your 3 seashells. Say this: Oh Gods of the sea, grant my wish and let it be, i would like a tail when wet, and feet when dry, So God of the sea, LET IT BE! Then drink the potion bạn made. bạn should then have your tail in 3 days. Side effects: tummy ache, itchy legs, crave for seafood, very thirsty.

That's it! If bạn did this right, bạn will finally get to be a REAL mermaid! I enjoy sharing the oceans magical spells with you.
Keep believing! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
added by AquataScales123
AFTER 2 YEARS OF SEARCHING, I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT. I am here to share the spell with you. WARNING: This will make bạn a mermaid when bạn touch water, (ANY TYPE) and make bạn a human again once your dry. THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED. CHOOSE WISELY. (Do this is a body of water.)

Say this:

"uka lua... Những nàng tiên cá of the deep, hear my plead, and bring me my need. Chiana sesh... uka sea, here my cry, I lift bạn high, bring me my tail when wet, and feet when dry, uka lua...uka lua.. I beg of you, to be one. Let it be, let it be, uka lua, uka lua."

Then, dunk your head under the water for 5 seconds, and come back up. Now, in about 1 month, (thats how long it took for me) bạn should have your tail. Side effects until then: Weak legs, tiredness, thirst, and itchy legs. (The tail will take some getting use too.)

bạn will sometimes feel as if the Ocean is calling you. bạn are with great beauty. bạn have a wonderful hát voice. Say this and bạn will hear calls from the great big deep: Lala oshe manu,veve cora oen vehanu,paparcali vestrue,ca ca BEEA BEEA LA PAN YOU! That is acient mermaid talk. Once bạn have đã đưa ý kiến that, bạn may not have a tail, but bạn are one with the ocean. bạn will hear the calls of the deep. bạn will hold great beauty. And bạn will have a lovely hát voice. Make sure to check out my spell that will get bạn what bạn ahve always dreamed of. A tail. -Aquata Oceania
xin chào guys! i'm sorry its taking me so long to make other articles, its just because I have family in town and it is really crazy, but yet again like I said, im sorry, but lets start to become a mermaid!

what bạn wanna do is make sure bạn have these things:
belief in mermaids,
a chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm with a symbol [it doesn't have to be fancy]
and the full moon!

step 1. so what bạn r gonna do is make a spell. Grab your pencil and paper and follow these instructions.
first, make sure it is strong, and has a lot of stuff that deals with Những nàng tiên cá a.k.a sea shells, pearls, starfish, fish, dolphins,...
continue reading...
1. Don't ever give up!
2. Make your own spell

For everyone out there that wants to make a mermaid spell, but isn't sure on how to...

1. *Make sure the time is right.* Moon phrases, seasons, etc. can effect the outcome of ANY spell hoặc potion. Plan it on the right phrase of the moon (My post below has full moon dates and moon phrase meanings) and have a good and positive attitude when doing the spell hoặc potion.

2. *Writing The Spell.* Look around the internet for the meaning of different herbs if bạn plan to use them in your spell. bạn may want to include candles, if so bạn should also look up the...
continue reading...
I Hope This Works For bạn ! Always Believe !!
added by mermanwannabe
added by MermaidHolly
posted by jammer54
The best mermaid spell ever!
bạn need
A symbol ( bracelet chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm ect something bạn won't take off!)
Some water like a sink
Put on symbol and put hand in water say this 10 times
God of the sea may the ocean be with me bởi the time I wake tiếp theo ngày I shall have my powers and tail to be wet my tail apper to be dry my feet are here.sometime soon I will be a real mermaid in the sea!
How do I know this will work? Well I am a mermaid!

Side effects!
Sry mouth
Tingely legs
Itchy legs
Itchy neck
Pets listen and tình yêu bạn more
Legs may change color for 10 secs!